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President Assad and First Lady Asmaa Test Positive for COVID

Asmaa & Bashar Al Assad Plant Jasmine in Damascus

The office of the Syrian Presidency has announced that President al Assad and First Lady Asmaa Assad have tested positive for COVID -19. They are in isolation and stable.

Much to the outrage of certain NATO countries, which attempt to politicize COVID, Syria continues to have one of the lowest related death rates per million, in the world — related to the SAR’s preparedness, and competent health care, despite ongoing coercive economic measures, and terrorist attacks.

8 March 2021

Syria’s First Lady began treatment for a malignant breast tumor, in August 2018, and was subsequently declared cancer-free. It is likely that the Assads’ health team will utilize special care in treating the First Lady, because of this history.

Syria News wishes a speedy recovery from COVID, to President and Mrs. Assad.

Miri Wood


Despite the terror attacks, the war criminal bombings by the NATO ‘coalition,’ the illicit sanctions, this country’s physicians have performed unique surgeries, bordering on miraculous: The first successful artificial corneal transplant; the first mitral valve replacement in the region; an unexpected paraganglioma resection; the first hemispherectomy to cure Rasmussen’s Encephalitis. Additionally, Syrian engineers, scientists, and physicians built the country’s first domestically made ventilator, in 16 days.

These extraordinary breakthrough achievements by Syrian physicians, surgeons, scientists, and engineers may make the author’s wish list for curative treatment of COVID in President Assad and First Lady Asmaa, appear to be of arrogant hubris. Nonetheless, reverence for her professional licensure requires it:

  • Blood test for High-Sensitivity C-Reactive Protein to identify if the Assads are at risk for cytokine storm, and medicate prophylactically for prevention, if needed.
  • Professor Raout’s hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin (or similar antibiotic to prevent cooperation of pulmonary virus and bacterium), zinc recommendation.
  • Consideration of ivermectin, particularly if symptoms should abruptly worsen.
  • Avoidance of all vaccine trials, which may worsen COVID “via antibody-dependent enhancement.”

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  1. M.Ini

    PCR tests give 97% false positives, they should get double checked with a serologic test or more simply eat fresh vegetables with C vitamines (not lemon which can lower white globules) and keep their guts clean (steam cooked vegetables at dinner, drink 1-2 liters of water in the morning and wait a bit before eating anything).

  2. Igor Bundy

    The tests are accurate only when used properly. You can get it react to even the common cold if the measurements are set low. Or find a positive with an infection thats already over because of dead cells or even mild infections..

  3. M.Ini

    Yes Igor.
    Actually I came to add something: garlic is a powerful antiviral, never forget to use it even if only in the water while cooking noodles. (Olives might help in a different way, honestly I don’t know exactly, Omega-9 maybe, or something like that.)
    Exposition to SUN RAYS helps, it stimulates vitamins D production, very important. Maybe that’s why Google/Android keeps telling us to stay inside because of intense UV rays, as if they cared about our health when they suppress extremely important information every day, censoring honest scientists not sold off to banksters-controlled Big Pharma. And BTW: (=>, and (banksters are always focused in sucking up everybody’s wealth, which explains the extreme anti-welfare policies of so many sold out politicians).

  4. M.Ini

    Igor, plenty of people must be using those tests improperly then. Months ago I read about 60000 positive cases among which the number of persons with the disease was actually 3 (yes, THREE).
    I’ve just been told that certain doctors in Europe are getting 27000-40000 € per month to test patients, I’m fearing that some of them might be consciously or unconsciously taking part in inflating the numbers, thus supporting the sanitary dictatorship and forwarding the agenda of the NWO banksters. In Ireland the numbers went down abruptly after doctors were warned that classifying deaths with a false cause is a fellony).

    Here are news from Italy (we all need to read and learn from as many countries as possible, I hope all decent peoples will unite against the banksters plans):


    Anther source:


  5. M.Ini

    Ronstradamus, I don’t know if there’s a Covid-19 virus or not, some people have died of something new, others were said to have died of it but it was about other causes, e.g. one with a knife wound in Uruguay, a motorbike crash in the USA, all dead “by Covid-19”. In Croatia they were offering 2000-5000 € to families which would accept a diagnostic of Covid-19 for the death of a family member who had died of something else. (The banksters have HUGE amounts of money because WE give it to them by recognizing that what they create from thin air is wealth and constitutes a debt, check out Andrew Jackson just for a start.)

