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Bill Clinton, Butcher of Yugoslavia, Pimping a Shady ”Charity”


Bill Clinton, the unindicted butcher of Yugoslavia, came out of his mothballs this week. Engaging in emotional war pornography against Syria, he tweeted to his followers what amounts to helping al-Qaeda in the Syrian Arab Republic.

Bill Clinton wants $$$ sent to a ‘charity’ whose focus is anti-Syria propaganda.

“Rescue” was reportedly founded by Albert Einstein (now rolling over in his grave). This ‘charity’ spends unknown sums to sponsor ads throughout social media. It uses photographs from the al-Qaeda/alNusra White Helmets, fake first responders who do not own a stethoscope, do not perform CPR, do not use spinal precautions. Their forte, however, lies in phenomenal photos with perfect f-stops, shutter speeds, fabulous FX make-up, and deliberately monochrome work with a splash of color trope for maximal triggering emotional impact in their viewing audience. These photographers are so successful in their sentimental propaganda, that few notice the irrelevant brutalization of some children shown in the most devastating of pictures.

Moral responsibility dictates no one fall prey to the sadistic, warmongering hyenas who torture and murder children as photo opportunities.

The current president and CEO of Bill Clinton’s “charitable” suggestion is a former Foreign Secretary of the UK. It is quite phenomenal how so many former politicians and diplomats — including unindicted war criminals — become part of “humanitarian” organizations that support al-Qaeda terrorists in Syria.

CEO & president of Bill Clinton’s anti-Syria ”charity” used to be a British Foreign Secretary.

Board members of Bill Clinton ‘s new pet read as a who’s who of hedge funders, mega-corporations, think tanks, and even British-appointed Levantine royalty.


Banksters, think tanks, imposed royalty lend their names to “charity” devoted to supporting alQaeda in Ghouta, Syria.

Trying to find financial disclosure is only a phone call or physical letter away:

Bill Clinton did not mention how to find full disclosure.

As with the almost infinite numbers of “humanitarian” ghouls amassing wealth while sucking the blood of Syrians, the new choice of Bill Clinton is also hiring.

When it comes to ghouls drinking Syrian blood, there is never a hiring freeze.

What “Rescue” omits in disclosure, it overcompensates in impossibly gargantuan statistics — ignored, of course, by Bill Clinton — and a dramatic photo of fake health care that is crowded, contains a useless paper surgical mask, a lab coat holding a useless pen, and two children whose faces have been colored to look as though they have been working coal mines for decades.  One child’s neck is being torqued, another child’s head is forced into a choreographed position. This is not “health care;” this is child abuse.  As SyriaNews has documented on several occasions, child brutality is deemed legitimate for purposes of propaganda — according to deep state MSM which publishes disgusting photos sent by al-Qaeda and their many NGO mouthpieces.

Terrorizing children is what al-Qaeda in Syria does best. Oddly, “humanitarian” groups never notice child abuse.
Is there a ratio of outrageous, ridiculous stats, & monies donated?

The caricaturized stats would be risible, did they not involve deadly propaganda. Offering zero evidence of elephantine claims, their numbers are reminiscent of MacNamara’s obscene daily body bag counts to pimp support for the invasion of Vietnam.  Some 750 IRC workers helped more than 1.1 million Syrians inside their country…[including] 860,000 people treated in around 50 IRC supported clinics and mobile health teams.  Additionally, the gang claims to have given job training (how, where, what, none of our business) and cash and vouchers to 27,000 Syrians.

Bill Clinton believes them and demands that we believe, too.  Neither he nor his chosen “charity,” is able to explain such miraculous, godly, work, while paradoxically claiming that besieged terrorists — who have an unending supply of mortars and missiles — are starving and without health care.

