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OPCW Suspends Syria’s Voting Powers, Why Syria Doesn’t Walk Out?

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The OPCW has voted in a small majority to strip Syria’s right to vote in the organization based on a report submitted by the French delegation accusing Damascus of the already debunked allegations of attacking its own people with chemical weapons.

With a 45% votes only, the international watchdog organization took an unprecedented step in suspending the voting rights of one of its latest joining members, Syria, this step is supported by NATO member states who themselves are the greatest danger to humanity with their stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction and with their actual use of those weapons against entire populations, on multiple occasions and some of those occasions were unnecessary in military logic.

Syria condemned with the strongest words the ‘aggressive approach represented in the work-frame of the 25th meeting of the member states of the OPCW’, a statement issued by the Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs directly accused the ‘Western countries, especially the United States, Britain, and France, by practicing the most heinous methods of extortion, threats, bullying, and pressure to pass a Western decision against Syria in a dangerous precedent in the history of the organization.’

The Syrian Arab Republic joined the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons upon a deal struck between Russia and the USA to bring down the White House monkey at the time Barack Obama from the tree he climbed high when he drew his infamous red line to bomb Syria if chemical weapons were used in the country, the ‘red line’ that was interpreted by all observers as a green light to the terrorists to actually carry out a chemical attack to give Obama his needed justification to procure more weapons from the military-industrial complex as all US presidents are tasked to do.

Despite repetitive calls by the Syrian government to the United Nations, prior to joining the OPCW, to investigate the use of chemical weapons against the Syrian army in Khan Al-Asal town in Aleppo killing 18 soldiers, the UN took a long time before approving the request to send inspectors to investigate whether a chemical weapon was used, Syria’s former ambassador to the UN quotes the UN chief of the time: ‘we can help you confirm whether chemical weapons were used but we will not identify who used it.’

Syria accepted the offer to confirm its innocence and to confirm that the NATO-sponsored terrorists have used the chemical substances provided to them by the regime of the Turkish Madman Erdogan. The inspectors arrive in Damascus, as they get into their cars to head to the northern Aleppo province they receive a call from the UN HQ asking them to head to Damascus countryside where a new alleged attack took place at the same time. Such coincidences do not happen by chance. The inspectors head to investigate into the new incident which they were not mandated to and ignore the one in Khan Al-Asal they were sent to investigate.

Obama climbs the tree fast, he drags up with him the British PM David Cameron, best known for the ‘Piggate’ scandal, his necrophilia and bestiality with a pig’s head threatening to bomb Syria for the latest alleged attack. Russia intervened, as usual on the account of Syria to avoid a confrontation with the USA, exerting pressure on Syria to rid itself of its main and last deterrent weapon, its chemical warfare, maybe some Russian officials thought at the time they could talk sense with their ‘US colleagues’ and that this file will be closed.

Syria also joined the OPCW and got rid of its stockpile of chemical weapons confirmed by former United Nations and OPCW inspectors who submitted official documents to the UN Security Council confirming they themselves oversaw the destruction of Syria’s last deterrent weapons to defend itself.

Obama came down the tree especially after the failure of the Piggate hero David Cameron to obtain his parliament’s approval for an Iraq WMD bombing redo against Syria.

That, unfortunately, did not stop the attacks and repeated accusations by NATO member states controlling most international organizations by heinous methods described in the above-mentioned Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs statement, more than 93 meetings of the UNSC were called by those members or their stooges just to discuss the ‘Syrian chemical file’, NATO member states cannot get over the fact that they did not destroy the entirety of Syria like how they did to Iraq, Libya, Somalia, and every country they targeted using similar lies and allegations.

Senior technical inspectors of the OPCW exposed that the non-technical political administration of the organization have doctored their Duma alleged attack switching the outcome of their report from ‘there was no indication that a chemical attack happened in Duma’ to ‘Syrian armed forces used chemical weapons in an attack in the city of Duma’.

Syria was also bombed twice directly by the NATO trio controlling the UNSC for similar allegations, Syria joined the OPCW to get rid of the chemical accusations in 2013 only to get accused of every chemical attack and alleged attack since then and get bombed twice for that by the same parties Syria joined the OPCW to avoid being bombed by them.

Let’s remind our readers that the same NATO countries were the closest friends of the late Libyan leader Gaddafi when he had a deterrent weapons of mass destruction program and once he got rid of it to appease those countries and joined their club to the extent he financed the election campaign former French President Nicolas Sarkozy to have his country bombed into oblivion by his new friends and later killed by them.

Russia condemned this unprecedented move by the OPCW led by its NATO ‘colleagues’, there are weekly reports that Al Qaeda terrorists in their ‘last stronghold heaven’ in Idlib are moving chemical canisters they receive from Turkey to carry out chemical attack false flags to be used to stop any military operation by the Syrian army to clean the province of their filth.

When the purpose Syria joined the OPCW is not met by the organization and instead, it’s being overused as a tool to justify further war crimes against Syria whitewashing terrorist groups and accusing the sovereign state of their crimes, an organization with malice practices exposed by its own senior inspector, an organization that collects its alleged evidence from ‘open sources’ referring to terrorist groups affiliated with Al Qaeda, why Syria does not just walk out of this highly corrupt organization, especially that Israel, an aggressor extra state of the USA in the region, is not a member and it does have a weaponized chemical, biological, and even nuclear military programs?

Obviously the above is in no means a comprehensive record on the topic, in each incident and even when there were no incidents there were plenty of war crimes committed by NATO member states against Syria in the ‘chemical file’ not to mention everything else, it’s just a hint to how much the leaders of NATO prioritize destroying Syria at the highest cost for the Syrians and for their people over the welfare and healthcare of their own citizens and building their own infrastructure.

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