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Roadside Bomb Explosion Leaves a Number of Kurdish Terrorists Injured

Kurdish Asayish terrorists in northern Syria

A roadside bomb explosion in a group of Kurdish SDF separatists injuring a number of them today, Friday the 2nd of April, in the town of Karama to the east of the city of Raqqa.

The targeted are members of the notorious security branch of the Kurdish separatists the so-called Asayish, nobody claimed responsibility for the attack at the time of writing this report. Attacks against the CIA-sponsored Kurdish separatist terrorists are common and they have created many enemies for themselves including the CIA’s other groups of ISIS and Turkish-sponsored radical anti-Islamic Wahhabi and Muslim Brotherhood terrorists over spoils and material they steal. The CIA stooges have also created enemies for themselves among the local Syrians in the regions they occupy.

A source from near the site of the explosion said that the Kurdish terrorists dismantled another roadside bomb before it was detonated. One of the injured in today’s explosion is said to be in critical condition at the Raqqa National Hospital, a local nurse from the hospital reported. The Kurds and all CIA-sponsored groups keep reports of their casualties suppressed from media.

This latest attack comes just 3 days after two deadly attacks against two groups of Kurdish terrorists in the same Karama town, the attacks of 29th March killed 2 of the Kurdish Asayish terrorists and injured 3 others and were carried out by unknown masked men on motorbikes.

Kurdish separatists hailing mostly from the Qandil Mountains in northern Iraq want to Israelize large swaths of Syria’s food basket and oil-rich lands under the protection of the US occupation forces. The Syrians of the northern and northeastern provinces of Hasakah, Deir Ezzor, Raqqa, and Aleppo received a wave of Kurdish refugees early last century fleeing Ottoman massacres, provided them with shelter and protection, and considered them as part of the Syrian society, now the descendants of those Kurdish refugees want to steal more land from those who once helped their ancestors not long ago.

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