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President Assad and First Lady Asmaa Test Positive for COVID

Asmaa & Bashar Al Assad Plant Jasmine in Damascus

The office of the Syrian Presidency has announced that President al Assad and First Lady Asmaa Assad have tested positive for COVID -19. They are in isolation and stable.

Much to the outrage of certain NATO countries, which attempt to politicize COVID, Syria continues to have one of the lowest related death rates per million, in the world — related to the SAR’s preparedness, and competent health care, despite ongoing coercive economic measures, and terrorist attacks.

8 March 2021

Syria’s First Lady began treatment for a malignant breast tumor, in August 2018, and was subsequently declared cancer-free. It is likely that the Assads’ health team will utilize special care in treating the First Lady, because of this history.

Syria News wishes a speedy recovery from COVID, to President and Mrs. Assad.

Miri Wood


Despite the terror attacks, the war criminal bombings by the NATO ‘coalition,’ the illicit sanctions, this country’s physicians have performed unique surgeries, bordering on miraculous: The first successful artificial corneal transplant; the first mitral valve replacement in the region; an unexpected paraganglioma resection; the first hemispherectomy to cure Rasmussen’s Encephalitis. Additionally, Syrian engineers, scientists, and physicians built the country’s first domestically made ventilator, in 16 days.

These extraordinary breakthrough achievements by Syrian physicians, surgeons, scientists, and engineers may make the author’s wish list for curative treatment of COVID in President Assad and First Lady Asmaa, appear to be of arrogant hubris. Nonetheless, reverence for her professional licensure requires it:

  • Blood test for High-Sensitivity C-Reactive Protein to identify if the Assads are at risk for cytokine storm, and medicate prophylactically for prevention, if needed.
  • Professor Raout’s hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin (or similar antibiotic to prevent cooperation of pulmonary virus and bacterium), zinc recommendation.
  • Consideration of ivermectin, particularly if symptoms should abruptly worsen.
  • Avoidance of all vaccine trials, which may worsen COVID “via antibody-dependent enhancement.”

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