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Russia Sends Building Material and Equipment to Repair Syria’s Infrastructure

image-Russia Sends Building Material and Equipment to Help Restore Syria's Infrastructure

The ministry of defense in Russia stated it will send over 4,000 tonnes of building material to Syria to restore the infrastructure in residential neighborhood liberated from terrorists.

Equipment on the way already to be shipped to Syria includes dredges, excavators, and cranes in addition to 2 tonnes of metal pipes for the water network. Hundreds of kilometers of wires to restore communication and electricity grids as well other building materials to rebuild hospitals, schools, and other social facilities.

Syria and Russia have very strong and old relations, despite ups and downs due to some Russian regional politics especially with Syria’s worst enemies like Turkey, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Syria also hosts Russia’s sole navy service and command port abroad Russian territories.

Video by RT shows side of the equipment and building material on its way from Russia to Syria:

The Syrian – Russian relations have strengthened and more of it came to public especially in the past 2 years after Russia realized that the terror Syria is facing will target its mainland soon and decided to engage directly in combating it on Syrian soil before it moves in tens of thousands of numbers to threaten Moscow and other Russian cities and towns.

Russian authorities know very well that a large number of the terrorists fighting to destroy Syria are from its own states and that those terrorists once they finish their mission will come back ‘home’ to execute new assigned missions by their operators in the USA and other Western capitals.

Russia has secured vast investment proposals in Syria especially in infrastructure and in the oil and gas business with Syria’s promising huge discoveries of deposits and existing fields. Assisting in rebuilding will only complement its investments in Syria.

Syrian authorities, on the other hand, have closed the doors in the face of criminal states that led the terrorist groups in their war of attrition against the only secular country in the whole region, while invited and opened the doors widely for companies from friendly countries that stood against the Western and their regional stooges policies and crimes in Syria.

Damascus International Fair resumed its yearly event after 5 years of halting due to terrorist threats and attacks and was seen as a sign of recovery and affirmation by the Syrian state to rebuild what’s destroyed and restore ties which were with more than 40 countries.

In contrast, NATO member state Turkey, NATO’s protectorate Israel and NATO’s gas station Qatar have contributed in fueling terror and destroying Syria, stealing whole factories from Syria in broad daylight and destroying what they couldn’t rob by their operatives from the ‘moderate rebels’ and the non-moderate ones.

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