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Oil Tanker Explosion in Akkar, Lebanon Kills 20 and Injures 79 People

Lebanon Akkar oil tanker explosion kills and injures 100 people

An oil tanker explosion in the northern Lebanese province of Akkar claimed the lives of 20 people and injured 79 others in a preliminary toll, the Lebanese Red Crescent confirmed as of the time of writing this report.

The oil tanker blew up when about 200 people gathered around it to collect fuel after the Lebanese Army confiscated the tanker which was loaded with gasoline, earlier in the day, the Lebanese Army started a country-wide campaign raiding petrol stations who were stockpiling the fuel in order to sell it at higher prices at the beginning of the weekdays when the decision of the Central Bank’s governor to stop subsidizing the essential material enters into effect, the Lebanese Army said it will distribute the fuel it confiscates directly for the people and for free.

The video is also on Bitchute and YouTube.
Lebanon Akkar oil tanker explosion kills and injures 100 people
The aftermath of yesterday night’s oil tanker explosion in Akkar, northern Lebanon

The Lebanese Red Crescent and teams from the Lebanese Army, the law enforcement agencies, and volunteers continue looking for survivors and victims at the site of the explosion since yesterday night.

Lebanon is suffering from a severe shortage of oil which is one of the effects of the ‘maximum pressure’ policy started by Trump and accelerated further by Biden helped to execute it by Saudi Arabia and other Guflies and a number of Lebanese officials on the Saudi payroll.

The US junta of Biden, carrying on the policies of its predecessor Trump, is exerting the maximum pressure on Syria and Lebanon because both countries refuse to join the Gulfies and others in recognizing Israel before the latter withdraws from the Arab land it stole and allow the return of the Palestinian people to their home country.

Syria is suffering from a decade-long war of terror and war of attrition led by the United States of America and spearheaded by the regime of the Turkish madman Erdogan, the oil and gas-rich Saudi Arabia and Qatar, and even Egypt, and of course, Israel steering all these parties from behind. Lebanon is the side effect of the Syrian people’s rejection of the US hegemonic and Israel’s demonic policies in the region.

Lebanon is living in political turmoil for more than a year now with Saudi-owned politicians insist on executing the policies of their employers at all costs, yesterday’s casualties toll is one of these ‘all costs’ and last year’s August 4th massive Beirut Port’s explosion is another payment of ‘all costs’.

Speculations around the trigger that caused the explosion yesterday include that the owner of the tanker seeing his investment in smuggled and hidden fuel being distributed for free to people fired at the tanker as the Lebanese army patrol was leaving which led to the explosion, this is one of a number of stories being circulated, the official investigation will start today, most probably, if the Lebanese officials agree on investigating the incident, their agreement on anything is a miracle.

The victims were rushed to a number of nearby hospitals and medical centers with calls for blood donations, four of the victims were identified to be of the Lebanese Army, some of the victims were severely burned and are in critical condition.

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  1. Muhammad Turkmani

    That’s a disaster that only targeted the poor people, saw interviews with their relatives on TV, they were only going to collect few liters of gasoline only while their country has many billionaires who made their wealth from sucking these people dry, very sad.. Let’s hope they will point the fingers to the correct criminals.


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