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Aleppo’s Mansoura Electricity Power Station back in Service

Aleppo Mansoura electricity power station back to service

Al Mansoura electricity power station outside Aleppo is back in service after the General Electricity Company of Aleppo finished repairing the damages in the station due to terror.

This station provides electric power to the areas recently cleaned from NATO’s sponsored terrorists, areas like Zerbeh, Mansoura, Hreitan, and Llayramoun. As soon as the Syrian Arab Army declares an area secure from terrorists and their landmines and improvised explosions, the state’s municipal and infrastructure companies enter to evaluate the damages caused by the terrorists and immediately work on restoring the life to these areas.

The following report by SANA from the station sheds some light:

The video is also available on BitChute.

This is in continuation of the work started in Zerbeh immediately after the area was cleaned from al-Qaeda terrorists loyal to the Turkish madman Erdogan:

Syria’s economy is under attack by the world’s worst criminals spearheaded by the superpower the USA and its European lackeys and regional agents and stooges including the super-rich Gulfies and super criminal country of Turkey under Erdogan and the constant criminal entity called Israel.

The fading US empire still thinks by destroying the infrastructure of independent countries and imposing sanctions on them to impede their rebuilding efforts would extend its lifeline and their misery, while there’s no worse misery than killings of the Syrians by the ‘humanitarian bastards’ and their ‘moderate rebels’, ‘freedom fighters’, and lunatics, the US empire has exhausted all its chances to continue its hegemonic existence and it’s time to collapse.

Syria, meanwhile, is suffering increased shortages in gas to generate electricity, prior to the war the country was self-sufficient and was exporting the excess of electric power to neighboring countries, now the US troops are looting that gas and oil from the wells in the northeast of the country to finance their terrorist groups across the region, and Syria’s allies are reluctant in supplying the country with its basic needs out of fear of the US sanctions. Hopefully, soon enough they can man up and stand the challenge that is threatening them as well.

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