Amid the gibberish statistics, though, are some suggestions of criminal behavior, and several admissions of same. What, exactly, are cross-border teams, headquartered in criminal Jordan, and US satrap, Iraq?  Every country has laws of national sovereignty, and non-citizens may not enter without proper documentation.  The nonsensical claims of mobile clinics providing dialysis and reproductive care, were they true, would be a breach of international law, of treaties authorized by Geneva, and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC.  Gee whiz! It would appear that the charity supported by Bill Clinton uses initials so similar as to be mistaken for the real humanitarian organization.  Imagine that!).  ICRC/Geneva requires that all humanitarian groups working in war zones must have the authorization of the host country, and must be clearly marked with the Emblem of the ICRC — again, not to be confused with the IRC currently pimped by Mr. Clinton.

Geneva Treaties: Parties must agree. Anything else is a breach of international law & national sovereignty.
ICRC Emblems required.

The Bill Clinton charity du jour cryptically notes on its website that The IRC also supported close to 9,000 Syrians to get vital documents….  What does this mean?  Without any explanation, one may hypothesize that this “charity” — whose “cross-border” activities suggest illegal entry into Syria — might be engaged in the crime of counterfeiting Syrian identification, including passports (Israeli operative Moti Kahana has bragged about such counterfeiting, in addition to bragging about stealing Syrian artifacts.)

The Bill Clinton “charity” website does provide a good map to show “cross-bordering.”

The “charity” cries its crocodile tears over unhospitals being fake attacked. It remains mute when actual hospitals are bombed to rubble by the besieged terrorists it supports.

Where was “Rescue” when Syrian women and their children were kidnapped from Lattakia countryside, in 2013?  Where was Bill Clinton and his how you can help gang when 58 of these women and children were released in a hostage-prisoner exchange?

Where were these phonies constantly shedding fake tears, every time Syria’s UN Ambassador demanded an end to foreign mercenaries dumped into his country, murdering, kidnapping, raping and forcing Syrian women into “forced marriages”?

Ambassador al Ja’afari’s reports on the rape of Syrian women by foreign terrorists have been ignored by the UN.

Where were all of these mamserim ben hazir?

They were busy being interviewed in Vichy urinals, busy padding their bank accounts, busy stroking each other’s rancid lies. They were busy getting support from Bill Clinton.

The slow genocide of Syria has been made into an orwellian book of fables.  The website of “Rescue” pimped by Bill Clinton has a Top Stories [!] section, stories likely penned by aspiring yet devoid of talent scriptwriters.


“Rescue” does not hesitate to use all forms of bathos — no matter how ridiculous — in its pimping of emotional war pornography. In one of its tallest of tales, it quotes a secret, brave, medic, “called to rescue a seven-year-old child” who stumbled upon a bomb on his balcony, “which exploded. His body was a heap of flesh without bones.”

This certainly sounds ghastly…until one acknowledges its absurdity.  No overworked medical professional would use the word “rescue” to describe a corpse. No human corpse can be made “boneless.” On a Friday afternoon, 22 July 2016, two mortars were fired by besieged rebels, into Sebil Park. Eight persons — mostly women and children — were slaughtered, another 30, injured.  The is ghastly.  It shows the horror of what a bomb can do to a human body; it cannot, however, make it boneless.

An afternoon in the park was interrupted by moderate mortars. These two Syrians were among 8 murdered in Sebil Park, 22 July.

With words that could be described as poor taste (or, “sadism”) and poor salesmanship, the “charity” Bill Clinton wants his followers to fund, had the temerity to put into one sentence, “Deir Ezzor” and “sexual violence.”  Neither Bill nor his friends condemned the besieged rebels massacre of Syrian women in al Zahra, Deir Ezzor, whose bodies were then abused.

Who wept for these Syrian women, massacred in al Zahra, whose corpses were then abused?

As with all anti-Syria, colonialist-driven, money-grubbing NGO/charities, this one only concerns itself for the besieged, armed terrorists who have launched more than 2,180 mortars and missiles from Eastern Ghouta into Damascus residential neighborhoods, since January.  There are no tears — crocodile or real — for 14-year-old Omar, who succumbed to his massive burns, a humanitarian gift from the besieged rebels.

