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Forty-Three Syrians Killed in the Beirut Port Explosion

Beirut Port Explosion - انفجار مرفأ بيروت

The Syrian embassy in Beirut mourned forty-three Syrian nationals killed in the explosion that destroyed the Beirut Port last Tuesday and devastated the Lebanese capital.

A list of the names of the martyrs was released by the Syrian mission in Lebanon and listed on the Syrian News Agency’s Arabic site, some with their age mentioned – (F) is for females. For some reason, the names of the martyrs are not mentioned in the different translations of SANA’s article:

  • Ayman Assim Soleiman
  • Hanna Georege Aqbani
  • Ayman Al Hamish
  • Abdul Halim Al Salem
  • Ayman Mustapha Al Homsi
  • Fadi Hasan Al Rabie
  • Abdul Kareem Halshoul – 18
  • Ahmad Haddad – 42
  • Ahmad Khalaf Ojala – 38
  • Ahmad Khaled Al Mahmoud – 10 – Child
  • Ahmad Mahmoud Mahdi – 42
  • Ahmad Seras – 58
  • Ali Herji – 42
  • Ali Sobhi Khalaf – 24
  • Imam Mahmoud Hamin – 19
  • Aref Yassir Bek – 25
  • Ayman Ibrahim Youssef
  • Shakira Ali – 27 (F)
  • Dowal Mahmoud – 30 (F)
  • Fadhila Sawwas – 39 (F)
  • Fawwaz Hamad Jassim – 38
  • Ghayath Abdul Moemen Rizq – 30
  • Ghayda Haritha – 30 (F)
  • Hala Ibrahim Abdul Rahman – 7 (F) – Child
  • Humam Mahmoud Al Muhammad – 18
  • Issa Khoder – (Sailor)
  • Fadi Hassan Al Rabie
  • Abdul Muhib Mekhlef Al Aziz Al Murshadani
  • Nawal Hamdan Al Adm (F)
  • Ayman Ibrahim
  • Azzam Yehya
  • Ahmad Omairah
  • Muhammad Ayrout
  • Muhammad Al Obaid Al Issa Al Salibi
  • Muhib Khallouf
  • Muhammad Khallouf
  • Khaled Wahhoud – (Sailor)
  • Farouq Bin Al Haj Sobhi Al Salou
  • Abdul Muhib Mekhlef Al Aziz (could be duplicate #28 instead of the victim’s name)
  • Sidra Ali Canoo (F)
  • Khaldiya Saed Bakri (F)
  • Latifa Bint Ahmad Haj Isteif (F) – Child
  • Joud Bint AHmad Haj Isteif (F)

Some of the above names mentioned in the list provided by the embassy had the name of the province mentioned as well, they hail from almost every Syrian province.

The latest toll reached 158 deaths and over 6000 wounded, the number of the missing people is still not known and the search is still going on. Many victims were buried under the rubble, some under the grains blown out from the silos, some were drowned, and others torn into pieces and scattered over a large area within the port.

43 Syrians out of the total of 158 makes the Syrians the largest or second largest nationality after the Lebanese victims of this horrible incident.

The Lebanese government is carrying on a sweep and thorough investigation in the cause of the explosion, it has locked up over a dozen of officials of the port as more questions arise on the shipment of the ammonia nitrate that was stored at the port and fueled the explosion which came 7 years ago and was stored unprofessionally all this period opening speculations of a long-term planned explosion plot.

With western countries sending their inspectors to the site to investigate the explosion while having much less number of victims, I’m calling on the Syrian government to dispatch a Syrian team of investigators as well, especially to preserve any evidence that could be found before the French and British investigators, in particular, try to conceal it. Britain sent its largest naval vessel to Beirut Port to ‘search for survivors’!

I sincerely call on my fellow Syrian refugees in Lebanon to return to their country, wherever you stay in Syria is heaven compared with the inhumane treatment and suffering inflicted upon you in Lebanon and elsewhere. Those few hundreds of dollars agencies of the UN and US-sponsored NGOs pay you are not worth the humiliation and treatment you’re being subjected to.

The Lebanese corrupt officials are abusing you to milk donors for aid on your account while dripping a tiny part of what they receive to you, even the French President Macron told them in the meeting he held with them in Beirut a couple of days ago: ‘you took money (illegally) and you know that and we know you took money’, showing his distrust in them when they asked for more money because of the port explosion.

Syrian Refugees in Lebanon in Horrible Conditions
Syrian refugees in Lebanon are placed in horrible conditions

They are also using you in their propaganda campaigns against your country and they are using your cheap labor in bad working conditions, and they’re dreaming of using you in the upcoming Syrian presidential elections even though their last time they tried that card at the height of the US-led war of terror against Syria turned against them.

Syria was among the first and most notable countries to offer all sorts of aid to the Lebanese government. President Assad sent a telegram to the Lebanese President Aoun to show solidarity and offer aid, despite the suffering that Syrians are going through because of the prolonged War of Terror waged against them by the US-led camp, in which many Lebanese were directly contributing to it, especially in the early days.

Lebanese on Saudi payroll with their loyalty to Israel and the West have played a deadly evil role in the early days of the terror war on Syria in all forms and shapes they could including smuggling weapons, terrorists, and gears into Syria through the long borders with rough terrain, most of the Lebanese media were and still are essential in fueling sectarian schism in Syria and in Lebanon against Syrians, their sectarian instigation led to a large number of hate crimes against Syrian refugees in Lebanon.

Mobs of Saudi and Israeli loyal rioters attack public buildings and destroy public properties while the residents of Beirut are still removing the remains of their loved ones from under the rubble, among the buildings stormed by the rioters and sabotaged are: the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Environment, the Ministry of Economy, and others, all related to the ongoing investigation in an obvious attempt to destroy evidence, and also ministries in charge of receiving foreign aid to cripple the current government and allow the return of the same corrupt cult that suck Lebanon dry throughout their decades of ruling:

The same Lebanese who conspired against their own country in favor of Israel throughout their shameful history, are now destroying what’s left of their own capital to conceal evidences of corruption they were responsible for over the past decades, and to settle their scores with their political rivals in the tiny country, of course, they can only do that upon instructions from the US embassy in Beirut which later in yesterday’s evening asked for a replacement of current Lebanese officials with ones ‘worthy of the Lebanese people’…!


We’re waiting for further details from the Syrian embassy in Beirut about the Syrian casualties of the Beirut port explosion, most of the Lebanese families have relatives in Syria as almost all prominent Lebanese businessmen are originally Syrians who fled the nationalization of their assets during the days of the Syrian – Egyptian short-lived unification 1958 – 1961, and prior to the French colonization of the Levant, there were no borders between current Lebanon and Syria.

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  1. crisscross767

    Tommy Apeiron August 9, 2020 at 6:04 pm

    This is all over the internet…

    “The explosion in the port left a crater 43 meters deep” Tuesday, the official told AFP, citing reports by French experts conducting an assessment of the disaster area.

    If indeed that is the case, it would take a bunker-buster bomb like the nuclear B61-11dialed up to around 200 kilotons to make a hole in solid granite that deep. That would be the equivalent of 476,190 tons of ammonium nitrate fertilizer according to the New York Times. Is anyone in the MSM paying attention to the absurdity of all this? I guess not…


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