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President Assad among SAA, Liberated Ghouta Families, with Love


President Bashar al Assad, the leader of the Syrian Arab Republic, today visited the brave Syrian Arab Army on the front lines of Eastern Ghouta, where the battle against the western and Gulf backed radical terrorists continues.  President Bashar al Assad is a legendary leader in this area.  Imperialistic America is unleashing threats of bombing as response to Syria’s liberation of Eastern AlGhouta — a stronghold of terrorists and a real danger to Damascus.  Syria’s ongoing battle to liberate Eastern Ghouta has driven America crazy; it wants to stop the Syrian Arab Army advances in Eastern Ghouta to realize its dream of defeating Damascus.

image-Syria's President Assad meeting with troops liberating Ghouta from terrorists.
Syria’s President Assad meeting with troops liberating Ghouta from terrorists.

This terrible dream will evaporate with the wind.  President Assad never kneels, never bends his head to those promoting imperialism and supporting terrorists to this end.  Unlike Trump and May, Syria’s President does not bow to terrorists.  President Assad is the great leader fighting to save his country from the terrorists supported by the west.

President Assad, 18 March was welcomed by his brothers in our Syrian Arab Army, at one of the liberated areas of AlGhouta.  The chant of our soldiers is a loyalty oath:  By our soul, by our blood, we sacrifice for you, our President. 

Conscription is mandatory in Syria. Our soldiers are our brothers, sisters, sons, fathers, daughters. Our President Assad is the embodiment of our country, our people.

He joined soldiers in one of the tank.  Pictures were taken with those brave heroes who sacrifice their lives to protect civilians in all of Syria and who now fight to liberate this part of the country, under terrorist control for too long.

image-President Assad, surrounded by members of the courageous Syrian Arab Army.
President Assad, surrounded by members of the courageous Syrian Arab Army.
President Assad, surrounded by members of the courageous Syrian Arab Army.
President Assad, surrounded by members of the courageous Syrian Arab Army.

The Syrian Arab Army has two missions in Eastern Ghouta.  The first is to help rescue civilians, to help evacuate them from areas still under the control of terrorists factions of foreigners from Saudi, Qatar, and even Turkey, as one of the survivors who fled AlGhouta told our media.

The second mission of the SAA is to fight these radical terrorists, many from foreign Arab dictatorships and foreign countries.  Only some are brainwashed Syrians, others are Syrians forced to join the terrorists threatening to massacre their families, terrorists who fired on civilians trying to escape across the humanitarian corridors.

It is our army that protects these civilians and supplies aid to them.

President Assad and members of the Syrian Arab Army.
President Assad & members of the Syrian Arab Army.

President Assad words to our blessed soldiers during this visit: “Today, you are fighting a world war against terrorism; it’s not only Syria’s war. And every bullet you fired to kill a terrorist you were changing the balance of the world by it. And every tank driver advancing a meter forward, he was changing the political map of the world.”

The words of our soldier to our President: “Mualem (Boss), give me your hand.”

God bless you, our president your people stand as one soul in this war we are with you as you are with us. Even under the new threats of America to bomb Syria, Syrians will keep their fight to keep their country in peace or to die for it.

President Assad met also hundreds of Syrian civilians who fled AlGhouta terrorists and were helped by our army to survive the terrorists. The liberated families embraced their beloved leader, told him about how they were suffering under the terrorists control and asked His Excellency to liberate the whole of AlGhouta.  Some escaped without all of their family members.

Civilians greet President Assad. They ask for all of Al-Ghouta to be liberated from terrorists.
President Assad & Syrians newly liberated from alQaeda in Eastern Ghouta.
President Assad listens to a Syrian child.

They greeted the SAA, their brothers.

The liberated families also told the president about the good care of our army towards them.  His word was they are your brothers, God bless you and we will secure you and give you allthatt you need. God be with you.

This second video is important as it shows the LOVE those liberated families carry to their President and it reveals the lies of those in the west who cries over AlGhouta but never sends help to them — only to their terrorists — moreover they want to bomb all of Syria.

SANA report on President Assad’s tour, here.

This is the flag of the Syrian Arab Republic.
This is President Assad, driving from Damascus to the front line of Ghouta.


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