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Two Explosions in Northern Aleppo Countryside Kill 2 and Injure 14 Others

Car explosion in Afrin and Al Rai northern Aleppo countryside

Two explosions in Jandiris and in Al-Rai towns in the northern countryside of Aleppo kill two civilians, at least, and injure 14 others within 24 hours.

One of the explosions was caused by a booby-trapped car detonated at the entrance of the town of Jandiris to the northwest of Afrin, in Aleppo northern countryside.

The car explosion that occurred in the afternoon of today February 14, 2021, left 6 wounded, some of them sustained severe injuries and are being treated at the healthcare centers in the region, and caused material damage in the properties at the explosion site.

Another strong explosion was reported yesterday was also by a blowing-up of a car in the popular market of Al-Rai city, in the northern Aleppo countryside at the borders with Turkey.

Yesterday’s explosion in Al-Rai killed two at the spot and injured 8 others, the injuries of some of them are severe, and fearing a rise in the number of deaths among them.

The region of these two towns Jandiris and Al-Rai is under the occupation of NATO member state Turkey along with its sponsored terrorist groups of Nusra Front aka Al Qaeda Levant, and other anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood groups, all of which are loyal to the head of the Turkish regime of Madman Erdogan.

There’s an escalation recently in the number and severity of terrorist explosions in areas under the control of Turkey and its assorted terrorist groups as a result of their infighting over the spoils of war.

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