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First Train Carrying Grains Arrived in Damascus from Tartous Port after Nine Years

Syria Railways Recovery: First train arrives in Damascus carrying grains from Tartous Port

The first train carrying one thousand tonnes of grains from the port of Tartous on the Syrian coast arrived at its Damascus station early this morning after a nine years suspension due to the US-led War of Terror waged against the country.

Tartous – Damascus railway crosses through Syria’s central region connecting the provinces of Homs and Hama on its route. This is a major step ahead in reducing the cost of transportation, increasing the safety of the trucks, and delivering goods efficiently. The Syrian railways were the main pillar in the country’s national economic locomotive.

The 309 kilometers long railway was fixed and restored by Syrian engineers and workers without any foreign help.

One of the main aspects of the War of Terror the US-led on Syria since early 2011 is the War of Attrition, targeting and destroying Syria’s infrastructure at the hands of those the Pentagon propagandists claim they’re coming from all sides of the planet to free the Syrian people.

phosphate train attack
US/EU supported terrorists attacked phosphate train in Homs, a crime in terrorist attrition.

The regime of Donald Trump has topped up the series of sanctions imposed on Syria which were escalated sharply by the George W. Bush regime back in 2003 with the so-called ‘Syria Accountability Act’ after Bush criminally invaded Iraq and Syria refused to submit to the US demands carried to President Assad by the most disgraced US former general Collin Powell.

Syria Accountability Act - USA George W. Bush Eliot Engel

The sanctions introduced by this act had nothing to do with their wordings, in fact, what Collin Powell asked President Assad that time were all about the security of Israel and cutting Syria’s ties to the resistance groups fighting for the rights of the Palestinian people. One thing you can notice from the screenshot of the Act taken from a Wikipedia page describing it that Bush used the same lie of WMDs on Syria as he did to justify his invasion of Iraq, that Syria was bad because it was helping Iraqi factions fight the illegal US invasion of the neighboring country, and we all now know that it was unjustified by all standards and means.

One more thing to note that bipartisan US politicians all agree on harming other countries and disagree only on their personal benefits. I hope in my lifetime I can see the USAians free from these criminals acting as politicians sucking their blood and using the gathered powers to harm people of other countries around the globe with no benefit at all to the USAians themselves.

Trump is exerting his ‘maximum pressure’ campaign through his unprecedented regime of sanctions dubbed ‘Caesar Act’ against the Syrian people to starve them into democracy!

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