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COVID 19 in Syria: 120 New Cases in 24 Hours, 10 Deaths, 90 Recoveries

Coronavirus COVID 19 cases in Syria stats - Syria News

COVID 19 cases in Syria are monitored and reported by the Syrian Ministry of Health, we are only conveying the statements of the authorities and not debating the news or the sickness itself, do read the last paragraph in this post.

The Syrian Ministry of Health recorded the discovery of 120 new cases of COVID 19, 10 deaths, and 90 recoveries in the past 24 hours.

The totals as of today:
16776 positive cases discovered
11231 cases recovered
1120 patients died while positive with COVID 19
4425 total number of active cases of COVID 19

The newly discovered 120 cases per province were as follows:
27 in Damascus
19 in Damascus countryside
15 in Tartous
11 in Latakia
11 in Hama
10 in Aleppo
10 in Deir Ezzor
09 in Homs
05 in Quneitra
02 in Daraa
01 in Sweida

The 10 death cases per province reported as follows:
03 in Damascus
03 in Aleppo
02 in Homs
01 in Latakia
01 in Tartous

The 90 recovered cases reported as follows:
16 in Damascus
15 in Aleppo
14 in Latakia
10 in Homs
09 in Tartous
09 in Damascus countryside
06 in Daraa
06 in Sweida
05 in Hama

This is a sharp increase in the statistics provided by the Syrian Ministry of Health compared to the stats provided just a few days ago, however, the numbers in each of the columns provided by the ministry remain much less than the average rates recorded worldwide.

Syria discovered the first case on 22nd March 2020, and the first patient died while positive with the virus was a week later on 29th of March.

The Syrian healthcare system is suffering greatly from the prolonged War of Terror waged against Syria by the USA and its cronies, the incremental sanctions targeting the healthcare system directly and indirectly through sanctions imposed by the USA and its EU and regional stooges on the Syrian banking system and trade routes and partners despite numerous calls to end these sanctions.

NATO terrorists burning Syrian wheat crops in Ras Al Ayn - Hasakah
NATO’s terrorists burn Syrian wheat crops – video

We do know that reporting on these figures causes great controversy, especially among skeptics who literally call this as ‘scamdemic’ instead of pandemic, however, we are conveying what the Syrian ministry of health is reporting, and do keep in mind that Syria does not have the means to independently carry out extensive and expansive researches on the disease to what the vast majority of countries worldwide are capable of doing and couldn’t do, and they aren’t subjected to a war of terror and war of attrition waged against them by the world’s superpowers and super-rich regimes. The figures provided by the Ministry of Health are not absolute figures as the country cannot carry out testing with 100% accuracy on all the population, therefore, it’ll be highly appreciated if critics can focus their efforts on discrediting the capable countries; and for everybody to help Syria by advocating the lifting of the sanctions by lobbying their governments and by helping us carry out our mission by sharing the news we’re conveying from Syria from the reliable sources we depend on.

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