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Breaking: Israel Bombs Central, Southern Syria in New War Crimes

Syrian Army air defense repel incoming Israel missiles - Latakia and Tartous 08 June 2021

Israel committed another double war crime. On Tuesday 8 June at 2336 Damascene time, the Netanyahu regime in its last throes, again bombed Syria, illegally invading Lebanese airspace to do so. SANA reports that its air defense system intercepted an unspecified number of bombs in the “central and southern regions.”

The following video was shared by an activist in Latakia showing Syrian Army’s air defense shooting down two incoming missiles mid-air and firing two more:

The video is also on YouTube and BitChute.

At this writing, no further details are available from the official Syrian government news service, the following statement by an official Syrian military source was quoted by SANA:

At exactly 11:36 p.m. this evening (08 June 2021), the Israeli enemy carried out an air aggression from over the Lebanese territories targeting some posts in the central and southern regions; our air defenses have confronted the aggression’s missiles and shot down some of them, and the losses were limited to material.

One Israeli medium decides to claim that SANA had reported a “young man was injured” when an “Israeli helicopter allegedly targeted [bombed] a house…east of [Israel occupied Syrian Golan]” in Quneitra governate.

Another Israeli medium quoted Rami Abdul Rahm, the thrice convicted felon who jumped bail more than a decade ago, to get a cushy job via British intelligence funded ”Syrian Observatory for Human Rights,” who claimed southern Homs and somewhere near Tartous were bombed.

Both media bragged that this was the first report of Israel bombing Syria since last month, when the criminal state subsidized by the US, bombed Lattakia, murdering one civilian, and injuring six others, including a child and his mother.

Israeli aggression against sites in Latakia, Syria
Result of Israel bombing Lattakia, 5 May.

There is no official comment from the Netanyahu regime; however, a general rule of thumb is that whenever Israel is among the first to report on reports of war criminal bombings of Syria, it expands on SANA news because it knows exactly which parts of the Syrian Arab Republic it targeted.

Within a few hours, NATO stenographers will likely be again ignoring the definition of war crimes, and bleating lies about Israel defending itself.

NB: In 2014, President Obama gave a billion dollar loan to Jordan, for Israel to have access to Jordanian airspace; Israel, however, prefers to commit two war crimes at the same time, instead of merely one.

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    The SOLUTION is simple-GUERRILLA WARFARE TACTICS against Israel making certain Syrians have PLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY


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