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Erdogan and Israel Lose Power in Morocco in the Parliament Elections!

Erdogan and Israel Proxy PJD Lose Power in Morocco in the Parliament Elections

Erdogan and Israel have been manipulating communities across the Arab and Muslim worlds through a chain of anti-Islamic parties of the Muslim Brotherhood that follows the ‘Wahhabi-light’ doctrine, they have been receiving setbacks recently, one after the other, with their parties wiping out over a decade of control through the same methods they reached power with, the latest was in Morocco.

The Justice and Development Party (PJD), the Moroccan branch of the Turkish Muslim Brotherhood AK Party, Erdogan’s anti-Islamic Party, was served a humiliating defeat in the results of the parliamentary elections announced today, Thursday 09 September, winning only 13 seats out of the 395 members of the House of Representatives, losing 113 seats from the last elections which had put them in full power, they came last among the parties that won seats in the elections.

After a whole decade of being the ruling party, the PJD is now the losing party by all standards, calls for an ‘extraordinary national conference’ to address the ‘incomprehensible and illogical results’ were made by some of the bases in the party.

This latest defeat comes on the heels of the collapse of powers its sister branch in Tunisia An-Nahda suffered first by popular uprisings and then when the Tunisian president used his constitutional powers to freeze the parliament which was dominated by An-Nahda; the constitution was written by the same party a decade ago to ensure its control over the political life in Tunisia, leading from behind, and never thought it would be used against it, especially with an election that would bring a popular unknown unaffiliated president on an overwhelming 73% of the total votes in comparison with the 27% votes the Muslim Brotherhood An-Nahda candidate received.

The deadly mistake the Moroccan PJD party committed, in addition to aligning itself with the policies of its supreme leader the Turkish madman Erdogan, was its recognition of Israel and then turning Morocco into a platform for visiting Israeli minister to issue threats against its neighboring country Algeria from Casablanca without any response or intervention by the Moroccan officials, these threats and the shift in policies against the interests of the North African Arab countries led to Algeria severing its ties with Morocco and the Muslim Brotherhood losing power in yet another country.

So far, Erdogan and Israel Muslim Brotherhood proxies have lost in Egypt, Sudan, Tunisia, Morocco, after reaching the ultimate power in these countries while failing to achieve victory in Syria and Yemen despite the terrorism, massacres, and war crimes committed by its proxy ‘freedom fighter’ terrorists who in turn received all of NATO’s support and the Qatari and Saudi funding. Erdogan himself lost 5 of the major cities in Turkey including Istanbul and Ankara in the latest general elections, not even Mr. Putin can save him for a second time. You can thank the Syrian people for their sacrifices and suffering, steadfastness, and determination to defeat the dark plots designed by the evil powers to take over the Arab and Muslim world.

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  1. Amani

    Good news! Unfortunately the usual crowd of alt media does not understand anything about the MB. They would need a real documentary on youtube, I guess.

  2. Muhammad Turkmani

    A person who committed 1% of the crimes in his country and against neighboring countries like what this freak Erdogan did and continue to do would not only be removed from power, he would have been hanged by his own people, but what to do when many in his country support his crimes!


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