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Three Turkish Army Soldiers Killed by a Roadside Bomb Explosion in Idlib

Turkish army column in northern Syria - Idlib - Aleppo - Raqqa - Deir Ezzor - Hasakah

At least three Turkish Army soldiers were killed and three others injured in a roadside bomb explosion in the northern Idlib countryside, northwest of Syria, local sources confirmed.

The roadside bomb was planted on the Idlib – Binnish Road not far from the towns of Kafraya and Foua in the northern Idlib countryside earlier today and was detonated in a Turkish military column, Turkish helicopters rushed the casualties to inside Turkey.

Erdogan’s regime claimed that only ‘2 Turkish army soldiers were killed and 3 were injured in an attack in Idlib,’ this is expected, as they usually lie about attacks against their troops and about the casualties among them; when they cannot cover up on the attacks they try their best to belittle their casualties and magnify the number of casualties among their enemies, old school-styled propaganda.

The area of the attack is under the control of the NATO Turkish Army and Al Qaeda Levant aka ‘Nusra Front’ and ‘HTS’, the latter has not reported this attack at the time of writing this report.

Nobody claimed responsibility for the attack, it’s not the first of its type, the Turkish soldiers and their proxy Al Qaeda terrorists face increasing hostilities against them in all the areas they occupy in northern Syria.

During the past couple of days, there were frictions between the NATO-sponsored Al Qaeda Levant (HTS) in the town of Kafraya and members of the NATO-sponsored Turkestan Islamist Party, an ISIS affiliate, over stealing the houses of the Syrians who were displaced from the town, the backbone of the Turkestan Islamist Party is from the Chinese Uighur (Uyghur) terrorists brought to northern Syria from the Chinese Xinjiang province in the northwest of China, they are also among the closest to the heart of the Turkish madman Erdogan who he bases his dreams of building his sultanate on that would stretch from China in the east to the Adriatic Sea in Europe in the north, and reaching Morocco in the northwest of Africa.

The Turkish madman Erdogan refuses to implement the bilateral agreements he signed on with the Russian President Putin known as the Idlib Agreement and the agreements within the framework of the Sochi de-escalation plan with Russia and Iran, these attacks like today’s are a normal response to his crimes against the Syrian people and because of his delaying to implement those agreements.

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  1. Muhammad Turkmani

    Erdogan is personally responsible along with his junta for all the bloodshed of innocent people in Syria and all the countries he sent his troops and terrorists to and for the Turkish army soldiers killed in his military adventures.


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