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UN Hyenas Snowflake over Anniversary Failure of NATO Spring in Syria

Celebrating the NATO-sponsored Syrian 'Revolution'

UN hyenas had a collective snowflake meltdown on the 10th anniversary over their failure of a NATO Spring against the Syrian Arab Republic, 15 March 2021.

The hyenas, of course, are the tripartite aggressors — US, UK, France — who have turned the noble United Nations into a warmongering, war propagandizing, war criminal NATO clique. This gang of overpaid klansmen are leaders in world genocide, successfully so, until their failed attempt to destroy the 10,000-year-old country that was civilization before becoming a state. Though their combination of anger and self-pity — cannot be called grief as malignant narcissists do not feel its required empathy — left them unable to give a title to the meeting, merely a description of their joint suffering and very sincere sadness.

UN Hyena Snowflake Day, 15 March 2020

As is their wont, the forlorn clique read from the same, worn, crumbling, imperialist script: That only this gang of NATO thugs who dictate to the UN, only these unindicted war criminals can save the Syrian people from their sovereign homeland. Were these gangsters remotely honest, they would have admitted their shared sadness was not for the Syrian people who they have starved and slaughtered, whose oil they have pilfered and plundered, whose food they have criminally taken, whose farmlands they have torched, has simply not been enough for these voracious and rabid dogs of war. These lying liars are very very sad because the human garbage they armed, and dumped into the SAR, did not butcher enough Syrian Arab Army soldiers, did not blow up enough schools and hospitals, did not kidnap and murder enough women and their children, did not destroy the 10,000 year old Syrian soul.

The same vermin who have plundered Syria, who have dumped armed terrorists into the country to kidnap, murder, and destroy, have been whining for years that they must have “unfettered access” — Newspeak for recolonization — to all of the SAR, in order to deliver humanitarian goods to the citizenry they have starved, have added the COVID pandemic to their privileged, albeit transparent, excuses. Pray tell, how are the US, UK, and France, which have among the highest mortality rates from C-19 in the world, going to save Syria, which has among the world’s lowest death rates? Part of the white savior complex warriors also demanded open occupier access to the SAR to bring what they call COVID vaccines. Given that all European, and US health authorities have stated the mRNAs and viral vectors are in trial, and therefore not bonafide “vaccines,” are these NATO thugs also plotting to force medical experimentation on the Syrian people, in flagrant breach of the Nuremberg Codes?

Let us turn now, to the lying words of the lying liars, the righteous war criminal NATO operatives who run the UN, founded as a bastion of peace and security for the world.

UN aggressors mourned the 10th anniversary of their failed NATO Spring against Syria

UN Special Envoy for [more aptly, against] Syria, Geir O. Pedersen addressed the Security Council with a five page numbered list of forty-seven aggrievances, some of which had sad adjectives, all of which seemed to be taken personally, and perhaps believed to be a competitor to the Book of Lamentations, after which he went off on a series of retweets, likely so arduous as to require a finger soaking in a warm epsom salts bath.

Most impressive about the UN envoy’s list is his skill in vague descriptions of atrocities that neglect to mention the perpetrators, the false equivalency con, the refusal to use the word terrorist to describe a terrorist, the criminal negligence involving that member states of the UN have created the “nightmare” that make him and the NATO klan so very sad.

We address just a few of the many numbers on his list:

  • 1. The length of the war against Syria is caused by the tripartite aggressors having funded, trained, and armed the world’s human garbage. Three hundred fifty-thousand chunks of humanity’s excrement have been dumped into the SAR. Regions of the country cleansed of these savages have been found to have hundreds of millions of dollars worth of NATO weapons have been left behind. NATO weapons do not fall like manna, from the heavens.
  • 5. Syrians have been massacred, maimed, and some have been mutilated post mortem, because the UN NATO klan has supported the atrocities, and the stenographer-journalists have deified the criminally insane; let us not forget that the cannibal had odes written to him, that MSM fought to interview him. Did the UNSC hold meetings after mailmen were thrown from rooftops by ‘peaceful protesters’?
  • 6. Current abductions are perpetrated by the US-owned, UN-approved SDF terrorists. There has never been a “prisoner swap,” deal, but several exchanges of incarcerated terrorists for abducted civilians, dozens of whom were massacred once the terrorists were safely transported to al Qaeda areas. Those “paraded in cages” were Syrians kidnapped in Douma, and later slaughtered by those peaceful protesters who then lied that Syria had killed the victims with chemical weapons, after which the UN’s US, France, and UK bombed the SAR.
  • 7,8,9. Civilian homes have been stolen — sometimes with the help of American terrorists who are then rewarded with charity status and Sundance awards for their fraudumentaries. Hospitals have been blown up by those moderate ”fighters,” schools have been commandeered for ground to ground bombings, and later destroyed by NATO terrorists, universities have been bombed by moderate opposition, IEDs are planted by peaceful terrorists, chemical weapons threats and attacks have been committed by peaceful terrorists, and starvation has been caused by armed terrorists including those terrorists controlling al Hol and  Rukban concentration camps, under the protection of American illegals.
Nidal Jannoud, shortly before his death, 21 April 2011. CNN did not report on how much he enjoyed the foreign imposed Arab Spring

