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COVID-19: UN Revisits Orwell, Goebbels, for Guidance on Syria Recolonization

As COVID-19 ravages the ill-prepared western world with death, panic, and shortages of essential materials, the UN has been busy figuring out how to link Orwell and Goebbels for the purpose of recolonization of Syria.

During the recent period, a small battalion of NATO stenography journalism have engaged in a not insubstantial amount of rug chewing, outraged there was no corona outbreak in Syria. Some even went so far as to try to spread rumors, based on made-up sources.

A gaggle contingent even tried a slight besmirching of WHO’s EMRO, on and after 5 March when it reported on its website that Syria was COVID-19 free, and that rumors should halt. On 13 March, Syria announced that schools would be closed as a precautionary measure. On 17 March, the government disinfected public transit in Aleppo and disinfected the Damascus International Airport.

While the Syrian government was busy disinfecting all Aleppo public transit, the British government was allowing London Mayor “Genius” Khan to create a crowded petri dish by decreasing the number of carts on the train.
Johnson, whose own concern for the British population originally was “let it rip!” has now tested positive for coronavirus & claims to be in ”self-isolation.” The author hopes his wait staff work has ceased.

On 22 March, the government announced that Al Zabadani Hospital in Damascus, had been disinfected and designated for medical isolation for COVID-19 patients, should the need arrive.

Also on 22 March, Health Directorate Dr. Yasin Nanous reported on the status of COVID-19 testing on persons at the Damascus International Airport Quarantine Center.

The evacuation of an entire hospital, the meticulous work in its disinfection, and its dedication as a medical isolation center is an impressive contrast to Philly’s Hahnemann University Hospital. This once-thriving university hospital — whose allied health program taught physicians, nurses, therapists, assistants — in 2017 had 17,000 admissions and 53,000 emergency visits. Shuttered in 2019 — nothing for the suits left to loot — this past month the city announced it could not afford to rent the facility for isolation and medical care of potential COVID-19 patients.

On 22 March, the first case of a Syrian citizen testing positive for COVID-19 appeared. Returning from abroad, she had been tested and put into quarantine. Two days later, Minister of Health, Nizar Yaziji announced new preventative measures to protect the people from the epidemic. By the end of the day a total of five persons were reported to have tested positive, all of which had been abroad, and immediately put into quarantine.

Whichever Hollywood PR firm funded by State Department, CIA’s USAID, UK’s FCO, immediately swooped in to market the British intelligence-founded, stethoscope-less, not trained in CPR, spinal precautions or bagging, fake responder White Helmets as comic book heroes of the day.

While marketeers subtly regressed the Mockingbird audience to nostalgia for infantile comic book heroics, the UN immediately used the opportunity of the first COVID-19 case in Syria to demand recolonization of the Levantine republic.

Despite the ongoing claims of liquidity problems, the United Nations — not quite as dead broke as the Clintons, upon leaving the White House — is always generous with its dicta for Syrian submission. Almost in synchronization with the Health Ministry’s announcement, the UN brought together Orwell and Goebbels in the form of the Special Envoy for Syria appeared with a list of demands…and lies.

Norwegian Geir Pedersen, the UN Special Envoy ‘for’ Syria.
Mr. Pedersen, release your prisoners from your jails, because of COVID-19.

It should be noted that Norway is a founding member of NATO. It also should be noted that last month, Pedersen appeared to have suffered a bit of testicular torsion over gains the Syrian Arab Army had made in liberating every inch from the NATO-backed al Qaeda:

Geir Pedersen led the NATO klan lamentations. He is the Special Envoy of the Secretary-General for Syria, and he was especially annoyed that the Syrian Arab Army had secured the entirety of the Damascus-Aleppo Highway (which just happens to be in Syria). He appeared to have mistakenly reported the complete cleansing of terrorists from Aleppo by the SAA as ‘increased hostilities.’

On the 24th, Pedersen played the @POTUS retweeting @RealDonalTrump self-tweeting (US president has recently been hash-tagged as #TrumpVirus, by the way). This envoy used the occasion of the one, quarantined, COVID-19 case to demand the SAA cease fighting al Qaeda in Syria as some magical defense against the pandemic. The NATO envoy tweeted that Syrians are acutely vulnerable to COVID-19 but made no mention that NATO countries should immediately halt their criminal “sanctions” against Syria.

