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Car Explosion in Al-Bab North of Aleppo Kills One Person Injures 4 Others

Car explosion in Al-Bab industrial city north Aleppo

An explosion killed one person and injured four others in the occupied Al-Bab region in northern Aleppo countryside early yesterday 02 February 2021.

A booby-trapped truck blew up in the New Industrial Zone near the Al-Raei Road in Al-Bab city, north of Aleppo. The explosion caused material damage in a number of facilities and vehicles parked nearby, local sources confirmed.

This is the 5th of such explosions in a span of one week only in the regions under the Turkish army occupation and terrorist groups of the anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood cult loyal to the Turkish Madman Erdogan.

The series of infighting between different factions of the Turkish-sponsored terrorist groups in the occupied areas of Aleppo countryside and Idlib province kill civilians mostly just to target a member of other rival factions, they’re fighting over spoils of war and areas of operation.

On January 31st, a car explosion targeting a brainwashing center for Al Qaeda in the city of Azaz killed a young girl, two women, and one man and injured at least 6 others.

This followed a similar car explosion in the nearby city of Afrin the previous day which killed 3 children and 2 adults, it was in the industrial district of the city as well.

The Turkish regime of madman Erdogan sponsors a number of terrorist groups he managed to recruit from countries where his Muslim Brotherhood religion is followed, this religion is based on a mutant interpretation of Islam that does not pertain to any mainstream known Islamic interpretation, the closest to the Muslim Brotherhood religion is the Wahhabi religion followed by the Saudis and Qataris ruling families. Both are inventions of the British and thrive in rural areas where ignorance is common and where the Saudis and Qataris were ‘generous’ in financing those regions with ‘Madrassas’ and radical schooling centers. After the Saudi-led blockade on Qatar, the latter focused its funding of the Muslim Brotherhood’s global terror activities while the Saudis continued their traditional promotion of Wahhabism.

Erdogan is continuing to use the terrorist groups under his disposal against the Syrian people and further countries like Libya, Artsakh, Yemen, and everywhere that might pose a threat to Israel.

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  1. Muhammad Turkmani

    Criminal terrorists, it’s all the work of the evil war criminal Erdogan who is serving his bosses in Tel Aviv and Washington, and God knows where else…


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