    BUT I don’t forget what various renown virologists have said: “This disease didn’t spread like viruses always do, it appeared in so many countries almost at the same time regardless their climatic conditions”.

    Other virologists have said that this is a chimera virus, made up in some laboratory, and I don’t think it’s especially China’s fault, the virus seems to have popped up in the USA months before (thousands of scientists dead? it looks like they knew something and were killed).
    And anyways the bio lab in Wuhan was conducing outsourced investigation, it is co-owned by the USA, France, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. (Such investigations should be prohibited all the ones who violate the prohibition should have to PAY TOGETHER for all DAMAGES caused by ANY pandemic, or plandemic).

    We are possibly going to make things worse with these “vaccines”. EVEN if their producers were in good faith – maybe Russia is and China is, I would never trust Pfeizer, Moderna and Astrazeneca, just search on their track record – EVEN in that case, they are probably creating space for diseases worse than this one.

    Let’s not forget Sierra León, when various persons denounced on the web “only vaccinated people are getting the disease” (the Gates foundation had a lab there, debunked “coincidence” as always, then if you check out the debunkers you find that some were debunked in turn as indecent unreliable whores). I’m wishing every day that the bastards make a mistake and we find out their tricks to spread this disease.

    THUS SAID: I do believe that the banksters or their “soldiers” must think that they have some “moral” ground for their misdeeds, there must be some set of “moral” pretexts through which a few manipulate many.

    Maybe the overpopulation + global warming pretexts (refuted by various scientists but injected into the public through so many movies).

    Maybe the sentences in the Talmud about pagans being beasts as well as their sons, about which a few rabbis point out “that’s not referred to persons behaving like humans, having a monotheistic religion” but which so many other rabbis take as “non-Jews are beasts and their sons as well”. Who’s “gentiles”? I’m afraid for many of them it’s “all non-Jews”.

    And the Talmud also say something like “the birth rate of gentiles must be reduced”, “a gentile’s wealth is like desert land, any Jew taking possession of it is fulfilling God’s will, even if by deception and manipulation”.

    Some kinder Jews (or maybe hasbarists liars mis-interpreting the Talmud as ordered, to prevent extermination of its followers) say that the Talmud is a recollection of sentences of an ongoing discussion to help young students learn how to interpret the Torah, some of those sentences having to be refuted. Well I’d really love to see quotes of such refutations. In the meantime, even certain important rabbis embrace the worst of the two interpretations and assimilate non-Jews to cattle.
    BUT LET’S NOT FORGET that so many Jews worldwide, rabbis, religious persons in general and non-religious persons as well, REJECT all that rubbish. MANY JEWS OPENLY AND ACTIVELY CRITICIZE Zionism and the Talmud-inspired evil plans. We should really find another name to call the bastards with their delirium of imposing their kingdom (“not a democracy” they point out) on all of humanity.

  6. johnZ223

    COVID-19 is not SARS COV2 or corona virus. It is the term use for the new flu or cold virus It is the name of the Project Pandemic look it up in World Economic Forum. Every country that declare COVID-19 pandemic they are eligible for a 5 to 10 billion dollar loan from IMF or World Bank. Every living thing have different form of virus. We all came from a virus. And all this pandemic is just a cover to have mandatory eugenic vaccine. It is a pretext for the full spectrum dominance by the owners of the rich western atlantic countries.

  7. M.Ini

    Hydroxychloroquine protocol in many languages: (linked by a very interesting article in Mercola’s mailing list, title “NY Doctor Proved Everyone Wrong About Hydroxychloroquine”, and another interesting title would be “COVID-19 Vaccine Tested on Babies and Pregnant Women”, and another one “FDA Warns Dr. Mercola to Stop Writing About Vitamin D” about yet more attempts to suppress vital information on anything which is not vaccines, by billionaires with ties to Monsanto, the Gates Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation, the Rockefeller Family Fund and Bloomberg “Philanthropies”).

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