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Thousands of Families Flee Terrorists in East Ghouta through SAA Safe Passage

image-Hamoriyah Crossing Witnessed the Departure of Thousands of Families from East Ghouta

They cried a lot with crocodile tears on every international stage about the suffering of the civilians in East Ghouta, they demonized the Syrian state and all who supported it. Their cries were actually about the terrorists they invested billions in, not the civilians, as the civilians are now here and we can’t see any of them now those Western hypocrite criminals.

Thousands of families fled the terrorists aka ‘Moderate Rebels’ controlled areas in Eastern Ghouta through the safe passages opened by the Syrian Arab Army and the Russian Reconciliation Center in Syria. They spoke of the horrors they lived under the terrorists’ control in the past years.

No International Organization was seen anywhere to offer help to the same civilians they used their suffering to attack the Syrian state and try to justify another ‘Regime Change’ in Syria.

Watch this video report aired yesterday March 17, 2018, by Russia Today:

(Video also available on BitChute:

Transcript of the video:

For the 3rd consecutive day, this crossing in Hamoriyah is witnessing the departure of a large number of civilians but today witnessed the largest departure within the past days, as we are witnessing now the departure of thousands of families, it has exceeded a 50,000 family until this moment.

We can see here large numbers on its way to be secured through this crossing towards temporary sheltering centers which has been prepared to accommodate this large number of civilians.


We told them to leave and let the civilians stay, they refused saying the town is theirs, so we left the town for them and fled out, and we left against their will, they were shooting at us in the morning they didn’t want us to leave.

When we were in Mleiha and wanted to join the (state offered) reconciliation, they kidnapped who was coming in for one month and they started shooting at us with the 23s (mm machine guns) and didn’t allow us…

All of those who were inside they know, they would bring a 16 – 17 years old boy they’d tell him you should join the ‘army’, and should follow a training course for 20 to 30 days, sometimes even 8 days then they’ll join (the front) even one of my sons, he’s dead since 5 days now, they took him for a 10 days course then sent him (to the front), they took him with them, gave him a rifle and asked him to stand at a post, they only taught him how to use the rifle, 2 days later they brought (his body) to me, threw him in front of the house and left.

Residents of Ghouta who sat on its grass in the liberated areas of it, and after hours of walking, they chatted but with loud voices this time about the unknown years they went through.

They are all thieves, crooks, murderers, they’re all criminals, half of them are strangers, they had no mercy for anybody, a small child they’d slaughter.

Why were you quiet all these years?

It wasn’t in our hands. For me, I have nothing outside, I’m from Saqba, I have no one outside, where to go to? And under gunpoint, against your will, whoever carried weapons was not good. If he was good he wouldn’t carry a weapon.

Who joined the ‘revolution’? The junkie, the thief, the drunk, who are these? They talk about Islamic Sharia, they know nothing about the religion, they don’t know God.

Are you happy you’re done with them?
– A lot, a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot, if I remain here in this desert for 10 years I’ll be fine, at least my head will be relaxed my children are safe.

To care for this increasing numbers of civilians required an exceptional effort from the governmental bodies and the Syrian Red Crescent with a complete absence of all international organizations which has taken the suffering of the East Ghouta residents as its slogan throughout the past months, and years.

From Hamoriyah crossing in East Ghouta, Wafaa Shabrouni, RT.

Original video report in Arabic by RT can be found here:

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