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UNSC Goebbels Gang Holds Monthly Syria Chemical Hoax Fetish Meeting

UNSC Goebbels gang held its monthly anti-Syria chemical meeting on 2 September. Referred to as ‘the Syria files’ — though better described as the chemical hoax fetish –these painfully repetitive, filled with lies meetings are supposed to somehow fulfill the mandate of UNSCR 2118 (2013) which was fulfilled in June 2014.

As August’s anti-Syria fête fell two days before the anniversary of the US nuclear obliteration of Hiroshima, Japan, we used the occasion to remind the NATO clique of the UNSC of their countries many war crimes, uses of weapons of mass destruction, and point out the many domestic atrocities perpetrated by these liars, against their own population — Waco, MOVE, Edmund Pettis, DAPL — for which none has ever been held accountable (because a tenet of fascism is that might makes right).

The cloud from the atomic bomb dropped by the USA on Hiroshima, Japan 1945 - US Army Archive

Chemical hoax fetish is an accurate title, as the Syrian Arab Republic acceded to the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) in September 2013, and turned over its arsenal in such record time that a couple of diplomats hinted at the expectation of a Nobel. In one of his final statements to the UNSC, Dr. Jaafari called for the closure of the phony Syria files, during its 90th meeting.

Please note the extensive ADDENDUM which details evidence of murder by poisoning of kidnapped Syrian children in Khan Sheikhoun, which the NATO junta at the UNSC continues to lie was a chemical weapons attack by Syria, against Syria.

Geir O. Pedersen usually keeps track of the meeting number, but he is busy in Rome, Italy (despite the challenges of COVID), meeting with the Foreign Ministry, there, and with various NATO think tanks, some of which used to be called banksters, to discuss the situation in Syria.

We provide a short geopolitical checklist, which is consistently ignored by the Goebbels gang, aka the NATO junta, aka the unindicted axis of evil.

Last month’s trigger word among the NATO clique at the UNSC was “non-compliance,” while this month has three: “gaps, inconsistencies and discrepancies,” but they all came from Izumi Nakamitsu, the High Representative for Disarmament Affairs at the United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs (UNODA), which is not part of the United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS) but works with it, and also functions sometimes as a bridge for OPCW, UNSC, and also Syria’s relationship to the scam of the CWC (which suspended the country’s voting rights in The Hague, 21 April, two weeks after terror state France threatened this action during a UNSC meeting. Certainly, there is no conspiracy to be found among the klansmanship of the world’s leaders in genocide and other forms of imperialism.)

Nakamitsu uses language like a magician uses his hands — so adroitly that her lies are almost missed.

Disarmament head lying to the UNSC in March 2021.

Fortunately, this month’s disarmament lies against Syria and the OPCW came with a four-page statement, making it a bit easier to notice the glaring lies where the ‘gaps, inconsistencies, and discrepancies’ do not exist: OPCW Secretariat can not deploy to Syria because COVID; Declaration Assessment Team (DAT) is whining that its twenty-fifth round of consultations in the SAR might be in October instead of this month; “[t]wo rounds of
inspections of the Barzah and Jamrayah facilities of the Syrian Scientific Studies and Research Centre (SSRC)” that were to be completed this year are also at the mercy of COVID; she continued the lamentations over the two cylinders that were part of a Syrian criminal investigation that the Goebbels gang at the UNSC has become obsessed with since Israel bombed a building they were stored in.

Syria News reminds Nakamitsu and the other NATO criminal liars at the Security Council that the OPCW gave Barzah and Jamarayah a clean bill of health February-March 2017 and concluded its second round of investigations of these facilities, 22 November 2017, after which investigators be-bopped around non-terrorist occupied Syria, per Syria’s request, through February 2018. Less than two months later, the NATO armed and otherwise supported al Qaeda savages occupying Douma, kidnapped over one hundred civilians, slaughtered dozens for the media stenographer cameras, lied that the government used chemical weapons — despite all video and still photographic evidence provided by the human garbage, themselves, after which unindicted war criminals Trump, May, and Macron bombed Syria for al Qaeda, including decimating the Barzeh Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industries Research Institute, on either 13 April 2018 or 14 April 2018, depending on the NATO medium source.

Syria News’ OPCW IIT Spews New Attack on Syria, Doubles FFM Propaganda about Saraqib includes the various official OPCW reports from Khan Sheikhoun (where investigators dared not enter), Ltamenah (where the investigators dared not enter), Saraqib (where the investigators dared not enter), and Douma (where investigators did enter once the SAA secured the area from remnants of terrorists, including snipers who tried to murder them, which the Gobbels gang of the UNSC continues to forget).

