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Al-Furat University a Message of Determination Despite ISIS Siege

image-al-Furat University in Deir Ezzor

Al-Furat University (Euphrates University) in Der Ezzor is one of the most modern universities in the country. It was established in 2006 to offer education in 17 different faculties to the students of the Eastern provinces in Syria: Der Ezzor, Hasakah, and Raqqah.

It consists of the following faculties distributed among the 3 provincial centers: Faculty of Dentistry, College of Veterinary Medicine, College of Engineering, College of Engineering, Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, College of Veterinary Medicine, Faculty of Education in Al-Raqqa, Faculty of Sciences in Al-Raqqa, Faculty of Arts and Humanities in Raqqa.

Since inception, the Al-Furat University was in constant growth adding more faculties and majors and upgrading its education curriculum.

Due to the targeted attacks against all education facilities in Syria and as the state considers education as a basic need of each citizen and provides it for free from 0 to Ph.D., students of colleges that were occupied or destroyed by terrorists were offered seats at other universities in the country.

image-Students at al-Furat University in Deir Ezzor
Students at al-Furat University in Deir Ezzor

In March 2013, the US Labeled ‘Moderate Rebels’ from the so called ‘Free Syrian Army’ or FSA, along with their colleagues in Nusra Front (Al-Qaeda Levant), stormed the faculties in Raqqah province, while in Deir Ezzor the ‘Moderate Rebels’ stole the equipment of 9 faculties and in Hasakah some of the faculties were stolen and the professors were kidnapped, members of the teaching and administration staff were assassinated by the ‘Moderate Rebels’.

In the siege imposed on Deir Ezzor by Nusra Front terrorists for the first 2 years and later by ISIS terrorists for the last 3 years, students continued their studies despite the shelling and despite the sniping by the terrorists from their positions. The soldiers protecting the city also continued their studies as many of them who joined the units defending the city remained during the whole 5 years without leave or replacement.

The following report by RT sheds some light about the Al-Furat University, its students and the SAA soldiers studying at it.

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