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UNSC Holds Monthly Anti-Syria Chemical Propaganda Meeting

The cloud from the atomic bomb dropped by the USA on Hiroshima, Japan 1945 - US Army Archive

The UNSC NATO supremacists junta have held their monthly chemical weapons propaganda attack against the Syrian Arab Republic. Referred to as the implementation of UNSCR 2118 (2013), these gatherings are nearing the one hundred mark, despite Syria having broken all records for time frame from ascension to the Chemical Weapons Convention to handing them over.

We remind our readers that the lies of these colonialists resulted in the destruction of Iraq, the birth of mass terrorism where none previously existed and that the UN gang had been previously enthralled over the rapid collection and destruction of Syria’s chemical arsenal. We also note that unlike France, Britain, and the United States, Syria never used its arsenal for anything other than deterrence.

On 4 August, the NATO golpistas which besmirch the noble Charter of the United Nations, had the arrogant temerity to demand “much work” for, and transparency from, the SAR. Thomas Markram — Deputy to the High Representative for Disarmament Affairs — addressed the UNSC to wax philosophical pearls of wisdom that the use of chemical weapons is very, very bad — “a clear violation of a deeply held taboo.” He stated “the identification and accountability of those responsible is imperative.” He blamed COVID for “hampering the return of OPCW experts to Syria” (though COVID did not hamper SG Antonio Guterres and entourage arrival to the G7 meeting, to discuss being on the “edge of the abyss” in the “climate emergency”), while negligently omitting the mention that pre-COVID, the OPCW investigators did not enter areas of claims of chemical weapons deployment — such as Khan Sheikhoun and al Ltamenah — because takfir savages occupying these areas were too scary. He also neglected to note that the investigators came under terrorist sniper fire upon attempt to enter Douma (and also that the UN-OPCW changed the original findings of the team).

The UNSC did not open investigations into the threats made by terrorists to bomb Syria with chemical weapons and other poisonous substances; it remained mute when terrorists poisoned and threatened to destroy the al Fijah spring

See the history of terrorist chemical weapons threats and attacks, from December 2012-February 2017, here.

The UN press release on the Council meeting was again a tad on the incoherent side. It reported that Markram claimed:

 the COVID-19 pandemic is still impacting the ability of the Technical Secretariat of the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) to deploy to Syria, although it stands ready to do so.  The deployment to Syria of the Declaration Assessment Team for a twenty-fifth round of consultations remains postponed until further notice following the absence of a response from Damascus.  Due to identified gaps, inconsistencies and discrepancies, the Technical Secretariat still maintains that Syria’s declaration regarding its chemical weapons programme cannot be considered accurate or complete under the Convention on the Prohibition of the Development, Production, Stockpiling and Use of Chemical Weapons and on their Destruction.  Syria must extend full cooperation to the Technical Secretariat to resolve all outstanding issues, he said, emphasizing that the international community’s confidence in the complete elimination of Syria’s chemical weapons programme hinges on those issues being finalized.

“Those issues” are the lies told to the OPCW-UN, reported to the UNSC, by the terrorists who have kidnapped and murdered Syrians and used their victims’ decaying corpses as contrived evidence of chemical weapon attacks. Per the press release, Markram audaciously legitimized the mass murders and videography by the terrorists as “the chemical weapon incident that took place in Douma on 7 April 2018.” The NATO klan member made this declaration, despite the original OPCW inspectors saying there was no evidence, and despite the savages’ own photographs providing gruesome documentation of mass murder.

Markram then told the UNSC that “the Technical Secretariat stands ready to initiate preparations for an in-person meeting between OPCW Director-General Fernando Arias and Syria’s Minister for Foreign Affairs and Expatriates, Faisal Mekdad, to discuss the way forward,” after which he noted that FM Mekdad extended the invitation to Arias on 6 July.

Given Arias’ previous propaganda attack on Russia during the 90th anti-Syria Security Council liars meeting, when he flaunted his ignorance of chemical substances — including his ridiculous lack of knowledge of the part acetylcholinesterase plays in the central nervous system — and that at the 11 December 2019 meeting, the temporary Security Council President prohibited questions being asked of Arias; so much for the fraudulent quest for transparency, should the meeting in Damascus ever happen, it should be a doozy.

The UNSC NATO klansmen — mafiosi disgraziati brutti e schifosi — performed their standard Macbeth witches scene; though the boiling cauldron and other accoutrements were unavailable, toe of frog was plentiful.