All NATO sources pimped for al Qaeda, lied that terrorists Trump, Macron, and May — who war criminally bombed the SAR without a UNSC resolution, a requirement by the noble Charter — bombed “chemical weapons” sites. Not one mentioned these research facilities had recently passed inspection. Similarly, the same media dogs of war — indictable under Nuremberg VI, Crimes against Humanity — refused to report on the statement of former OPCW inspector Ian Henderson (forced into an Arria Formula meeting), who actually led the team of inspectors after the Douma slaughter by the lying al Qaeda operatives.

War criminal bombing without UNSC resolution.
Corrupt lying corporate war pimping stenographer journalists reports.

The author especially points this out to ‘compatriot’ Linda Thomas-Greenfield, the finely coiffed unindicted war criminal whose con is to repeat that America is back! America never left, though humanity would be much better off were we to leave and lock the gates behind US. Her remarks will be addressed in the addendum.

The UK ambassador could not bother to tweet her statement to the UNSC. Instead, she appears to have gone a different route of elitism, bragging about Britain helping to fund the clearing of landmines in Nagorno-Karabkh, three days after another landmine blast in Syria mangled six more children (as UNMAS continues to do nothing).

UK ambassador did not bother to tweet her statement to the UNSC.

Let us remind the Brits and their NATO cohorts — preemptively, for their next meeting — that the BBC has admitted to lying about Douma.

The NATO junta at the UNSC merely had to look at photos and video provided by terrorists to know there was no chemical attack in Douma.
The NATO junta at the UNSC merely had to look at photos and video provided by terrorists to know there was no chemical attack in Douma.

Bien sûr, when it comes to hypocrisy at the UNSC, nobody does panache arrogant quite like France — which has never forgiven Syria for Evacuation Day.

In addition to tweets in French and English, the France at UN account tweeted its statement, unabashedly titled France Stands against the Use of Chemical Weapons in Syria, and lied that Syria has used them (France that dropped 57 nuclear bombs on AlgeriaGerboise Bleue.). Bien sûr, we must remind our readers that Hollande armed terrorists against Syria, that just prior to the Paris terror attacks, Paris Match ran a feel-good story on Belgian terrorist Michel, another convert to Islam-hating Wahhabism, that after the Paris terror attacks, led by a French national, Hollande criminally bombed Syria (instead of bombing France), and after this escape artist managed to flee to Belgium, instead of bombing Belgium, Hollande bombed Syria, again). The little urchin Hollande also called for the assassination of the President of the Syrian Arab Republic.

Let us also not forget that the Security Council never held an emergency meeting to demand that Macron halt his massive enucleation campaign against the Gilets Jaunes.

We also preemptively remind the Goebbels gang of the UNSC that the French firm, Lafarge, has lost its bid to not be charged with crimes against humanity, in the corporation’s involvement with funding terrorists in the SAR, as it is likely the trio will also feign oblivion to this news.

It is unlikely that the Goebbels gang in the UNSCR will mention Lafarge will be mentioned at the next meeting.

Russia’s Deputy Permanent Representative Anna Evstigneeva told the UNSC — in pristine diplomatic language, of course — that the OPCW needs to start living up to its responsibilities. and function properly and objectively, instead of continuing its blatant antipathy toward Syria.

Russia's Dep. Amb. addressed the fraud of the OPCW findings to the UNSC

His Excellency, Bassam Sabbagh also maintained his high standard of diplomatic protocol while addressing the UNSC, including junta members. He reminded all that “some western states” continue to engage in falsehoods at this meetings, and pointed out that the US still has not destroyed its entire chemical arsenal, even while it hypocritically maintains its aggressions against his country. He reminded all that it was the Technical Secretariat that did not wish to travel to Syria in the summer months, that Syria voluntarily joined the CWC and has maintained all of its commitments since ascension.

Mr. Sabbagh also reminded the UNSC members that much of the OPCW’s alleged evidence was procured via a breach in chain of custody (noted frequently by the OPCW reports in the above Saraqib study), and considered statements of the White Helmets as evidentiary (the stethoscope-less, CPR-less, spinal precautions-less, incompetent in bagging, fraud responders are funded by the tripartite aggressors’ intelligence services, and are exclusively embedded with terrorists in the SAR).

