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Turkish Madman Erdogan’s Terrorists Destroy Zeyzoun Thermal Tower

Zeyzoun Electrical Thermal Power Generating Station - Idlib محطة زيزون الحرارية لتوليد الكهرباء ادلب

Terrorists of the anti-Islamic Turkestan Islamist Party loyal to the Turkish madman and main NATO leader Recep Tayeb Erdogan destroyed the Zeyzoun thermal cooling tower in Idlib’s southwestern countryside.

Zeyzoun thermal power station is one of the essential electric generating power stations in Syria and is under constant attacks and sabotage by the Turkish terrorists since the Syrian Arab Army started the military operation to liberate the up to 3 million civilians living under the oppression of the US-created Al-Qaeda ‘moderate opposition’ terrorists.

A video circulated, seems by the culprits, show the station’s tower going down after being sabotaged.

The video is also available on BitChute.

Earlier attacks by NATO leader Erdogan against the same power station:

Turkestan Islamist Party is a radical anti-Islamic party comprising mainly of Chinese Uighur and Caucasian members. The members believe in the Muslim Brotherhood religion which was created by the British Empire more than a century ago and has been adopted by several western governments including Hitler’s Nazi Germany. They believe they enter Heavens if they kill all other non-Muslim Brotherhood and non-Wahhabi Muslims with the help of their anti-Judaism Zionist peers and anti-mainstream Christian Evangelical church influential members.

The Syrian people are already going through serious hardship due to more than 9 years of the US-led War of Terror by US forces and forces from a coalition of countries that prioritize destroying other countries over building their own and preparing for pandemics and natural disasters. In addition to the forces in uniforms of NATO and stooges a host of hundreds of terrorist groups with hundreds of thousands of anti-Islamic radical terrorists under different names and operate through different command lines all leading to the United States of America’s main ‘intelligence’ agencies.

All US-sponsored and commanded terrorist groups and army troops operating in Syria illegally are promoted by the Pentagon and its propagandists as forces helping the Syrian people shift towards a Utopian democracy that the US people can only aspire to in fiction movies.

Electricity in Syria is hugely subsidized by the state, the same with all essentials and this is dangerous in the eyes of policymakers in the USA and western Europe as this is contagious and their people might ask how would a family in a country being systematically destroyed by NATO and terrorists for more than nine years topped up with crushing suffocating draconian sanctions and blockade with very little natural resources still survive a month with a $300 budget, an amount not enough for a couple of days in any of their countries? People will start to ask and the western politicians will have to justify the huge wasting of their citizens’ tax money.

Syria is very unlucky having NATO considerable number of troops of at least four countries the USA, France, Britain, and Turkey as of now, and the Syrian people’s only encounter with NATO member states seeing them engaged in looting the Syrian people riches, committing massacres against Syrian civilians, and destroying their economy especially at times the Syrian state is facing what the world called a pandemic.

The Turkish madman and caliph wannabe continue to play an essential role in destroying the Syrian economy with his terrorists looting Syrian machinery and factories, Syrian wheat crops, and oil from the very early days when the ‘peaceful protesters’ started massacring public workers, policemen, soldiers, and entire families. Turkey shares the longest borders with Syria stretching over 900 kilometers (505 miles). The Turkish pariah regime enjoyed this feature by facilitating the smuggling of all sorts of terrorists into Syria, he managed to import from all sides of the world. Erdogan is faithfully conducting the role he was assigned by the former US President Geroge W. Bush to ‘lead the region in the Greater Israel Project’ as he himself stated.

We’re not sure whether this act of terror is covered by the Russian – Turkish agreement agreed upon by Erdogan after the Russian President Putin summoned him to Moscow early March, and what are the consequences stipulated in that agreement, the public version of it excluded combating terrorist groups but doesn’t specify the mechanism for the Syrian Arab Army and its allies to pursue the terrorists who have their command centers stretch deep inside NATO member state Turkey.

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