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Landmine Explosion Kills Two More Children in Eastern Aleppo

Landmine explosion in Syria - Archive

A landmine explosion claimed the lives of two children in the eastern Aleppo countryside, the landmine was planted by Turkey-sponsored Al Qaeda terrorists.

The two children were little shepherds grazing their sheep when they stepped on the landmine in the rural village of Assamlah of the Khafseh region about 77 kilometers to the east of the city of Aleppo, not far from the Euphrates River, north of Syria.

No further information was given by SANA which reported the news, this is a continuous circle of the killing of innocent Syrians, especially the children, and it’s part of the US-led war of attrition as the Biden junta refuses to hand over the maps of the landmines planted by the terrorists it sponsored for over a decade in Syria which it continues to sponsor.

Turkey, the NATO member state which itself has enormous financial and social problems including those related to the Syrian refugees who were pushed out from their towns and villages by the terrorists who Turkey sponsors, can still allocate time and resources to continue destroying its southern neighbor country Syria and kill its people, as long as the goal set by the Turkish madman Erdogan is not accomplished, Erdogan’s anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood goal, the project to rule the Muslim World for NATO and Israel, is collapsing in every country he helped destroy. Not even the massive losses Turkey suffered from the forest fires and the floodings that ravaged a number of its cities are taking any slice of Turkey’s attention to focus on; the same to be told about the Biden’s junta, which in turn, prioritizes the killing and maiming of the Syrian people over the basic needs of their own citizens.

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  1. Roy Booher

    Of course all these people behind all these crimes are mafia thugs, the strange thing though is that all these mafia thugs all attend the same church, synagogue, or whatever else they call them; you’d think that their pastors, rabbis or whatever they’re called, would speak out against them, but no, apparently money is more important than any old damn god to them.

  2. Barbara McKenzie

    This is horrible. Where is the international condemnation of NATO countries sponsoring war and terrorism in Syria? I’ve just been on a New Zealand fkbk page preaching about Islamofascism in Afghanistan – no mention of Western funding of extremists. A lot of these “terrorists” wouldn’t be there if it weren’t for Western money.

    • Arabi Souri

      al Qaeda, Mujahideen, ISIS, Freedom Fighters, Abu Sayyaf, Boko Haram… Besides all the evidences they were created by the USA, for those who don’t believe so just look how they surprisingly pop up wherever and whenever the Pentagon needs them and will fight the enemies of the USA, they will never attack the USA or its allies and if they do so, it’s conveniently within control and eventually serves a US goal like showing a US hostage in an orange outfit on camera who suspiciously is there in areas where they get kidnapped..

  3. Barbara McKenzie

    You may have noticed that left-wing groups seem to be fed dodgy footage of “white supremacists” abusing and bashing up migrants, and right-wing groups get dodgy footage of migrants bashing up locals. And also a lot of wild claims about Islam and Iran – it becomes tedious checking on the Quran and finding that yes, it’s been totally misquoted, or having to point out that picture of the women in burqas is actually from Saudi, not Iran. Anyway, this is my brief response to the discussion:
    “Is the West still funding ISIS and Chechen terrorists? Even NZ was sponsoring ISIS aligned groups in Syria, such as al Zinki, one of the most evil groups in the Middle East. When I asked about this at an election meeting in 2016, the Green candidate said they considered such groups to be the modern-day equivalent of the International Brigades who fought Franco. So we should have a romantic view of the Taliban, obviously. At least that would explain the deathly silence. (I would post a link to a Strategic Culture on the funding of Chechen terrorists by NGOs and the CIA, but it goes against fkbk’s standards)”

  4. Muhammad Turkmani

    Two more lives lost, two more families devastated, two more war crimes added to the very long list of each politician of every NATO country and each of their citizens who voted those politicians to power, who keep them in power, and who finance their crimes with their tax money.


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