Given the Department of Homeland Security and United Nations statements of an all-inclusive terror alert, the author hopes that the next of the infinite UNSC chemical fetish hoax will not involve a false flag against the Syrian Arab Republic.

Miri Wood

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Before looking over Thomas-Greenfield’s latest chemical lies to the UNSC, we must first lay waste to her attempt to convince anyone of the delusion that there has been some miraculous change since inauguration day; America is not back, because the war criminal America never left. There is no partisan difference among the US dogs of war — not among politicians, nor among those who arrogantly besmirch the noble art of diplomacy.

In 2016, Obama’s ambassador Samantha Power gave the White Helmets the UNSC audience. In May 2018, this creator of humanitarian bombing (Orwellianly described as “responsibility to protect”) used the opportunity of Trump freezing a pissant $200 million, generically “earmarked for Syria recovery efforts” as an excuse to again play pimp for the criminally psychotic Helmets.

Syria News took Trump’s Nikki Haley to task over her lies to the UNSC in our History of Chemical Weapons/threats against the SAR, published one month before the White Helmets and other takfiri savages kidnapped 250 people from nearby villages of Khan Sheikhoun. On 4 April, we wrote an extensive report in real time on the fraudulent news reporting via al Qaeda occupied Khan Sheikhoun, in a futile effort to prevent Trump from bombing Syria because of the lies told by the terrorists that the US and other NATO countries had armed.

We remind Biden’s Thomas-Greenfield (who again chirped about being ‘back’ when she addressed the HFAC dogs of war on the Hill on 16 June) that Trump’s Haley shared her same idol worship of the degenerate fraud responders.

Twenty days after her boss bombed Syria for al Qaeda’s crimes against humanity in Khan Sheikhoun, US taxpayers — via the State Department and the US Mission to the UN — flew in from Turkey, Raed Saleh and his translator (or two). Saleh is the cell phone sales guy who fled to Turkey before fleeing back to Syria with money but no stethoscope, to launch the fraud responders terrorist gang, founded by British special operative and Elizabeth’s knight, James Le Mesurier.

On Wednesday, 5 April 2017, Thomas-Greenfield’s pre-doppelganger stood before the UNSC and shamelessly held up a cropped photograph showing one of the Syrian children abducted by al Qaeda who had been murdered on camera, for the degenerate titillation of the journalistic war criminal stenographers. The photograph was necessarily cropped because it showed the perversion of the killers, who lined up their young murder victims “deliberately and perversely modeled not only as a orgy, but also morbid, macabre pedophilia-cum-horror — by someone well versed in art and tradition of Western classical painting.  This photo has also been very popular with all the established fellow travelers and bedfellows of al Qaeda and ISIS in Syria.  This is, indeed, true war porn.

We remind our readers that criminal liar Haley never held up photos from the heinous video of the FSA/Helmets affiliated al Zinki terror savages, of their carving off the head of 12 year old Abduallah Issa, who was kidnapped from a hospital, IV still in his arm, his arterial blood shown spurting, before the human pathogen proudly held up the child’s severed head.

We remind Thomas-Greenfield that Trump’s Kelly Craft also traveled to NATO Turkey to pimp the armed insurrectionist, kidnaper-killer Helmets who can not even fake a CPR for the cameras.

Criminal war propaganda — which is disseminated by the journalistic war machine — has taken decades to be normalized into the collective psyche of, particularly, western populations. As there is no magic wand to unravel the countless lies promoted for that old-fashioned Military Industrial Complex, tens of thousands of words are required to untangle the lies, to document the proof of lies, and to analyze some seemingly quirky coincidences.

On 13 August, the Department of Homeland Security issued a single paragraph warning of a heightened threat of a rather diverse grouping. It claims the amazing constellation could include the 9/11 anniversary, the High Holy Days, “domestic terrorists,” unnamed ”individuals and groups engaged in grievance-based violence,” the pandemic, and “grievances over public health safety measures [lockdowns, in which healthy and not convicted criminals are essentially incarcerated?] and perceived government restrictions [perceived is a lie, as various public health restrictions are quite real].” The warning suggests that unhappy peoples are somehow ripe for picking by also unnamed “foreign malign influences.”

Six days later — and likely of pure coincidence — the UNSC issued a press statement of a high-level ministerial closed meeting, which sounded remarkably like the one issued by the DHS, but longer. The ministry noted “with deep concern” that Daesh “and other terrorist groups continue to exploit, both online and offline, the disruption, grievances and development setbacks linked to the COVID-19 pandemic.”

