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Israel Celebrates 10th Anniversary of Failed NATO Spring: Bombs Damascus

Israel bombs outskirts of Hama province central Syria from over Lebanon

Israel bombed Damascus countryside at 22:35, 16 March, in a war criminal effort to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the failed NATO Spring against Syria. The war criminal state, known as the US’ biggest welfare queen fired several missiles into the Damascene countryside, from Syria’s Golan which is occupied by the rogue state, mini-America. Syria’s air defenses intercepted most of the bombs, and damages were limited to materials.

Israel has been al Qaeda’s first air force against the Levantine republic, beginning with its bombings in May 2013, bombings which were coordinated with FSA terrorists who captured the Kodak moment. Obama made the US air force al Qaeda’s second, in September 2016, when his fascist Coalition accidentally massacred 83 Syrian Arab Army soldiers who were fighting ISIS in al Tharda Mountain in order to prevent the SAA campaign to crush the nearby human detritus. Later, Trump coarsely threw all pretense to the winds, beginning a bombing campaign at the behest of the British illegal Shajul Islam, in Khan Sheikhoun, the degenerate who once was on trial for terrorism, and whose medical license had a very short life span of three months. Trump continued to lead the phony Trump-hating but aligned in war crimes against the SAR on other bombing campaigns based on the complaints of al Qaeda occupying Douma. Most recently, the demented Biden’s diverse Strangelove Pentagon handlers bombed Syria because they could.

Decades ago, pre-dementia and pre-hairplugged Biden bragged about Israel being worthy of draining the American taxpayer teat, practically screaming that if Israel didn’t exist, we would have to create an Israel [to keep the region destabilized, for the benefit of US supremacy]!

War criminal Israel’s Tuesday night bombing was its 5th this year.

Syria News had just hit the publish key on a short article noting that the NATO supremacists will become increasingly rabid in their frenzied war crimes, in response to the failure of the NATO Spring, when news of the most recent bombing of Syria, by Israel, arrived.

Miri Wood

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