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Landmine Explosion in Daraa Kills a Young Man and Injures 2 Others

Landmine explosion kills civilians in Syria - انفجار لغم أرضي يقتل مدنيين في سورية

A landmine explosion claimed the life of a young man and injured two others in the countryside of the southern Syrian province of Daraa.

The 15 years old young man was killed on the spot after stepping over a landmine planted by the NATO-sponsored ‘freedom fighters and democracy promoters’ in the outskirts of Deir al-Addas town in the northern countryside of Daraa, south of Syria.

Two other young men with the victim were rushed to the hospital to receive treatment for their multiple wounds they sustained all over their bodies from the landmine shrapnel.

Syria is suffering from a dangerous and enormous problem in dealing with the landmines planted by the terrorists in all the places they infested, especially that the United States of America and its European fake humanitarian hypocrites are impeding Syria’s ability to restore life in the areas cleaned from the terrorists, refuse to handover the maps of landmines and other explosives their proxies left behind, and imposed sanctions on the country to prevent proper resources diverted to demine large areas from the deadly explosives.

The regime of Donald Trump and that of his predecessor Obama have pressured the United Nations Mine Action Service UNMAS from assisting the Syrian state in the demining efforts despite a signed a memorandum of understanding between the international organization and the Syrian government on 04 July 2018 to support the Syrian government’s efforts to clear mines in order to save the lives of Syrian citizens.

Last Wednesday, 16 December, a landmine explosion killed a civilian and injured 3 others in the town of Mreijah, northeast of the central Syrian city of Hama. In the same week and just 3 days earlier, a landmine explosion killed a civilian in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor.

Despite all the obstacles and the continuous terrorist attacks against the Syrian people and their armed forces, and despite the continuous enormous support the terrorists receive from their very generous donors in the USA, Europe, and the Gulfies, the Syrian authorities are relentlessly continuing to demine areas previously infested with terror. Missions from civilized countries like Russia and Armenia have helped and are helping save the lives of innocent people from these killing timebombs.

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  1. Muhammad Turkmani

    One young man went out with his friends to the farm, most probably to help his father on the farm and killed early, while those who paid the killers to kill him brag about helping the Syrian people achieve democracy and free speech they themselves don’t have in their countries.


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