The UK’s rep to the UN was already distraught over the 10th anniversary of the failed attempt to NATO Spring Syria. She did not post her speech, only a couple of tweets with the list of demands by supremacist empire that does not have its own constitution. She did not post her statement to the Security Council but shared with the world her Foreign Office Statement by Dominic Raab, attesting to the great concern and care that Britain continues in its concern for the rescue of those poor, sad, devastated, Syrian Arabs via a new round of illicit sanctions that the UK hypocritically calls its autonomous sanctions regime despite the flagrant breach of the UN Charter.

What would a UN anti-Syria meeting be, without the uniquely arrogant, supremacist, hypocritical statement from France be? It’s diplomat was also devastated by the terrible and terribly sad 10th anniversary of her country’s part in the failure to NATO Spring the Levantine republic.

The French warmonger of the UN might be the most hypocritical

Perhaps we should obliterate modern France’s war crimes when nuking Algeria, its domestic crimes in enucleating and otherwise maiming the peaceful Gilets Jaunes demonstrators, by the country’s uber fascist police.

Let us also toss into the Orwellian memory hole, Hollande admitting to arming terrorists in Syria, in his bombing of the SAR after a French national engaged in peaceful bombings in France, in November 2016.

French media reports Hollande sent weapons to terrorists in Syria.

Before broaching the ostentatious hypocrisy of Linda Thomas-Greenfield, the NATO US permanent representative to the UN — who, twice in her pro temp Security Council presidency, choked on the words, Syrian, and Arab, when introducing His Excellency, Bassem Sabbagh — let us give her a gentle visual reminder of how the Obama and Trump regimes treat their dissidents, and their joint affinity to imperial entitlement of dumping American mercenaries into the SAR:

Unlike her crass predecessor, Kelly Craft , Thomas-Greenfield has a unique, classy, high-gloss style of American exceptionalism, as part of her war criminal membership to the NATO supremacists occupying the UN. Au lieu de uploading her mere UN statement to her Twitter account, she dressed up, and put on an expensive mini-media production, complete with cobbled video clips, INTERCUTS with voice-overs and some mood music which sounded a bit like a modified, attenuated, Dies Irae (unable to separate voice from music, this author remains uncertain). Her two-minute Indie was so alluring, who could think to notice her blatant lie that a million-person demonstration in support of Syria, in Damascus, 2012, when she claimed those were protesters, yearning to be free? Seeing a glimpse of a shivering crying baby while the classy, stylish, lying liar nearly wipes a tear over chemical weapons, who is to possibly know that this poor baby was one of dozens of children kidnapped in Douma, stripped half-naked, doused with cold water in cold temperatures, and videoed as victims of a CW attack that did not happen?

The US’ new UN rep adroitly squeezed in lies about the stethoscope-less, CPR-less, ‘organ stealing, kidnapping, terrorist, looting,’ White Helmets (who have cost US taxpayers tens of millions).

[This author is, however, obligated to correct Thomas-Greenfield on one point: The Helmets do not dig people out from the alleged bombed buildings collapsed on them, as crushing injuries — mercifully — do not play to the camera. An example of the fraud is seen in this unconscious and bloodied Syrian boy, likely unconscious from the excruciating pain of his shoulder musculature being torn while forcing him into abductee compliance. When the Helmets use of this brutalized child — not dug from rubble — was used in two photographic war propaganda settings, even The Guardian removed it as a featured image.]

Maintaining the rare art of diplomatic language when addressing the rabid dogs of war in the UN Security Council, H.E. Bassam Sabbagh noted that ‘some’ members have seized these ten years of creative chaos, of criminal war of aggression, of terrorist proxies, as an opportunity to continue to rally against the Syrian state, to further promote the French, British, US war of aggression against his country, and against his people.

He reminded the NATO operatives of what their illegal coalition did to al Raqqa — once a thriving city of 800,000

He decried the failed policy to weaken the Syrian government by weakening the SAA, and in brutal attempts to weaken the resilience of the Syrian people, via the destruction of their homes, their schools, their electrical grids, their power plants, and water supplies (Alouk, al Fijah Wadi Barada, al Tabqa Dam).

In understated fashion, Mr. Sabbagh warned that the resilience of the Syrian people — against the Turkification and military occupations of the US and Israel — doom them to more years of failure, unless the correct the error of their “wrong policies.”

It is unlikely that the NATO klan occupying the UN will have an epiphany, and follow His Excellency Sabbagh’s sane and easy to follow geopolitical advice. That their snowflake moment may transform to rage over the 10th year anniversary of UN – NATO failed conquest of Syria makes them increasingly dangerous.

Miri Wood

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