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Connecting Gas from al-Shaer Gas Well in Homs Eastern Countryside

al-Shaer Gas Field in Homs Countryside

Syrian Oil and Gas sectors are getting back in production after liberating them from the US-sponsored terrorist control and by the Syrian cadres depending on themselves in repairing and restoring burned and damaged wells and stations especially with the unjust western sanctions against Syria for its role in fighting terror and the Syrian people’s rejection to surrender to Western hegemony, which are in turn under Zionist control.

Minister of Oil and Mineral Resources Engineer Ali Ghanem operated the gas line connecting wells of the al-Shaer field in the eastern countryside of Homs to Ebla Gas factory at Al-Shaer station with a capacity of 1 million cubic meters.

‘By the end of the year we will reach about 75% of the gas production of the pre-crisis levels, that’ll be around 16 million cubic meters of gas and we will pass the 20,000 barrels/ day, as well.’ Eng. Ali Ghanem stated.

The minister checked as well the mechanism for rehabilitating the station within established timeframes, which is being implemented in a record time with national expertise.

The minister inspected 105 and 108 oil wells which fire was recently extinguished in it among 12 wells. He reviewed the mechanism of work and maintenance and commended the efforts of the workers who confirmed their follow-up work at a high rate to put the well in service.

The Oil Minister added: ‘Today we are at the al-Shaer field in al-Shaer station, you’ve seen that last gas well which fire was extinguished, well number 12, the fires in the gas fields were extinguished in a record time in 170 days, and in the oil sector this is considered an achievement.’

He added: ‘We also learned about the steps our workers have taken on self-reliance and finding alternatives in the rehabilitation process. In fact, there are great steps in this area and they have gone a long way in self-reliance and securing alternatives and achieved very large savings.’

The Minister met with the technical staff of Ebla Oil Company, where a presentation was made of the damage to the oil and gas facilities in the al-Shaer field and the plan of repairing it and rehabilitation of al-Shaer gas station.

The minister honored a number of employees in rewards to their efforts and dedication in the work to restart the wells and stations which contributed to saving monetarily and in time.

Despite the current circumstances and the unjust international sanctions imposed on Syria, a significant achievement accomplished by the oil and gas sector through national technical cadres coincided with the victories of the Syrian Arab army on terrorism throughout the homeland.

The Syrian oil and gas sectors were targeted directly by all sorts of terrorists from ISIS and Nusra Front with the help of the Turkish regime of Erdogan who was buying smuggled Syrian oil and gas through companies ran by his son Bilal to Israel via Turkish land, as per many reports have stated.

Many battles fought by the Syrian Arab Army to protect and restore the oil and gas wells from the terrorists in the Eastern Homs Countryside especially that ISIS and its predecessor ‘Moderate Rebels’ have committed heinous massacres against the workers there and against the garrison units of the SAA protecting it in their multiple attacks against these vital economic resources. The terrorists attacks against these fields helped them deliver severe blows to the Syrian economy as well create an additional source of income to finance their crimes with the help of the enemies of humanity, the ‘Humanitarian Bastards’.

In July 2014, over 90 workers and guards were killed by ISIS in their huge attack in high numbers brought from Iraq under the protection of ISIS Air Forces which also carries US Air Forces badges, 270 others kidnapped and executed later.

In July 2016, ISIS terrorists blew up the al-Shaer gas field before they withdrew from the field after losing the battle to control it to the advancing Syrian Arab Army units.

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