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Landmine Explosion Murders 2 More Syrian Kids; UNMAS Still Missing

Double amputee from landmine explosion.

Landmine explosion murdered two more Syrian children, and injured their sibling and mother, in an agricultural field in al Mayadin city, Deir Ezzor governate, 9 September. The murdered boys were aged 4 and 5. The ages of the injured sibling and mother were not reported. This latest multi-killing atrocity by NATO-supported terrorists came hours after another landmine explosion annihilated most of a family in the Tadmor (Palmyra) region.

Syria News yet again reminds our readers that weapons do not fall from the heavens, like manna. Terrorists are provided with weapons from NATO countries that have engaged in every type of war crime imaginable, against the Syrian Arab Republic, since the launch of the failed NATO Spring in March 2011.

The landmine atrocities persist on a weekly basis.

The international conspiracy has always had the intention to destroy Syria’s sovereignty, to impose a new Sykes-Picot on the Levantine republic, utilizing every physical weapon, every US taxpayer funded NGO, every whore journalist who functions as a NATO stenographer, every method of ethnic cleansing, and an unprecedented slash and burn — NATO war criminals bombing from the skies, torching wheat fields, stealing Syria’s grain, and looting Syria’s oil.

We share an extremely small sampling:

  • In September 2016, Obama ‘accidentally’ slaughtered 83 SAA soldiers as they were defending up to 120 thousand civilians in the city of Deir Ezzor from ISIS attacks, their post was overrun for a short time afetr the bombing allowing the ISIS terrorists to take over the Thardeh Mountain before reinforcement of the Syrian Army arrived and regained control. The aggressive bombing of a country is a war crime.
  • Thirteen days after inauguration, Trump bombed two civilian bridges in al Raqqa, another war crime. On 7 April 2017, Trump bombed Syria based on the lies of a Brit terrorist illegal in Idlib, and undoctor interviewed extensively by what he called “fake news” CNN. He led the Obama-created fascist coalition to bomb Syria for al Qaeda in Douma, a bit over one year later. He bombed Syria from the air with white phosphorus while on the ground terrorists were slaughtering them with ground-to-ground missiles and landmine explosives. While Obama merely shipped in spec ops terrorists, to be killed off as cover to launch the war criminal coalition, Trump actually invaded Syria, and set up American illegal military bases, most used to steal Syrian oil, beginning August 2019.  He torched a wheat field on the Christian sabbath, a video of him bragging about stealing the oil of the Syrian people, can be viewed, here.
  • Ethnic cleansing is also a war crime.
  • The Biden regime has only bombed Syria a few times, beginning in February, but has added bombing food trucks to the US war crimes. Pervy Joe has accelerated Trump’s massive looting of Syria’s grain silos, and Syria’s oil.

The ongoing landmine atrocities are one of the most evil forms of terrorists. It is worsened by the flagrant disdain UNMAS has shown for especially Syrian children.

Agnes Marcaillou is the Director of the United Nations Mine Action Service. In July 2018, she brought her entourage to Damascus, to sign a Memorandum of Understanding, the understanding being that UNMAS would help with clearing landmines.

Syria, UN Mine Action Service sign MOU to clear mines left behind by terrorists.

Marcaillou subsequently appeared before the UNSC in October 2019. She shared a meticulous census on the numbers of murdered and dismembered Syrians by landmine explosions. She did not mention anything that UNMAS has done, or is doing, to help clear landmines and other buried explosives from the SAR.

At that time, the author half expected the UNMAS director to hand out awareness bracelets to those at the Council meeting. Unfortunately, that terrible cynical reaction was not misplaced.

UNMAS has found a silver lining to all the deaths and amputations caused by landmine explosives, smashing the patriarchy! Training risk educators — not deminers — can “boost the economic agency of women…in support of Sustainable Development Goal 5 on gender equality…”.

UNMAS silver lining to landmine explosives in Syria and other countries.
UNMAS silver lining to landmine explosives in Syria and other countries. Page 12.

Perhaps some might think this UNMAS silver lining is a tad on the sadistic side, but have they given this enough thought?

Imagine the happiness of the Syrian moms of these dismembered children, getting jobs to fulfill Goal 5, by taking their armless and legless children — whose deformities were incurred by the savage burying of landmine explosives — and using them in a show and tell, to educate other Syrian children not to touch toys, to be able to see through the ground where landmines have been buried?

Here are a few photos of toys the moms can bring to the smash the patriarchy classes:

As Syrians continue to be maimed and murdered by IEDs and landmine explosives, the author has attempted to find some coherent report from UNMAS, on what, exactly, it claims to do to help clear minefields in the SAR.

It does not seem to exist, but we did find a provisional expenditure chart.

Page 27. Note the word “provisional.”

This is the giant African pouched rat. It can be trained to sniff out buried landmine explosives.

Giant African pouched rats needed to sniff out Biden regime terrorists landmine explosives.
These creatures would be more useful than UNMAS.

This report on the latest deaths and injuries from landmine explosives in Syria, again provides evidence that the rat has more integrity than the UN ilk, paid to help rid countries of mines.

Miri Wood

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  1. dog69fastmailjp

    According to the people who train those rats, it costs on average $5/rat to feed them and pay a living wage to those who train them. Although, it was a very despicable thing that those people did to have those landmines placed there in the first place to criticize those people in anyway shape or form is extremely antisemitic, and to clear up the myth that Judaism is an ancient faith, it’s not; the predominant faith as it is practiced today is only two or three hundred years old, its original adherents were the camp followers and highway men of old, that a few unscrupulous oligarchs employed to commit their crimes, their history is nothing more than lies, the same sort of lies that they continue to engage in.

  2. Muhammad Turkmani

    The United Nations organizations are silent and when they speak they spread their venom against the Syrian state, they never accuse the terrorists of any crime, but God forbid the Syrian army goes after those terrorists the whole world will stand in solidarity with those terrorists, what about these children and these innocent souls slaughtered daily in Syria for the past full decade?!


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