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Kurdish SDF Gangs Kidnap Young Men, Beat Women in Hasakah Province

Kurdish SDF and US troops steal Syrian oil

Kurdish separatist SDF armed groups raided villages in the Hasakah countryside and kidnapped several young men to force them into their outlaw armed gangs, they also beat up women who tried to prevent them from kidnapping their children.

In the town of Salmasah, Tal Tamr countryside, in the northwestern Hasakah province, armed groups of the SDF raided the houses and kidnapped several young men.

The US-sponsored ‘democratic’ forces assaulted the women who tried to protect their children from being kidnapped. This seems to be something they learned from their Israeli patrons.

Other herds of the armed Kurdish SDF separatists raided the town of Tal Hamees in the northeastern countryside of Hasakah and kidnapped several young men from there as well.

The kidnapped young men, many of them are children, by all means, are taken to concentration camps where they undergo brainwashing sessions and training on the use of weapons then they are tasked to protect the US ‘Oil Thieves Regiment’ of the Trump forces operating illegally in Syria.

Despite their promise to the UN they would stop turning kids into killers, the war crime continues under the protection of the Trump forces on the ground in Syria and under the diplomatic and political protection and impunity by NATO member states in the United Nations Security Council, they do have the word ‘democratic’ in their new branding ‘Syrian Democratic Forces’ they changed from the former YPG and PYD for PR campaigns, so that shields their crimes, by NATO’s standards.

Many young men were also kidnapped by the US-sponsored Kurdish separatists in the town of Karamah to the east of the city of Raqqa, a couple of days earlier, for the same inhumane purposes.

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