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Biden Forces Smuggle 110 Tankers of Stolen Syrian Oil into Iraq in 3 Days

Biden forces steal Syrian oil - US Army

Biden forces illegally occupying the oil fields in northern Syria smuggled a total of 110 tankers loaded with stolen Syrian oil into Iraq in 3 days only between Monday and Thursday.

On Thursday (12 August 2021) morning, local sources spotted a convoy of 30 oil tankers loaded with stolen Syrian oil in addition to several covered trucks heading from the town of Rmeilan in the northern Haskah province headed toward the Al Walid illegal border crossing with Iraq, the convoy was accompanied by US Army armored vehicles.

The Rmeilan region in the northeastern Hasakah countryside in the furthest northeast of Syria is where some of Syria’s main oil fields are located, it even has a designated oil vocational high school in the same town.

Just 3 days earlier on Monday of the same week, Biden forces smuggled a large convoy of 80 tankers loaded with stolen Syrian oil from the Syrian Al Jazira region (the provinces of Hasaskah, Raqqa, and Deir Ezzor) through the same Al Walid illegal border crossing.

While Biden forces increase their theft of Syria’s resources, the spokesperson for Biden forces claimed in a tweet they are in Syria based on the United Nations Security Council Resolution 2254, he soon deleted the tweet after a backlash from activists and the Russian Embassy in Washington who corrected the brainwashed US officer that the resolution does not permit any foreign troops on the Syrian soil without the written consent of the Syrian government, which they don’t have.

Russian Embassy in Washington Reminds US Spokesperson of UNSC Resolution 2254 - Syrian oil and wheat
Russian Embassy in Washington Reminds the Biden forces Spokesperson of UNSC Resolution 2254 and the US illegal presence in Syria

In addition to being the region of the main oil fields in Syria, the Al Jazira region is also Syria’s food basket and the land of Syria’s strategic cotton fields and industries.

The presence of US troops in the region serves the agenda of the Pentagon in multiple ways: it steals Syria’s riches and sells it for more than 30 million US dollars a month to finance the CIA’s black ops around the world, Biden forces deprive the Syrian people of their own oil, their wheat which is the Levant’s main food staple, and other resources including water from the country’s main Euphrates River and its Balīkh and the Khābūr rivers, in addition to helping separate and radical terrorist groups like the Kurdish SDF, ISIS, the anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated groups and other al Qaeda derivatives to carve out large enclaves from Syria’s mainland.

This adds enormous pressure on the daily lives of the Syrian people who already suffered more than a decade fighting the US-sponsored terrorists of Al Qaeda, ISIS, and others on behalf of the whole world.

It is a genocide in a slow painful process that adds no value to the US citizens, on the contrary, the US wars in the Arab world proved to be very costly and at least the main 7 trillion US dollars that started the uncontrollable US public debt were spent on these wars, not to protect the United States of America or its interests, rather only for Israel’s expansionist agenda.

For the above-mentioned reasons, the Biden ‘most inclusive and diverse’ White House junta is ready to sacrifice the lives of thousands of US soldiers sent to the region to kill and get killed and maimed and for families to suffer their losses, those soldiers die not for any good cause, they die as murderers, thieves, and servants of an oppressive US ‘elite’ tyranny.

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  1. Roy Booher

    Judging from the chatter I’ve been hearing from all across the internet, from some of the most unexpected places; within 16 days the US government will unleash the same sort of violence that it has on Syria, upon its own people. In all likelihood they will also do a quick blitz on the Vatican as well and install their own personal as Pope. Unfortunately the Catholics don’t have their own nuclear defenses like the duel citizen Israelites do; with missile bases all over the world; no doubt Francis lives in constant fear, just like the rest of us who aren’t Mossad.

  2. Muhammad Turkmani

    After all these years and so many repetitive lies by the US White House and their Pentagon about their wars around the world, it’s astonishing to see their soldiers still believe those lies especially they’re the ones committing the crimes and should be more aware than the rest, let alone US army officers, let alone a high ranking one who is also selected to speak on behalf of the herd of the criminals!!!


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