The tripartite aggressors who represent the three countries that have historically led the world in genocide, lied about Syria, projected their regimes’ domestic atrocities onto the Levantine republic, and maintained the colonial entitlement to convenient amnesia over their foreign war crimes.

Syria News therefore is obliged to refresh our readers’ memories regarding just a few, and the lack of accountability for the atrocities, domestic and foreign, and to make mention that the August 4 gathering of the eternal and infernal Syria files fell just two days before the anniversary of the US bombing the Japanese city of Hiroshima with one of its two nuclear warheads:

  • On 6 August 1945, the United States, under the Truman regime, dumped one of its two nuclear bombs onto the city of Hiroshima — contrary to the advice of military leaders such as Eisenhower and MacArthur. Seventy-thousand Japanese civilians were immediately obliterated. The pederast faction of the Strangelove’s named by warhead Little Boy, and if that were not Freudian enough, the plane carrying the bomb was named after the pilot’s mommy. Pilot Paul Tibbets later claimed the need to dissociate from his foul deed, lest he not be able to sleep at night (though this writer suspects he protested too much) — entitlement to which does suggest a touch of malignant sociopathy.
  • On 7 March 1965, revered queen of the Civil Rights movement, Amelia Boynton, was beaten and gassed on the Edmund Pettus Bridge, by the LBJ regime, in what was called Bloody Sunday.
  • France occupied Vietnam for one hundred years, before Ho Chi Minh ejected the crass imperialists in 1954, when France, UK, US, China, and the USSR agreed at Geneva to temporarily balkanize the country, to prohibit foreign occupiers, and to ensure elections within two years. The elections were prohibited. “[H]ad elections been held as of the time of the fighting, possibly 80 per cent of the population would have voted for the Communist Ho Chi Minh as their leader…” (Dwight D. Eisenhower, Mandate for Change, 1953-56, Garden City, NY: Doubleday & Company, Inc., 1963, p. 372.),
  • France dropped 57 nuclear bombs on AlgeriaGerboise Bleue.
  • UK dumped nukes with callous disdain for Aborigine tribes who were the recipients of radioactive fallout.
  • US exploded its first nuke near Los Alamos, on 16 July 1945 but — for security reasons could not mention it to the 19,000 human beings living nearby. From 1944 – 1974, the US engaged in thousands of human radiation experiments, many of which did not involve informed consent.
  • On 13 May 1985, the Philadelphia Goode administration (“regime”?) dropped a bomb on the roof of the rowhome which housed MOVE, at 6221 Osage Avenue, causing the deaths of 11 people, and destroying 60 other houses. The bomb, however was not shaped like a barrel, but was merely a deadly assortment of explosives placed in a satchel.
  • On 19 April 1993, the Clinton regime bombed a housing complex in Waco, Texas, killing more than 70 people who were crushed under rubble, burnt to death, or suffocated by the fire’s smoke.
  • In early 2016, the Obama regime gassed his people, turned water cannons on them, fired ”rubber bullets” at them, maimed dozens who were demonstrating against the Dakota Access Pipeline.
  • The Macron regime enucleated dozens of Gilets Jaunes demonstratorsgassed them,  and otherwise mutilated “his people.”
UNSC junta frequently accuses Syria of dropping barrel bombs from helicopters.
Junta of the UNSC frequently accuses Syria of dropping barrel bombs from helicopters; perhaps the liars got the idea from Philly having dropped a satchel bomb on its people.

The UNSC tripartite aggressors — aka might makes right mobsters, aka NATO klansmen — flaunted their supremacy in boringly anticipated fashion. The triad of world genocide, colonialism, and terrorism — terrorism which includes support for domestic and foreign armed insurrectionists, and dumping their human detritus into the SAR — brayed from their repetitious template speeches, spewing their same pathogen-ridden criminal lies.

The criminal trio did an echolalia version of the Greek chorus, regurgitating the lies of Markram, reaffirming support for the criminal lies of the OPCW, the formerly noble watchdog group, which has admitted, over and over, and with absolute impunity, that its investigators never entered terrorist-controlled areas of the Syrian Arab Republic to seek out forensic evidence of chemical weapons use, because the investigators were terrorized by the thought of being in terrorist-controlled regions, and which censors all comments to its Twitter account (excepting the elite tagee’s). This did not prevent them, however, from accepting the savages on their collective word of honor, nor of breaking the chain of evidentiary custody, before lying that Syria bombed Syria with CWs. The criminal triad also fetishized those alleged two cylinders.

