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Syria Intensifies Preventive Measures after the First Case of Covid-19

Coronavirus Covid 19 prevention awareness campaign in Syria

The Syrian government issued a series of measures to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus, aka Coronavirus, in the country. The measures now include restrictions on movements.

We don’t like to call it a curfew, but it’s very much a curfew from 6 pm to 6 am across the country starting today Wednesday 25th of March.

The Syrian Minister of Health Nizar Yaziji declared last Sunday, 22nd of the month, the discovery of the first Coronavirus infection in the country of a young lady of 20 years old who was coming from Lebanon.

The patient didn’t show symptoms of the infection, however, a specimen was taken which later proved positive and the patient was placed in a 14 days quarantine under close health monitoring. The Minister of Health added that all persons who were in contact with the patient have been inspected in order to contain any possibility of spreading the disease further.

Syria’s haters can feel happy that COVID-19 reached the country, they were discrediting all the news earlier wondering how come a country that was isolated by most other countries, its airports and land borders boycotted and not get the virus spread all over it like the others?! Hopefully, this case will cure soon and the cradle of humanity will let them die in their hatred.

Syria’s healthcare system was the pride of healthcare systems at least in the MENA region, offering the latest treatment for all sorts of illnesses from treating headaches to cancer for free in a large number of hospitals, clinics and mobile health centers across the country. The Syrian healthcare sector was systematically targeted by the US-sponsored terrorists from the early days of the War of Terror waged against the country which was dubbed the Arab Spring.

Many hospitals were completely mobbed, doctors and nurses assassinated and large healthcare complexes turned into rubble, and each time the terrorists committing their crimes and their western mainstream media propagandists instantly blame the Syrian Arab Army in order to demonize the Syrian state and whitewash the crimes of the terrorists.

Syrian Prime Minister Imad Khamis is leading the government’s efforts to handle the pandemic, and swift gradual decisions have been taken and implemented since the early days of the spread of the Coronavirus outside China. The World Health Organization WHO is working closely with the Syrian authorities to monitor and assist in this field, especially that Syria is suffering from the 9 years of US-led War of Terror and US-led embargo, blockade, sanctions, and direct looting of Syria’s riches.

The Syrian Cabinet suspended public transportation as part of efforts to protect against Coronavirus.

All analyses made of suspected COVID-19 infections made during the past 24 hours returned negative results; to date, hundreds have been tested, and all test results have been negative.

This keeps the number of positive cases of the virus at 1 case only.

Large billboards spread across the streets of the main cities in a media campaign to spread awareness. The media campaign titled Together against Coronavirus is in cooperation between the state institutions and the private sector.

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