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No COVID-19 in Syria; Schools Closed as Precautionary Measure

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There is no COVID-19 in Syria. On 13 March, Prime Minister Imad Khamis led a meeting in which new precautionary measures were implemented to protect the Syrian citizenry from the pandemic of the coronavirus as the responsible state it is, unlike the supposed to be world’s superpower and leader waking up late.

Among the new measures is the preemptive closure of schools and universities from 14 March through 2 April.

All large gatherings have been suspended. Hookah has been banned from cafes.

WHO via its EMRO department confirmed no COVID-19 in Syria.

As part of the precautionary measures to protect Syria’s citizenry from COVID-19, two additional quarantine centers are being added to each province (state), and new plans are being implemented for the sanitation of public transportation.

The Health Ministry previously announced that an al Mouwasat University Hospital inpatient rumored in social media as having the coronavirus tested negative, along with 31 others.

The Health Ministry receives and tests daily samples from all hospitals and medical centers of all suspected of symptoms of COVID-19.

Syria is under the worse draconian sanctions imposed by the USA and its European lackeys, the sanctions were imposed since 1956 and gradually escalating until there’s nothing more to sanctions, it has nothing to do with freedoms or democracies, the US’s main allies in the region lack any shred of those, it has nothing to do with the current crisis, and everything to do with the country’s refusal to cede its territories and independence to the USA and who controls it, as simple as that. Lifting the sanctions off would ease the country’s chances of keeping the pandemic outside its borders.

Miri Wood

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