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Russian RuAF Destroy Command Center and Terrorist Tunnel in Idlib

Russian RuAF Aerospace Force in Syria

A Russian fighter jet destroyed a tunnel and a number of weapons depots used by Al Qaeda terrorists in Idlib countryside yesterday, Wednesday 03 February 2021.

Russian news site Rusvesna published a video showing the bombing and said the Russian surveillance spotted and tracked a command center, weapons depots, and an underground tunnel used by the terrorists in Idlib countryside and a Russian SU-24 fighter jet bombed the site and destroyed it completely.

The site is about 18 kilometers north of Idlib city in the northern countryside of the Syrian province.

This comes one day after the Syrian Arab Army and the Russian Air Force’s targeting of terrorist dens near the town of Korkinya, in the northwest of Idlib and in the outskirts of the towns of Al-Bara and Kansafra in the Zawya Mountain area, south of Idlib.

The regime of the Turkish Madman Erdogan was supposed to withdraw Al Qaeda terrorists he sponsors in the Syrian northwestern Idlib province in the commitments he obliged himself to in the framework of the Sochi, Astana, and Moscow agreements with the Russian and Iranian presidents, instead, the Turkish pariah beefed up the terrorist groups in Syria and sent thousands of the Turkish Army personnel as human shields to protect the terrorists from the Syrian Arab Army and its allies.

The above-mentioned agreements explicitly exempt terrorist groups designated as such by the United Nations Security Council from the ceasefire enforced by the Syrian Army and its allies in Idlib, despite whatever Erdogan claims or reacts, his signature is on those agreements.

In this context, it’s obvious the synchronized crimes and aggression carried out by Israel, the Kurdish SDF, ISIS, and the Turkish-sponsored Al Qaeda terrorists in the southern region of Syria, in the northeast of Syria, and on the Deir – Tadmor (Palmyra) highway with the orchestration of the Biden forces illegally based in the northeast and southeast of Syria to loot the Syrian oil and Syrian wheat.

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