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Landmine Explosion Kills a Civilian and Injures 3 More in Central Syria

Landmine IED explosion Syria - archive

A landmine explosion killed a civilian and left 3 others wounded in the northeastern countryside of the Syrian central province Hama.

The landmine blew up in the farmers working on their land in the Mreijah farmlands of the Salamiyah city, one was killed instantly and three were rushed to the hospital with wounds from the landmine shrapnel.

Mreijah is located on the Salamiyah – Ihtriyah road leading to Raqqa province, about 40 kilometers northeast of Salamiyah. The area was infested by assorted groups of Al Qaeda FSA umbrella.

The Engineering Corps of the Syrian Arab Army and sappers of friendly countries are working relentlessly combing all the regions cleaned from NATO-sponsored terrorists, it’s an overwhelming task especially with the US and EU imposed a blockade against the country and the refusal of NATO member states to provide the Syrian authorities, or even the United Nations, with maps of the landmines planted by their proxies in the country.

At least 2,600 civilians were killed by landmines planted by terrorists in the regions they infested since 2011, more than 600 of them are children, tens of thousands were injured by landmines, IEDs (improvised explosive devices), and car explosions all over the country, all of them were victims of the US-led war of terror against Syria under the guise of helping the Syrian people to achieve a democracy the US citizens of color dream of unless they degenerate like the disgraced Collin Powel who lied to justify the invasion of Iraq in that infamous UNSC meeting.

Landmine explosions are reported very often in Syria, about one every week, the last one occurred in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor province 3 days ago, the explosion killed a civilian.

The following report sheds more light on the landmine problem in the country and the inability of the United Nations Mine Action Service UNMAS to offer any sincere help to Syria:

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  1. Miri

    “Inability” of UNMAS to help clear mines in Syria? Given its successes in the Sudan and in Colombia, it’s more like this NATO klan refuses to do more than sign that MoU and keep really good stats on murder and mutilation by landmines.


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