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Breaking: New Israeli Bombing of Southern Syria – SANA Reports

Israel bombs southern Syria from the occupied Golan

An Israeli bombing targeted the southern region of Syria late Wednesday evening 3rd of February 2021, the Syrian news agency SANA reported.

SANA quoted a military source: At 10:42 pm the Israeli enemy carried out aggression from over the occupied Golan with air to surface and surface to surface missiles against a number of targets in the southern region, our air defense units addressed the incoming missiles and shot down most of it.

Israeli fighter jets usually fire a large number of missiles to overwhelm the air defense capabilities, they fire from across borders, and many times they used commercial airplanes as cover and human shields in their war crimes.

The video is available on YouTube and BitChute.

This is a developing story.

This would be the 4th Israeli bombing in 1.5 months since December 25th of 2020 and the second bombing since Joseph Biden assumed office two weeks ago. A pre-dawn Israeli bombing on the 22nd of January, last month, killed a sleeping family in Hama province from across the Lebanese northern city of Akkar.

We will update this post as soon as further details are provided.

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  1. Igor T.

    There’s nothing that can justify such aggression especially that Israeli occupies Syrian land, when the Syrians will retaliate it start a war to liberate the Golan you’ll see all western countries cry for the ‘victim’ Israel.

  2. Muhammad Turkmani

    When the Syrian army retaliates against Israel you’ll see the whole hypocrite western world cry for the ‘poor Israeli victims’.


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