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Al-Ghouta Terrorists Massacre 40 in Damascus for Mother’s Day


Al-Ghouta terrorists committed a massacre against Damascus inhabitants on the evening of Mother’s Day. The terrorist groups targeted a popular market in the Al-Kashkoul neighborhood of Damascus, with rocket shells. These human beasts chose this time because the market was crowded with people who wanted to buy gifts for tomorrow, Syrian Mother’s Day, 21 March.

The savages exploited this occasion to maximize their horrors. At this writing, 40 people have been martyred. The death toll continues to climb. Dozens of others have been wounded, many critically.

Kashkoul Market, Jaramana.

Prime Minister Emad Khamis is visiting the wounded in Al Mojtahed Hospital.

Large number of victims rushed to nearest al-Mojtahid Public Hospital

Families that should be celebrating tomorrow will instead be mourning their beloved ones, because of the remaining armed gangs of Al-Ghouta terrorists.

Trump, Merkel and Macron’s gift to Syrians on Mother’s Day

At this time, few of the martyrs have been identified.

Martyr Safa Jamil Al-Awad


Martyr Talal Naddour


image-FSA shelling Damascus on Mother's Day
Martyr Rose Amin


Moderate Rebels Shell Damascus on Mother's Day
Martyr Ahmad Badawcyha


Ghouta 'rebels' shell Damascus city on Mother's Day
Martyr Adam Badawcyha, the son of Ahmad.

The head of Damascus Hospital told television news that most of the victims were women and children.

Most victims of Mother's Day Attack were women and children
Most victims of Mother’s Day Attack were women and children

You see how the terrorists picked the time of the biggest gathering at that popular market in the evening of Mother’s day to kill as more as possible of innocent people! And how those terrorists Nikki Haley calls “besieged” still have effective missiles!!

Today’s rockets of Al-Ghouta terrorists were from the neighborhoods of Ain Tarma and Jobar.

RIP for our martyrs.  The revenge will be with the liberation of every mile from Al-Ghouta terrorists and all their factions.  Ahrar Al-Sham, Jaish Al-Islam, Filaq Al-Rahaman or what ever their new name was.

All of these ‘Moderate Rebel’ groups are Al-Nusra Front (al-Qaeda Levant) terrorists.

Afraa Dagher

Video of the carnage:

UPDATE:  A screengrab of a rocket launched from “besieged” Ghouta terrorists, into Damascus, is followed by bitchute video url.

Nikki Haley believes alQaeda’s claims of 72 million hospitals destroyed, yet she claims real evidence is fake.

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