Among the P3 NATO klan golpistas controlling the UNSC, it was super arrogant France — which continues to hold and loot the national reserves of fourteen African countries, mafioso-style, since 1961, and which has never forgiven the Syrian people for evacuating French occupiers, that did the most tweeting. Its ambassador used a photo taken by the WFP, or grabbed from Privileged Access Management, or perhaps even CGI‘d, to lie about chemical weapons bombing that did not occur.

While the supremacist UK ambassador merely posted a singular tweet on the monthly UNSC liars club meeting, France — secure in the knowledge it will never be tried for its many crimes against humanity, because mobsters are in charge — excreted a menacing statement directed at Syria, a statement which also offered a decaying carrot (to return Syria’s CWC voting rights illicitly suspended by the takfiri-loving OPCW at the meeting in April) as perverse incentive for the Levantine republic to submit to a new Sykes-Picot occupation.

US supremacist Linda Thomas-Greenfield has shown her colonialist contempt for Syria since she first arrived at the UNSC. She is notorious for her frequent bloviation — before the Council, and before terrorist sympathizers on the Hill — that America is back!, the USA is back! as though humanity had been given a heavenly respite from the machinations of the perpetual warriors of the Military Industrial Complex which now permeates all of NATO, and the UNSC. As for Syria, Biden continues and accelerates the war crimes of the Trump regime, expanding criminal military bases, kidnapping Syrian people, blowing up their homes, and of course, looting their oil reserves.

UNSC junta ignore US theft of Syria's oil.
US Troops in Syria – Oil Thieves

Thomas-Greenfield has an extensive history within the State Department, of fostering equity, and a new speaker at the recent UN Generation Equality Forum. Given the state financial instability throughout the US, the dramatic increase in homelessness, and healthcare costs so astronomical that people with long-term hospital stays are forced to resort to crowd funding to help pay bills, the concept of “equity” and “equality” should have meaning to the American taxpayer who fund her not insubstantial salary.

Some Syria News readers might find it telling that the equity/equality permanent representative to the UNSC appeared cavalier toward the not insignificant problems of the people who pick up her tab, when she shamelessly bragged about speaking to the White Helmets, instead.

She did not state how much the phone call with the criminals liars cost the American taxpayer, who has funded these stethoscope-less, CPR and spinal precautions ignorant, fake-bagging, organ-stealing, armed insurrectionist CIA contras cost, beyond the minimum one hundred million provided to the fraud responders via USAID and the US State Department — but then, money is no object when it comes to regime change and lining the pockets of the supranational military-industrial-complex.

The abrupt fixation on “cylinders” by key members of the NATO klan addressing the UNSC came with the sudden claim that “[t]hose cylinders had previously been stored and inspected at a site 60 kilometres from where they were reportedly deployed,” with no explanation as to why they were not fully inspected at the time the investigators were on the ground in Douma.

Conveniently, this urgent concern appeared after Israel bombed the site where they were housed, pending a governmental “judicial investigation,” as noted by Syria’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, His Excellency, Bassam Sabbagh.

Mr. Sabbagh noted the “ironical” lies of some member states against his country, reminded all that the investigation teams have made twenty-four rounds of inspection, all of which were obviously granted entry visas, and noted that a new round has been postponed because of high temperatures.

The armed insurrectioniststerrorists — supported as “freedom fighters” by the rabid dogs of war NATO klan ruling the UNSC, currently plot a new false flag against the Syrian Arab Republic.

Miri Wood

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  1. Muhammad Turkmani

    The USA and Britain control this OPCW organization since they used it to justify their invasion of Iraq and they want to repeat the same in Syria, and note that the countries that accuse Syria of using chemical weapons falsely are the only countries that actually used all sorts of weapons of mass destruction against entire cities.

  2. Bobby

    Yes , you are correct about the US , UK and the French , but I blame China and Russia for not standing very firm against these lousy barbaric colonizers and warn them to quit these nonsense procedures against the Syrian government and its people .
    The Syrian representative to the UN should file a complaint to get the US and NATO forces out of Syria every day of the week , every week of the month and every month of the year until they get out , and also China , Russia and Iran should insist on getting the Turk , US and NATO out of Syria .


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