One might again ask if these deep concerns by the DHS and the Security Council, are suggestive of an impending false flag, specifically in/against Syria. Another Two Minutes Hate might quell the alleged aggrieved; consider that the only time the NATO and underlings world loved Donald J. Trump was when he bombed Syria for al Qaeda — specifically when he bombed Syria based on the CNN interview with the British illegal in Idlib, the terrorist whose medical license was permanently revoked, less than three months after he had practiced in his country.

Thomas-Greenfield’s criminal lies to her cohorts and to the rest of the UNSC are no different than the Goebbels lies previously pimped by Craft [R], Haley [also R], and Power [also D]. The Douma al Qaeda degenerates removed imprisoned, kidnapped Syrian women from the notorious Tobah illegal jail, stuffed them into cages on trucks, paraded them through the city before slaughtering several of them and using their corpses for war pornography. Unlike Khan Sheikhoun, where al Qaeda murdered mostly kidnapped children live, on camera, most of the terrorist videos were taken post-murder (the exceptions being in the fake hospital where mother-less, kidnapped children were terrorized with cold water hoses, and had their backs punched, and inhalers shoved into their mouths.)

Nonetheless, the NATO criminal junta dictating at the UNSC pretend to believe al Qaeda.

Despite the massive reports written by the OPCW actually admitting to not doing on the ground investigations in areas controlled by al Qaeda, because these were areas controlled by al Qaeda, the P3 continue to lie about Syria using chemical weapons against Syria.

Thomas-Greenfield’s lying remarks were especially fetid, as she has added an evil threat to them, calling upon the UNSC “to impose measures under Chapter Seven of the UN Charter” for “non-compliance with Resolution 2118.”

We do not know if this strange threat is simply based on imperial western supremacy, or if American exceptionalism sloth also plays a part. On page two of UNSCR 2118 (2013) is found the “Underscoring that Member States are obligated under Article 25 of the Charter of the United Nations to accept and carry out the Council’s decisions…”.

Article 25 is not in Chapter Seven, the Chapter which points the finger at the unindicted P3 al Qaeda supporters on the Security Council, for warranted “action with respect to threats to the peace, breaches of the peace, and acts of aggression” (do we need to repeat that NATO has armed and funded terrorist-insurrectionists against the SAR, that bombing another country unless in immediate self defense is a breach of both Chapter Seven and the Geneva Agreements?).

The author is obliged to denounce the filthy, arrogant, hypocrisy — she lets the indolence slide — of US, French, and British liars permanently seated on the Security Council. This klansmen gang has breached the noble Charter via unilateral coercive, draconian economic measures against the Levantine republic; sanctions may not be applied without a Security Council resolution.

There is no Security Council ‘sanctions regime” against the Syria Arab Republic.

On 21 December 2012, terrorists in an alleged makeshift lab in Turkey, uploaded a video threatening to poison Syrian water, and to slaughter Syrian patriots with weapons tainted with a newly developed poison. The video included another terminal experiment with a rabbit, as conclusive evidence. Syria again called upon the UNSC to investigate, but the P3 ignored the request.

Be forewarned that watching a rabbit die what appears to be a painful death, is gruesome.

GRAPHIC WARNING FOR THE FOLLOWING VIDEO CLIP, which was part of a longer one shared all over the NATO world, to prime taxpayers to support the bombing of Syria for al Qaeda (the longer video appears to have been put into the Orwellian memory hole, as it provided more evidence of mass murder by poisoning — of mostly children — by criminal psychopaths in Khan Sheikhoun, 4 April 2017.).

Some of these Syrian children are already dead; some are in the death throes of agonal breathing, seen in the rabbit killed from the fast-acting poison.

Stripping children almost naked before poisoning them for the camera is not emergency health care. Dumping the bodies of dead and dying children — heads and legs and arms intermingled — onto a flatbed truck to hose them with cold water is not emergency health care. It is sexual degeneracy at its most repulsive, and that NATO media and NATO politicians and NATO diplomats ignored this obvious perversion against children, makes them all complicit in the degeneracy.

As if the horror of stripping kidnapped children and poisoning them in an unprecedented snuff porn production were not heinous enough, post mortem the degenerates of the NATO-supported Edlib Media Center subsequently added a necrophilia sadistic touch, by slightly changing the orange/navy stripped underwear on one murdered child, and by painting a matching hat to another murdered child’s private part.

That Ambassador Linda America Is Back! Thomas-Greenfield persists in perpetrating the chemical weapons lies at the UNSC, demonstrates her complicity, also.

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