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UNSC NATO Klan Holds its Biweekly Colonialist Meeting against Syria

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On 25 February the UNSC NATO klan held its biweekly colonialist meeting in which the P3 tripartite aggressors and their dutiful, tap-dancing House Servants vomited up and then devoured each others’ anti-Syria lies. The rabid hyenas continued to recycle the crocodile tears over the unfathomable horrors they, themselves, have inflicted upon the Levantine republic, with their NATO Spring cover story to re-colonize, re-occupy, and re-balkanize the country whose civilization is 12,000 years old.

The ten year old script was passed from bloodied hand, to bloodied hand, with virtually nothing new added, not even as postscript — excepting the new, strangely threatening demand for COVAX. The klansmen reiterated their ongoing call for “unfettered access” to Syria via opening as many phony humanitarian corridors as they choose; magical implementation of UNSCR 2254; an end to the SAR defending its citizenry from mostly foreign terrorists, armed with NATO weapons; the threat of future punitive actions against unnamed government officials for the temerity of defending their population against the most obscene geopolitical conspiracy in history.

The NATO junta controlling the United Nations spoke in unified cacophony when reading from the recycled script. The lust for full invasion, occupation, and carving up the SAR under the flimsy veneer of providing humanitarian™ aid to a population for whose misery NATO countries are responsible was again seen in the unified demand and obsession for the reopening of the Yarubiyah crossing, and adding more ‘border crossings’ to breach Syria’s territorial integrity and sovereignty; essentially, this is part of the euphemism for regime change.

Repetitive and wistful homage was paid to 2165.

The passage of UNSCR 2165 (2014) allowed for foreign entities to deliver alleged “humanitarian” goods via corridors not explicitly opened by Syria. It was quickly celebrated when around 50 children were killed by intentionally poisoned measles vaccines brought in from Turkey. It was renewed via UNSCR 2393 (2017), followed by 2449 (2018), and then a six-month compromise via 2504 (2020) which was rolled over into 2533 (2020) for another year. Any member of the P5 could have refused the Syria-excluded compromise; instead, the colonialist P3 persist in clamoring for the reopening of other imperial corridors, obsessively, Yarubiyah — breaches of sovereignty that none would tolerate against their own countries.

Since the beginning of the COVID crisis, the UNSC P3 has also consistently attempted to use the virus as another bludgeoning mechanism against Syria; every subsequent anti-Syria meeting has incorporated COVID – 19 as instrument of terror, as fake righteous concern by the hypocrites. Considering that Syria’s coronavirus deaths per million are among the lowest in the world, while that of France, Britain, and the US among the highest, it would not be unreasonable to paraphrase the old adage to Colonialists, heal thyselves.

UNSC P3 France, US, & UK have some of the highest deaths per million in the world. Worldometer 6 March.

The Syria-hating UNSC P3 klan try to bring in celebrity guests to add phony outsider voices to liven up the dreary repetitive, Goebbels lies (in the magic of the United Nations world, phony outsiders on essentially the same payroll, telling essentially the same lies, magically makes those lies more credible.) The guests of the meeting of 25 February were Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief, Mark Lowcock, and Sonia Khush, “Syria Response Director” of Save the Children (founded in London in 1919 as humanitarian™ philanthropy for kids, it has been international — and tax-deductible, meaning that the taxpayer helps to pay for its propaganda — for decades, it has been shown to have tie-ins to unindicted British war criminals, and Pakistan banished it in 2015, under claim that it was tied to the CIA).

Of note: Both fixated exclusively on the needs of Syrians in the northwest and northeast of the SAR, one region mostly occupied by Madman Erdogan forces and al Qaeda proxies, the other occupied by the Biden regime forces and SDF proxies (the exception being the Alouk water plant in al Hasakah, under Turkish occupation since October 2019. Other areas of Hasakah are being destroyed by the US proxied, separatist Kurd SDF.).

Lowcock and Khush especially focused on urgent humanitarian™ work involving children, both stunningly oblivious to the UNSC’s recent refusal to hold a meeting on Children and Armed Conflict, which was forced into Arria status on 29 January.

The two introduced a new word to the UNSC in the ongoing campaign to demonize Syria, and its thousands of years old heritage: Stunting.

Little Lowcock, who started hearing “voices” in February 2018, is still hearing “voices.” His new voices came from alleged physicians reporting that their unhospitals were filling up with dozens of malnourished, stunting-ized children whose parents were somehow too ignorant to recognize that their kids were not growing (does that have a whiff of racism to it, that Arab mothers are incapable of knowing when their children are hungry and not being fed?).

Lowcock focused on food insecurity (negligent in mentioning the terrorist SDF burning farmlands to the ground, sadistically and degenerately derelict in mentioning the Trump regime forces firebombing Syrian wheat fields, and then looting Syrian grain silos.), access (the colonialist inherent right for the P3 of the UNSC to enter Syria whenever and wherever they might wish), and economy (which of course in the brave new totalitarian world of the UN criminals has absolutely nothing to do with member states illicit sanctions — including the US’ Caesar Act, eventually passed after years of failure, via a shoe-horning into a renewal of the fascist NDAA legislation.

He bemoaned the death of a humanitarian™ worker in al Bab, whilst being utterly negligent in acknowledging the fratricide among the greedy terrorists run by Erdogan — who frequently use various forms of car bombings to eliminate the competition.

[Archive 5 May]

Three days before this meeting, SG Antonio Guterres addressed the Human Rights Council and called for the ‘stepping up of the fight against…white supremacy.’ He did not mention that key, colonialist, UNSC members and their celebrity guest speakers to the UNSC are exempted from this form of racism (as he has exempted himself from the “white supremacy” label, despite his history of going to St. Lucia to lament sargassum and lecture locals on climate change, despite his being carried on brown shoulders in Timor). Lowcock and Khush are — of course — among the grandfathered in, exempted, white supremacists.