14 yr old Omar succumbed to his burns. There is no UNSCR condemning his murder.

While engaged in self-promotion regarding women, this “charity” supported by Bill Clinton offered no rationalization for the besieged terrorists putting Syrian women in cages, using them as human shields, or driving them up and down streets, to subjugate them to humiliation and terrorize the population not yet caged.

Kidnapped Syrian women put into cages are not considered part of the #MeToo movement.

Standard anti-Syria propaganda dictates perpetual lies about no humanitarian convoys entering these besieged areas.  Even the UN lies about it, ignoring reports by its own people on the ground in Damascus (though the UN sometimes posts fine print reports to its website, as it did 16 February, burping up a few words about food deliveries two days earlier.).  No need to tell those potentially opening their wallets, that 340 tons of foods were delivered, again, one month later.

As memories can be tricky, particularly when in need of comforting nostalgic ones, to give us respite, we must nonetheless inject unpleasant truth into this report, beginning with PEOTUS Clinton’s acceptance speech, and POTUS Clinton’s re-election speech:

Bill Clinton’s 1992 acceptance speech contained an especial thanks to George H. W. Bush for “our victory” in the Gulf War, and the seemingly delphic statement that “This election is a clarion call for our country to face the challenge of the end of the Cold War and the beginning of the next century.”  It is curious to envision a cessation of hostilities as problematic; stranger, still was Clinton labeling his election a battle call.

Bill Clinton‘s 1996 acceptance speech was increasingly militarized, while still being fixated on “Finishing the business of the Cold War, meeting the new threats to our security through terrorism [sic] and the proliferation of dangerous weapons and seizing these extraordinary opportunities to extend our values of peace and democracy and prosperity.”

Among the countries bombed by Bill Clinton, during his two terms in office:

  • Iraq, ’93, ’96, ’98.
  • Yugoslavia, ’94-96, ’99.  Please note that the kidnapped Milosevic who died while incarcerated was exonerated posthumously.
  • Afghanistan, ’98
  • Sudan’s al Shifa pharmaceutical factory, ’98

Since the beginning of the foreign-imposed terrorist war, Bill Clinton has not hidden his loathing of Syria, nor his support for the foreign arming of besieged terrorists (Americans, consider your reaction were the president of France to support the arming of terrorists in your homeland.  French people, your leaders arm terrorists in Syria, and then when your own natives bomb Paris, your leaders bomb Syria; is any of this sane?).

In early 2013, Bill Clinton began taunting Barack Obama, that the latter was not doing enough to arm what would become besieged terrorists against Syria.  By June, Obama apparently had enough of Clinton’s put-downs; on 13 June 2o13, USA Today reported that Obama was overtly arming rebel-terrorists in Syria (remember that in the early days of the crisis, all al-Qaeda in Syria was of FSA moderates, mostly foreign pathogens running around beheading Syrians, tossing mailmen from rooftops, moderately cannibalizing the bodies of Syrian soldiers, some of whom were decapitated, their heads then cooked on the barbeque.).

USA Today headline 13 June 2013.

The grotesque report — a sewage soup —  was filled with criminal lies, bipartisan calls for war crimes, and announced the increased, criminal, covert “‘military support’ to the main opposition group, the Supreme Military Council.” At the time, this gang of mostly non-Syrian thugs rotated their headquarters between Doha and Ankara.  It claimed a chemical attack in April (somewhere, out there…) while malignantly ignoring the deadly [weapons grade chlorine] attack in Khan al Asal, 19 March 2013, which killed 25 Syrians, 19 of them soldiers.  A request for a UN investigation was sabotaged by UK, France, and Israel.  The authors were quite cheerful in bragging that Gulfies dictatorships such as Saudi occupied Arabia and Qatar had been massively arming terrorists in the SAR.