In his second self-tweet, Pederson — still ignoring the draconian, economic terrorism that NATO countries and their various underlings have imposed on the Syrian people — arrogantly states the colonial intention of the UN’s NATO klan in subjugation and occupation of Syria: They will also need to do whatever must be done so that Syrian in all parts of the country have access to the equipment & resources needed to combat the virus…

Envoy Pedersen, instead of your demand for a new Sykes-Picot, why not stop arming terrorists in Syria?

In his third, arrogant, self tweet, the Norwegian makes a dishonest appeal on phony humanitarian grounds for Syria to empty its jails of all its prisoners, but first, it must give the foreign gentry access to these prisons.

Let us spell it out in a list, to leave no spot for confusion:

  • The UN made Pedersen its Special Envoy for Syria; therefore his statements represent the will of the United Nations as an entity.
  • With one case of COVID-19, Pedersen first tweets hysteria.
  • As the western world is succumbing to the pandemic, he announces the not pandemic in Syria be halted by the army giving al Qaeda free reign.
  • He claims Syrians — with one positive — are particularly vulnerable (unlike Britain, the US, Italy, Spain, and Norway, which keep bringing out the dead).
  • He announces that the west that does not protect itself, must be put in charge of protecting Syrians.
  • This protection does not involve ending illicit sanctions to allow Syria to return to normal trade with other countries.
  • NATO “donors” must destroy Syria as an independent nation-state.
  • Criminals must be freed from Syrian jails, but first, the masters will inspect those jails (no explanation given).

To fully grasp the plot to recolonize Syria, utilizing the Orwell and Goebbels guides, under the emperor’s new clothing excuse of COVID-19, let us consider the statistics of coronavirus in Pedersen’s Norway, provided one day after one Syrian person tested positive.

Perhaps Syria should occupy Norway?

On 24 March, the very day that Norwegian Envoy Pedersen demanded foreign invasion and occupation of Syria, because of COVID-19, his own government issued its edict, Coronavirus measures to continue.

Please note that virtually all aspects of life in Norway have ceased. Note, also, that Norwegian prisons have not released Norway’s criminals, nor have foreigners come to first inspect Norway’s jails. In fact, Norway has strengthened its border control: The rules for rejection at the border of foreign nationals who do not live or work in Norway remain in force

One might also inquire of the good diplomat Pedersen, why his concern for the plight of Syrians during the COVID-19 pandemic does not extend to the need that civilians have for potable water. Madman Erdogan regime forces, back in October, bombed the electrical lines of the Allouk Power Plant in Hasaka. The UN’s Mueller described Turkey’s bombing as “put out of order by [magical] hostilities” and then implied that someone’s fairy godmother — not the Syrian electricity army — had repaired them, neglecting to mention the bombing and repairing was done twice.

In late February, Erdogan’s terrorist militias cut off the water supply from the Alouk plant, depriving upwards of 2 million civilians of their water supply. Such a war crime is of no consequence to envoy Pedersen, when recolonization of Syria is the plot.

Terrorists loyal to madman Erdogan returned water to Syrians for a few hours, before cutting it off, again. Somehow, the UN has not noticed.

Let us please never forget how callously the United Nations treated the massacre of Syrian children, slaughtered by intentionally poisoned vaccines from Turkey, forced into the country soon after the Security Council passed the criminal Resolution 2165 (2014):


In a kind of Festivus miracle, the not-quite “dead broke” UN was able to find the financial resources to publish Goebbelsian lies about Syria on two of its websites, within second of envoy Pederson’s Trumpian self-tweets, under the cover story of saving Syrians from COVID-19.

In a press release, the UN quoted its Norwegian envoy, extensively, and practically dabbed the crocodile tears from his eyes (hopefully, with gloved hands): I am appealing specifically for a complete, immediate nationwide ceasefire throughout Syria to enable an all-out-effort to suppress COVID-19 in Syria. While the adage, Physician, heal thyself! may come to mind, Pederson does not explain the science of how turning the country over to al Qaeda and its sponsors will cure coronavirus.

