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Trump Freezing Money for Syria that Nobody Knew About

corrupt trump

Recent news reports claim that US President Donald J. Trump has frozen more than $200 million in funds “earmarked for Syria recovery efforts” that nobody seems to have known about until this freezing  announcement.  Ostensibly, recently fired SoS Tillerson had mentioned — at some ‘aid’ conference in Kuwait — such money would be given to Syria through the State Department for infrastructure projects like power, water, and roads.  In what galaxy would a pissant $200 million make a dent in the billions of dollars of Syrian infrastructure destroyed by the Obama and Trump regimes is unknown.  

What is known is that the 59 Tomahawk missiles Trump used to slaughter Syrian soldiers and collateral damage civilians on 7 April 2017, cost the US taxpayer $93,810,000.  These monies were spent at the expense of collapsing US infrastructure because a British terrorist illegal– whose medical license was permanently by Britain —  in Syria had told CNN that Syria had bombed Syria with GB.

Terrorist UK national illegally in Syria was source of GB hoax in Khan Sheikhoun


Syria-hating msm did not notice that British Nusra spokesman Shajul Islam had his medical license permanently revoked.

The news of the previously unknown till frozen monies came as part of headline news on Thursday when the leader of the free world spoke before a group of union workers in Ohio.  In uniquely incoherent, adverbian-trumpian language, the president noted:

We’ll be coming out of Syria, like, very soon.  Let the other people take care of it now.  Very soon.  Very soon, we’re coming out.  We’re going to have 100 percent of the caliphate, as they call it — sometimes referred to  as ‘land.’  We’re taking it all back quickly.  Quickly.  But we’re going to be coming out of there real soon.  We’re going to get back to our country, where we belong, where we want to be.”

For the record, Syria is a republic. The only people who wish to degrade it into a “caliphate” are Trump’s dear terrorist friends, such as Erdogan, the Saudi ‘royals,’ and Saudi terrorist/illegal Muhaysini, still on the SDN list, despite having much in common with Heather Nauert.

‘Erdogan thinks he’s a Caliph’~ Syrian president Dr. Bashar al-Assad


Nauert has yet explain the anomaly of being on the side of Saudi alQaeda terrorist Muhaysini, who is on the SDN ‘kill list.’

For the record:  In October 2015, Ambassador Jaafari emphatically stated that were the world to stop dumping its human garbage into  Syria, were the arming of terrorists to stop, were the facilitation of transit of terrorists halted, the Syrian Arab Army could destroy ISIS in three days.

Trump offered no explanation as to why he deviated from his acceptance speech — unprecedented in 30 years of presidential elections, in its promise of entente for the world, of being a good neighbor.  He had every opportunity to drain that swamp, instead of swallowing it, completely.  He could have ended the sanctions against Syria, apologized for the US’ war crimes against it, offered to make reparations, reopened diplomatic channels.

Instead, he chose to accelerate Obama’s war crimes — as Obama accelerated the war crimes of Bush/Cheneyac/Halliburton.

Less than two weeks after his inauguration, Trump bombed two bridges in Syria.  His coalition bombings — which included the use of white phosphorus — did not liberate Raqqa, but obliterated it.  He increased Obama’s foreign mercenary militia, the ‘SDF,’ and continued the pretense that this gang led by US, Swedish, British, French illegals were simply a gang of separatist, traitorous ZioKurds that the US merely gave assistance to.

How was this paltry sum of money to have been spent, without reopening diplomatic channels with Syria?  We know that the US history is to destroy sovereign nations, not to assist them with reconstruction.  We remember Bush’s destruction of Iraq, Obama’s destruction of Libya, and the attempt by both Obama and Trump to bomb Syria back to the stone age, or into bantustans run by corrupt chieftains under American ‘guidance.’

How many bridges, how many roads, how many power stations has the US-led coalition of war criminals destroyed in Syria?  How many Syrians have been slaughtered with weapons sent to terrorists, by the coalition gang?

How many schools and hospitals have been  destroyed by suicide bombers, missiles and mortars supplied by the US? How many industrial towns have been turned to dust, how much Syrian oil has been stolen, how many artifacts stolen, how many factories have been disassembled and stolen by Turkey and Qatar?  That NATO leader, Erdogan, opened his country’s borders with Syria.  Most of the 350,000 foreign terrorists to invade came via the Turkish border, and not a single terrorist — including McCain, Ward, CNN, and various mercenaries — ever stepped on any of the almost 200k land mines that Turkey was supposed to have cleared by almost 10 years ago.

US ally Erdogan welcomed this announcement by Trump, incoherent as it was.  If there is any truth that the US illegal troops (surrounded by Syrians, some patriots have called them “hostages,” not ”invaders”) are going to leave, and let the other people take care of it, “it” is likely another illicit agreement made among criminals to “let” one steal more.  Erdogan is the one who wants to be Caliph; President al Assad stated this, years ago.  Erdogan wants to recreate the genocidal Ottoman empire, wants to annex more of Syria and more of Iraq.

The wahhabi Saudis and zionist Israel are pretending to worry about this new stance of President Trump.  The Saudis dump their death row inmates into Syria, some of whom subsequently receive free state of the art trauma care from Israel, on the occupied Golan.

These cousin terrorists complain that Iran’s alliance with Syria, and its presence in Syria are somehow a threat to the existence of the terrorists countries.  Both have done much to force a final solution against Syria, which remains the center of the resistance against imperialism in the region.  Both the murderous dictatorship and the murderous ‘democracy’ have wanted to topple President Assad since the beginning of the foreign created crisis in 2011.  But Dr.. Assad is the leader who will never abandon his country, who will never abandon the Syrian Arab Army, and who will never abandon the resistance axis.

This is the American strategy in perpetual wars, for 15 years:

  • To send troops wherever the US chooses; international law does not matter.
  • US kills or gets killed and uses dead cannon fodder troops for more propaganda.
  • US seeks unstable, colonialist political settlements to problems it created.
  • US watches political settlements collapse.
  • US withdrawals troops.
  • US returns troops to create more instability.   Remember that Obama “withdrew” from Iraq, but only a few troops, and then he later returned more troops, then also destroyed Libya, and began the illegal coalition bombings against Syria.

We can hope, but never trust the enemy.

‘We are the best in playing at the edge of the abyss, and if we fall we fall on the bodies of our enemies’ Late Hafez Assad setting the SAA’s ideology.


Afraa Dagher & Miri Wood

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