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Two Syrian Security Personnel Assassinated in Daraa Countryside

Deal Daraa SAA - Syrian security security checkpoint

Two members of the Syrian security agency were murdered in the town of Dael in the western countryside of Daraa yesterday, Monday, 21 December 2020.

The two law enforcement personnel were killed by unknown gunmen on a motorbike in the town, a method used in most of the terrorist attacks in the southern Syrian province by terrorists backed by the United States of America.

The town of Dael was among the first to join the reconciliation efforts in the southern Syrian province and most of the members of the terrorist groups either returned to their civilian lives or joined the Syrian Armed Forces in combatting the real terrorists.

US-sponsored terrorists continue their attacks against public facilities, the Syrian army officers, and dignitaries in the southern province of Daraa as a method the US regime sends its messages that security and stability can only be achieved if Syria surrenders to the US hegemony like all its neighbor countries and entities.

The regime of Donald Trump maintains a significant number of his forces in the Tanf area southeast of Syria where they control the Rukban concentration camp for Syrian refugees which is run by an ISIS affiliate group called Maghawir Thawra and other factions. These terrorist factions take advantage of the protection provided by the Trump forces to them to carry out their terrorist attacks and assassinations against the Syrian people and flee back to a 55 square kilometers zone guarded by Trump forces.

Thirty-four terrorist attacks were carried out in the province of Daraa in last November alone, as per multiple sources, these attacks resulted in 24 killings and 8 injuries. The methods used are mainly direct shooting by armed men on motorbikes like this latest case where 22 of the killings were carried out by shooting. Other methods were by using explosive devices, two of the killings was a field execution of two men after kidnapping them.

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