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Beirut Explosion Video from More Angles, Dozens Still Missing, Beirut Devastated

Beirut Port Explosion

New video clips emerged on social media taken of the explosion that shook the beautiful city of Beirut turning it into an officially declared devastated city within minutes, hundreds feared killed, the latest toll stood at 73 dead and over 3000 injured.

A number of Ships docked at the Beirut Port have caught fire, many people were thrown into the sea, an entire wharf went under the water, the facade of all the buildings facing the port is damaged, much material damages inside almost half of the city, hundreds injured in neighborhoods as far as 5 kilometers from the site of the explosion, cars smashed, people in Cyprus reported hearing the explosion, so did people as far as 80 kilometers south of Beirut.

The new video clips show the volume of the explosion was beyond anything seen in any explosion anywhere since the US bombing of the Japanese cities of Nagasaki and Hiroshima, many are calling this incident as Beirutshima in reference, and this is not exaggerating.

The video is also available in BitChute.
Pray for Lebanon - Beirut Blast - Beirut Port
Jordanian Earthquake Monitoring Center recorded the power of the explosion as 4.2 degrees on the Richter scale.

We’ve detailed much about the presumed cause of the explosion in our previous post yesterday, not much new known since. However, one retired Lebanese army general suggested that the insane quantity of 50 tonnes of Ammonium Nitrate stored in the port and caused the explosion and orange air is the quantity confiscated by the Lebanese authorities onboard the Lutf Allah ship. This ship was carrying the material used in explosives for the Syrian FSA (Free Syrian Army) ‘moderate rebels’ back in 2012. His story needs corroboration, the more circulated story speaks of a shipment of Nitrate Ammonium confiscated from the MV Rhosus which was heading from Georgia to Mozambique and had an unscheduled stop at Beirut back in 2014.

Oddly enough, merely 4 months ago and after all these years a report by the Lebanese General Security Agency warned of the dangers of storing this substance now in unstable conditions at the port. The level of incompetence due to the political corruption in the country led to no actions taken to hand over the highly explosive Ammonium Nitrate in that massive quantity to the Lebanese Army who has better expertise and is much more qualified and legally tasked to handle any explosive material, the report was neglected. Coincidences rarely happen in the dark world of intelligence wars and yes I’m suggesting this might be an act of sabotage based on this information.

This explosion occurred a couple of days prior to the final decision, scheduled on the 7th of August, of the International Tribunal for the killing of Rafic Hariri, the former Lebanese prime minister who was killed in a blast that shook Beirut back in February 2004 and his trial was highly politicized including by his own son Saad Hariri who inherited the post from his father and fabricated false witnesses testimonies to first accuse Syria of the crime, later exonerated, then moved to accuse Hezb Allah, with no evidence at all, instead, all the evidence point to Israel, but we will not know the reality, despite the anticipated report by the International Court, as the US officials will do all their best to benefit from the trial.

Many countries offered help, notably among them were Syria and Iran, the two countries sharing the Trump’s ‘Maximum Pressure’ efforts to destroy the livelihood of their people. Syrian President Bashar Al Assad sent a telegram to his Lebanese counterpart Michelle Aoun offering all help Lebanon needs within Syria’s capabilities, a very generous and honorable gesture knowing the hardness Syria is going through due to the US-led ‘War of Terror‘, ‘Economic Terrorism‘, and ‘War of Attrition‘ waged against the Syrian people. Worth noting that many Lebanese officials boycott Syria, including the Lebanese president and the prime minister, upon US instructions.

Similarly, Iran offered all help it can possibly deliver to Lebanon. Those same Lebanese officials boycotting Syria are also refusing any help offered from Iran for the same reasons: obeying the US instructions.

The embattled US Trump suggested the explosion is due to a bombing of some sort and offered help to Lebanon, naturally, the US officials instantly know very well causes of large mostly mysterious disasters targeting other countries of such, yet the US officials fail to address natural disasters of any scale in their own country, be it a tsunami, a wildfire, or a seasonal storm, even a pandemic.

The Turkish madman Erdogan took the advantage of the disaster and offered help; the Turkish pariah has been waiting for any opportunities to set his feet in the country, similar to other countries like Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, and others, to revive his Ottoman Sultanate, the most hated buried empire in the history of the region. Turkish ‘intelligence’ agents have been working hard to influence local parties in the Lebanese northern city of Tripoli in preparation for intervention when needed.

The Beirut Port, now totally destroyed, was Lebanon’s main port of trade with the world handling up to 70% of the country’s demands, the other 30% comes from Syria. Lebanese officials, mentioned above, were trying to block that 30% through Syria completely, now it’s their only hope, and Syria offered help and continue to supply Lebanon with much of the electric power it consumes, despite the hardship Syria itself suffers from Trump stealing its oil and gas northeast of the country and his terrorists bombing Syria’s electric power stations and the country’s main refinery.

All wheat stored in the silos at Beirut Port has been spilled and spoiled due to the explosion. Lebanon facing a US-made economic crisis now needs food to compensate for this unexpected loss.

Lebanon needs sincere prayers, sincere humanitarian help and help to find whoever was behind this act if it’s an act of terrorism and bring them to justice, the last thing it needs is more evil acts from the same criminals who were pushing the country into the abyss for years, especially the USA and its Israel.

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  1. crisscross767

    Was Tianjin Explosion In China Caused By A Mini Nuke?

    There is evidence China’s largest and deadliest chemical accident which killed over 170 people last year at a container storage station in the port of Tianjin was caused by a mini nuclear bomb.

    The cause of the blast was initially blamed on firecrackers going off in the vicinity and was later changed to faulty explosives stored at a chemical factory.

    After a long period of media censorship and a thorough investigation, Chinese officials determined the cause of the explosions to be an overheated container of dry nitrocellulose and put the blame on hundreds of corrupt officials.

    New evidence suggests that mini nukes do exist and are being used around the world in places like Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Haiti and China and their after-effects are similar to what happened in New York on 9/11……………..

    The Nuking of Tianjin – Frame by Frame Analysis


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