Despite having three reporters — or, perhaps three were needed to make the news piece quite murky — quotations were cited from various sources, without letting the reading audience know when, where, and how they all came to saber rattle against the Syrian Arab Republic.  Bob Casey (D-PA), a do-nothing senator who sits on the Foreign Relations Committee, “recommended the U.S. launch cruise missile attacks to ground” the Syrian Arab Air Force (such an aggressive act is a war crime, according to the post WWII Geneva Treaties, to which the US is a signatory.). Casey even boasted that the newly armed terrorists could be “protected by Patriot anti-missile batteries that are already located in neighboring Turkey,” according to the writers.  “We have to do something substantial, now.”  Casey, in repulsive colonialist fashion, demanded the removal of Syria’s president.

Eternal neocon Lindsey Graham (R-SC) brayed “It is in our national security interest to see that the war in Syria ends and Assad is displaced.  It can be done, and it should be done, and it is in our interest to do it.”

Not discussed was how it is in the security interests of the United States, to arm al-Qaeda in Syria.

How many of these rabid dogs of war spoke from the McCain Institute for International Leadership meeting in NYC, on 11 June, was not mentioned.  Bill Clinton was in attendance, though, agreeing with war hawk and fellow unindicted war criminal, John “McQaeda” McCain — the illegal alien embedded with terrorists in Libya, and twice, in Syria.

US Senator John McCain with Syrian FSA commander Salim Idris and terrorists responsible for kidnapping Lebanese pilgrims in Syrian border town of Bab al-Salam, near Turkey on 27 May 2013. Idriss has called ISIS “brothers” of the FSA.
Senator John McCain (‘Q’) – Al-Qaeda Representative in the US. Senate, illegally in Libya.

Democrat Bill Clinton stood firmly by Republican John McQaeda McCain: “Some people say, ‘OK, see what a big mess it is? Stay out!’ I think that’s a big mistake…I agree with you about this. Sometimes it’s just best to get caught trying, as long as you don’t over-commit — like, as long as you don’t make an improvident commitment.”

Whatever else was said at this meeting of warmongering whores, remains a secret, as the meeting was not uploaded to McCain’s globalist Institute for the Perpetuation of War Crimes.

Move along! Nothing to be seen, here!

The secret meeting was held 11 June.  The US Today war propaganda report was published 13 June.   On 17 June, Obama White House Press Secretary Jay Carney bragged that US taxpayers had funded moderate [now, besieged] terrorists 800,000,000 million USD.  By the time of Carney’s 800 million dollar boast, Capitol Hill’s serial killers had slaughtered 102 Syrian students, at Damascus and Aleppo Universities.  Bravo, Gentlemen!

NATO’s ‘freedom fighters’ shelled Architect College in Damascus University with mortars killing

In response to the US bipartisan support, funding. and promise of more weapons with which to slaughter Syrians, one day later — 18 June — these moderates beloved by Casey, McCain, Clinton, Graham celebrated with the remote detonation of an IED attached to the car of Dr. Seham Dannoun, with her in it. Professor Dannoun was rushed to the hospital, where physicians were forced to perform bilateral above the knee amputations on her, as her femurs were shattered, her musculature decimated, and her veins and arteries completely gone.

Dr. Seham Dannoun from Damascus University targeted by FSA funded by Capitol Hill.

The previous year was one of several targeted assassinations of professors, physicians, teachers, and their families, by the moderate — now besieged — terrorists.  There was never any condemnation for such butchery by the favored “charity” of Bill Clinton, not then, not now.

The inherent desire of human beings to ameliorate the suffering of others is sublime, is righteous. We must take care to not potentiate such sufferings by giving financial assistance to organizations that spend their time on demonizing governments, calling terrorists “besieged,” offering fantastic statistics without a shred of evidence of money spent on anything other than a good photographer.

We must choose that which is honorable; that which demonstrates integrity.

Miri Wood, RNc

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    Bill Clinton’s new favorite ‘charity’ has a Facebook page. Its administrators are hypervigilant, removing this article everywhere it is posted. It also removes questions related to this report.

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