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Biden Forces Kidnap a Citizen and Destroy his House in Deir Ezzor

US troops Biden forces in Syria - Helicopter

Biden forces illegally operating in northern Syria carried out an airdrop in the Deir Ezzor province to kidnap a civilian and destroy his house.

The airdrop operation spotted by the terrified locals was carried out by 4 helicopters over the village of Mahemeidah in the western countryside of the Syrian Deir Ezzor province, Biden forces kidnapped the man from his house and then destroyed the house completely.

No news on the whereabouts of the abducted civilian, no information on which bases Biden acts in Syria as if it’s one of his US states, his own spokesperson claimed to operate in the country based on the United Nations Security Council 2254 before he was ridiculed by Syrian activists and by the Russian Embassy in Washington which provided him with a link to the resolution and asked him to read the UNSC resolution properly as the resolution explicitly prevent any country to carry out any operation in Syria without the consent of the Syrian government, which Biden forces do not have. Though the ignorant spokesperson deleted his tweet, his troops continue to commit war crimes in Syria.

The Syrian news agency SANA which reported the incident noted that US occupation forces in Syria have carried out similar operations in the past as a cover-up for moving commanders from its ISIS terrorist organization between Syria and Iraq.

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