It is also curious that a seasoned diplomat does not seem to know even the rudiments of correct language. A ceasefire can only occur between warring parties that have declared. In situations where terrorists and other war criminal invaders/occupiers and defenders of their homelands stop fighting, it is called a cessation of hostilities.

Pedersen conjured Newspeak’s “concerns for the impact [of COVID-19] on Syrian women,” despite the UN never having concerns for the impact of rape, kidnapping, and femicide of Syrian women, by NATO supported takfiri. As the United Nations ignored the mass abduction of 400 Syrian women and their children from Lattakia countryside in August 2013, that bastion of peace and diplomacy also ignored that only 58 of them were released, more than three years later. His further comment that these fake cherished Syrian women are at the forefront of existing health and community support systems is incoherent, unless he was referring to the faux physician who lives in Turkey where she does not practice medicine, though she was the topic of the fraudumentary in which a Mengele criminal bragged about performing surgery without anesthesia; it is unlikely the reference was to Dr. Rana Omran, the surgical team leader in Syria’s first successful artificial corneal transplant.

The UN OCHA website also concerned itself with the one case of coronavirus in Syria, using the opportunity to show its support for Turkey’s criminality in the SAR. No Turkish NGO is authorized to be in Syria. Turkey has engaged in war crimes against Syria since 2011. The UN breaches its own Charter by promoting and lauding war crimes.

There is no “medical relief” for Syrians from the murderous Turkish regime and its various occupation militias.

OCHA has a notorious history of criminal lies against Syria, disputing even the OCHA office that works in Damascus.

On 24 March, the day that Pedersen declared the UN should use any means to recolonize Syria, that Syria must lay down its weapons against al Qaeda, because COVID-19, Syrian authorities uncovered another large weapons cache in Damascus countryside and arrested terrorist smugglers of Captagon, and 100,000 detonators (likely NATO made).

Also on the 24th, though rumors had circulated that the UNSG was going to call on its member states to at least temporarily halt their breaches of the Charter, the Security Council Daesh and al Qaeda list instead removed a terrorist from its sanctions list.

One day later, terrorists celebrated Pedersen’s threat of the UN recolonizing Syria because of COVID-19, by blowing up the bridge of al Kafeir village in Jisr al Shughur, despite the CoH agreement of 5 March.

Turkish-backed savages occupying Tal Abyad also celebrated the threat by tossing a hand grenade and firing machine guns against civilians in al Sukariya village.

Terrorists continue to terrorize, while UN filth in expensive suits threatened to occupy Syria because one person in quarantine had tested positive for coronavirus.

On 26 March, the government announced that 153 persons who violated curfew were detained. The next day, the government reported on the large scale disinfection campaign in Damascus, to maintain public health. On Sunday, the government ordered quarantine between provinces.

Urgent: On 27 March, madman Erdogan withdrew his thousands of violent thugs from the Greek border. The Muslim Brotherhood caliph wannabe lied that these criminals would be put into quarantine in Turkey, to later be moved to “appropriate” locations.

These violent criminals will likely be dumped into Syria, through that border still littered with almost 200,000 land mines that Turkey was supposed to have cleared years ago, after joining the Mine Ban Treaty in 2003, and upon which not a single illegal has ever stepped.

The Ministry of Interior declared that any and all Syrian citizens entering from Lebanon, using illegal border crossings would immediately be arrested.

On Sunday, Syria’s Ministry of Health announced its first fatality from COVID-19. No details were provided at the time of this writing. Also at the time of this writing, a total of ten persons have tested positive for COVID-19, including the deceased.

Civilized human beings in the western world, being ravaged by this pandemic must keep this in mind when the rabid dogs of war use coronavirus as criminal cover to subjugate Syria.

In terms of the filthiest of the filth, they are not the criminally insane, human pathogens dumped into Syria, given massive weapons and stimulant drugs to increase their barbarity, courtesy of NATO taxpayers.

The most filthy are the overpaid degenerates in suits, the well-manicured scum who have now revisited Orwell and Goebbels to recolonize Syria, using the horror of COVID-19 as war whoring cover story.

Miri Wood

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