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Kurdish SDF Militias Escalate their Attacks on Syrian Facilities in Hasakah

US illegal military troops - forces in Syria with Kurdish SDF help to loot Syrian oil

Herds of US-sponsored Kurdish SDF separatist armed militias occupied a number of Syrian public buildings and facilities in the city of Hasakah, the provincial center of Al-Hasakah province northeast of the country.

The SDF militia occupied stormed and occupied the buildings of the Syrian Public Grains Establishment in Ghuweiran district, the Public Electricity Establishment, the Sports City, parts of the Youths Housing district, the Syrian Public Information and Technology Establishment, the Industrial Department, the Tourism Department, the Environment Department, the city’s Traffic Department, the Civil Registry Directorate, and the Commercial Bank in the city.

The US-sponsored militia expelled all public workers from those buildings and placed a number of its personnel as guards to prevent the workers from resuming their work.

With the implementation of the unprecedented draconian US regime of sanctions against the Syrian people dubbed the Caesar Act with the failure of the US to effect its regime change in Syria, coupled with the pressing time for the embattled Trump nearing the US elections, the recent acts of the separatist Kurdish SDF militias can be linked.

Trump, who failed on all his election promises to his voters, needs any achievement anywhere in the world, the Iranians not only refusing to accept his pleas for photo-ops implying he was able to bring them to new negotiations on the nuclear deal after he unilaterally withdrew the USA from, they’re challenging him in as close as a swimming distance to Florida with flotilla of ships delivering oil and essentials breaking the Trump-imposed blockade over Venezuela. He failed in his negotiations with the Chinese who slap him a tit-for-tat for every new order he takes, he failed with the Russians, the more he imposes sanctions on them the more they gain in business deals with the US-traditional allies, he failed with the North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un who realized that negotiating with the USA is a waste of time and stopped taking Trump’s calls, and Trump is seeing the US’s relations with its former lapdogs and lackeys deteriorating as well.

Kurdish PYD Asayish SDF Torching Wheat Farms in Qamishli
Trump tools SDF militia burn wheat fields in Qamishli – Hasakah

All of the above and lately the mess he created at home in responding to the COVID-19 epidemic, the handling of the police brutality, the rising of racism, inequality, and the tens of millions of US citizens filing for unemployment benefits after months of bragging he was creating a few hundred thousand jobs.

In all fairness, the only promises Trump fulfilled were those he pledged to his close friend the Israeli Netanyahu, he gave the latter more than he asked for.

Being pressured on all fronts, the US racist president needs any victory anywhere thus unleashing the Caesar Act and when seeing it strengthening the ties between Syria and its allies instead of pushing the Syrian people into poverty and despair, Trump pushed his Kurdish tools to start a delayed conflict in northeast of Syria, the same tools his former national security aide told us ‘he despises’.

From John Bolton's book 'The Room Where It Happened'
From John Bolton’s book ‘The Room Where It Happened’

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