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First Lady Asmaa Assad Celebrates al-Biruni Cancer Treatment Hospital Expansion

Syria first lady Asmaa Assad visit al-Biruni cancer treatment hospital

Syria’s First Lady Asmaa Assad attended the celebrations for expanding the capacity of the al-Biruni University Hospital in Harasta, near Damascus. The hospital was the largest specialized hospital for treating cancer in the country until 2013 when it became a constant target of US-sponsored al-Qaeda FSAmoderate rebels’.

The expansion was sponsored by Basma Charity: Children with Cancer Support Association, working on ways to help the state fund and equip centers for the treatment of children with cancer since is Syria is under draconian US and EU collaborative sanctions to squeeze the last drop of blood of its proud people.

asmaa assad
“Basma” means “smile.”

The First Lady Asmaa Assad visited the children in the pediatric ward of the cancer facility on 7 March. Mrs. Assad has been a frequent visitor of these children patients, including during the time that she was being treated for a cancerous breast tumor.

The video is also available on BitChute.
First Lady Asmaa Assad with children receiving treatment from cancer at al-Biruni University Hospital
The child in the mask is immunosuppressed from his chemotherapy treatments to rid his cancer. The boy in the wheelchair is receiving a blood transfusion as chemo can destroy red blood cells.

First Lady Asmaa Assad with children receiving treatment from cancer at al-Biruni University Hospital

The facility was “established in 2006 by a presidential decree is the largest specialized hospital to treat cancer in Syria, diagnosing, medical treatment and follow-ups are presented free of cost to Syrians and residents in Syria, in addition to serving as an educational and research venue for doctors and nurses.”

This actual university hospital near Harasta, Damascus countryside was evacuated and temporarily closed in May 2013, for security reasons that just happened follow John McCain’s illegal entry into Syria, during which time he met with kidnappers and other terrorists, including the criminal leader of the FSA, who just happened to be a fan of Jabhat al Nusra, on the US’ terror list.

US Senator John McCain with Syrian FSA commander & Nusra supporter Salim Idris and terrorists responsible for kidnapping Lebanese pilgrims in the Syrian border town of Bab al-Salam, near Turkey on 27 May 2013. Idriss has called ISIS “brothers” of the FSA.

The criminal acts of the US senator slithering into Syria were cheered by the bipartisan NATO media, during the time that then-President Obama was deporting a record number of illegals who had entered the United States.

Then, as now, the concern of the western media humanitarian bastards was for fake hospitals, and ignored threats to real ones, and also supported the destruction of actual hospitals by the terrorists armed and funded by NATO countries.

The children being treated for cancer at al Biruni seemed delighted by the attentions of Syria’s First Lady.

Miri Wood

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