While shedding invisible crocodile tears, the lovely Ms. Khush flaunted and flouted her white supremacy exemption, telling her first-hand stories of the al Hol concentration camp (run by the criminal US’ SDF terrorist proxies, something she neglected to note). She normalized her western colonial white privilege in normalizing her illegal entry into the camp, which is in Syria, which is not in the United States. Save the Children is not an NGO authorized to enter Syria, an authorization only granted by Syria. When telling the very sad story of the Azerbaijani child who needed dialysis, she normalized the criminal Gestapo running the camp as “authorities.” Khush seemed to exude her white savior delight in having somehow rescued a 15-year-old girl from a “forced marriage.” Forced marriages did not exist in pre-NATO Spring Syria — yet every time the Syrian, the Arab, the Muslim Ambassador Dr. Jaafari called on the UNSC to help put a halt to these atrocities, the klansmen turned the deaf ear.

How very odd that the P3 gang and assorted underlings were touched by the words of another American illegal in Syria, returned to flout that nasty privilege.

Ambassador al Ja’afari’s reports on the rape of Syrian women by foreign terrorists have been ignored by the UN.

A tragedy of the petty ego is not the endorphin dump that comes with self-glorification and from positive reinforcement from kinsmen — on this occasion, from the UNSC klan — but that it blinds one to the true work of others, and related empathy for such work: Glory to the American illegal who used her supremacy to help keep a girl from a forced marriage, but the three years that it took for the Syrian government, the Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) — in collaboration with the IFRC — to extricate the kidnapped Alvin from the al Hol hell, the IDP camp in Syria that was transformed into a Nazi-like concentration camp run by foreign occupiers?

Avert thy gaze and do not molest us with such trivialities…

Oops — the possibility of innocent ignorance is removed upon discovery that #NotASyrian Syria Response Director of STC Khush, back in December 2016, described the FSA [snipers shooting school children] as the “last opposition” somehow defending these children. Somehow, in 2016, she missed the sniper activity, as she more recently missed Alvin’s story.

New co-penholders (essential, the temporary favorites chosen among the UNSC klansmen’s House Servants) Ireland (and Norway. Ireland “spoke” for both) engaged in echolalia: Water for all (do not mention Erdogan’s occupation of Alouk, nor NATO’s occupation of al Tabqa since February 2013)! Ceasefire for all (do not mention that a ‘ceasefire’ requires a declaration of war, that only a Cessation of Hostilities may occur, do not mention the ongoing terror attacks against which the Security Council klansmen do not want Syria to defend itself)! COVAX for all (whether Syria is, or is not, amenable, is irrelevant to the supremacists)!

UNSC P3 could save time and boredom by rotating just one to speak for all. France’s representative whined that Syria’s COVID figures are “well below reality,” expressed his condemnation of al Qaeda in Idlib being bombed, threatened that “these crimes will not go unpunished,” went off on a short tirade about “impunity,” demanded a reopening of a border, and in colonial, white supremacist arrogance, declared that “COVAX has a key role to play [in Syria, which is not in France].” The US representative thanked the US-based, not Syrian Syria Response Director, whined that another NATO-supported NGO (International Rescue Committee) had been blocked from recitation of the P3 script, actually condemned the situation of the Rukban concentration camp that is under Gestapo-like guard of illegal US occupation forces, demanded “vaccination acceptance” (for the record: There is no COVID “vaccine” in the US; there are now three experimental gene therapies given EUA status by the FDA) and sounded rather menacing when he made the declaration. The UK diplomat basically repeated what France and the US said. The UNSC House Servants spoke as is their standard.

One hour and fifty-six minutes into the mostly anti-Syria diatribes by the junta ruling the UNSC, we were finally introduced to His Excellency, Bassam Sabbagh, Syria’s new Permanent Representative to the United Nations.

Utilizing diplomatic etiquette viewed with disdain by the uncouth P3, Mr. Sabbagh’s first statement to the UNSC included the following pertinent points ignored by the NATO klansmen:

  • He thanked those representatives who welcomed him
  • He reminded all that decisions on the humanitarian situation in Syria must go through the Syrian capital, Damascus, and not through any other capitol or city (meetings such as the Brussels donor conference are “just for show.”
  • UN members must cease illegal entry into Syria to meet with terrorists, illegal entities, secessionists
  • Repatriation of foreign terrorists and their offspring in Syria is essential
  • no humanitarian aid can be delivered without the assistance of the SARC
  • terrorists continue to divert large amounts of humanitarian assistance, ignored by some members of the UNSC
  • unilateral coercive economic measures are a flagrant violation of the UN Charter
  • terrorists in Idlib are using civilians as human shields, preventing civilians from leaving Idlib through humanitarian corridors opened by the Syrian government, and blocking students from taking their exams.
  • there are 50 NGO’s “duly authorized” by the government; all others are illegals
  • aggression and occupation of parts of Syria by UN member states must be halted
  • the politicization of humanitarianism by certain members must cease
  • the water crimes of Turkey must be stopped (Turkey has shut off the Alouk water supply 18 times), along with Turkey’s looting of Syrian artifacts
  • the Turkification [ethnic cleansing] of Syria must be halted
  • criminal invaders/occupiers must leave

Miri Wood

Postscript: Turkey’s ambassador was the last to address the UNSC, but even favored NATO country could not prevent the UN’s webtv from balking.

UNSC meeting UN web tv not functioning properly
WebTV could not tolerate Turkish lies to the UNSC.

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