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BREAKING: Israel War Criminals Bomb Homs; Some Missiles Intercepted

Israel has taken advantage of the western world enforced hysteria over the COVID-19 pandemic to commit another war crime. On Tuesday the Netanyahu regime illegally invaded Lebanese airspace to once again war criminally bomb Syria.

This time it was Homs. An unreported number of Israeli missiles were intercepted by Syrian air defense systems — some defenses S-200’s with upgrades via the DPRK.

A military source from the Syrian Ministry of Defense stated: ‘at 20:25 of today’s evening, the Israeli fighter jets launched a barrage of missiles towards east of Homs from over Lebanese air space, our air defense units intercepted a number of the incoming missiles.’

This is the second aggression of its type this month by the Israeli (read: US unofficial 51st state) against the central region of Syria, Homs is the largest city in the central region and the largest province in the country. The first such aggression was on the 5th of the month.

These two videos by SANA show side of the Syrian Arab Army’s air defense units successfully intercept a number of the incoming missiles:

This news is breaking and the Syrian government has not yet issued a full report.

At this time, US Secretary Mike ‘Lied, Cheated, Stole’ Pompeo has not yet tweeted his unbridled support for Israel’s new double war crimes.

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