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Syria Rebuilding: Aleppo Thermal Power Plant Rehabilitation Progress

Syria Economy and Infrastructure - Aleppo Thermal Power Plant Rehabilitation

Aleppo thermal power plant rehabilitation: Syria rebuilding its infrastructure despite all the challenges, terrorism, sanctions, blockade, and shortages of essentials due to the prolonged US-led war of terror and war of attrition against the Syrian people.

The Syrian economy was systematically targeted by the NATO-sponsored freedom fighters, mafia business partners of the Turkish madman Erdogan were specialized in stealing Syrian factories, oil machinery, and power plants, other terrorists were in charge of blowing up public buildings, and others turned schools into prisons and torture and execution centers.

Aleppo’s main thermal power plant was one of the country’s main and advanced power plants before the beginning of the US-sponsored dark revolution, it sustained its share from other destruction and theft of its parts.

The engineers, laborers, and administrators of Aleppo’s Public Electric Power Generation Company are working around the clock to repair and restore the power plant and put it back to operation especially after the main spare parts were miraculously obtained despite the US and EU sanctions and blockade imposed on the country.

Transformers, and cables stretching 200 kilometers, motors, and valves, were procured, tested, installed after removing the destroyed ones and repairing what could be repaired.

The following report by SANA sheds some light on the amazing Syrian unknown soldiers of the Electricity sector working in excessive heat in the summer days and nights to get the station up and running:

The video can be viewed as well on BitChute and YouTube.

It is a miracle, not only the Syrian people withstood the most vicious war of terror in history waged against them by the world’s superpower and super-rich countries importing, funding, training, arming, and smuggling hundreds of thousands of anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood and Wahhabi suicide bombers, the Syrian people are facing the world’s most vicious economic war waged against them by the self-proclaimed international community and civilized countries, who only proved to be the world’s most evil humanitarian bastards.

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