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Landmine Explosion Kills a Father, his Child, Injures 3 others in Aleppo

Landmines continue to be a deadly problem in Syria.

A landmine explosion killed a man and his son and injured 3 other women on their farm in Aleppo’s southern countryside.

The landmine detonated in a family killing the father with his son and causing multiple injuries in 3 women of the same family in the outskirts of the town of Khanaser, in the southern Aleppo countryside. Khanaser was among the first towns to be cleaned from NATO terrorists, cleaning the whole region from landmines and explosives is an overwhelming task for the country that is still fighting against NATO-sponsored terrorists and under draconian sanctions imposed by the hypocrite US and EU human rights defenders.

Planted by NATO-sponsored terrorists in every place they infested, tens of thousands of landmines are killing machines with timers which continue to score high among the civilians, especially the children, returning to their towns and villages years after being displaced by those terrorists who brought them ‘democracy’ and ‘freedoms’ Al-Qaeda style to their homes.

Injuries of landmine explosions vary from losing limbs burns and different life-time disabilities, this is the trade the USA and its ‘humanitarian bastards’ want to exchange for its surplus of ‘democracy’ it’s exporting to Syria for the past decade using the world’s lowest level of radicalized criminals it managed to collect from all corners of our planet.

Turkey, NATO’s second most important member state, has the leading on the ground role in sponsoring these terrorists in their different numerous groups, and its anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood regime led by the madman Erdogan continue to refuse to hand over the maps of the landmines and explosives planted by its own ‘freedom fighters’ to the United Nations and its Mine Action Service UNMAS.

The family victims of this explosion have been taken to the nearby medical facilities for treatment of the wounded and for burial procedures for the man and his child killed, but their lives will never be the same, they for sure will never forget and never forgive every US and EU citizen who financed and supported these terrorists in Syria, nor would all the Syrians affected by the NATO and stooges continuous criminal intervention.

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