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US Patriots Fail to Intercept Yemeni Missile over Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

image-Screenshot from Footage of US Patriot Fails to Intercept Yemeni Missile over Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

On the eve of Sunday 25 March 2018 Yemeni Army fired a number of missiles against targets inside Saudi Arabia in retaliation to the non-stop bombardment of Yemen for over 3 years.

Saudi regime claimed its US-made and operated Patriot air-defense missiles intercepted the missile targeting Riyadh Airport over 1,000 kilometers (620 miles) away, and other areas in the Al Saud regime large farm aka Saudi Arabia. This video clip by an unknown activist in the city of Riyadh tells another story, as usual:

(Video also available on BitChute:

CNN and other paid propagandists showed other footages claiming the missile has been shot down while in the footage showed by them we can see multiple missiles fired at the incoming Yemeni missile with two at the end blowing up in the air and no proof on destroying the incoming one, only some fireworks by Patriot missiles blowing up in the Saudi capital, watch:

At least 1 person was killed by the US Patriot debris which fell over residential areas, as reported. There must be large damage in properties and other casualties, but the Saudis are ‘superior’ and nothing happens to them during wars, just like the Israelis!

If the missile was blown up in the air, then what is this:

This is not the first time the Yemenis fire a home-made (or upgraded) missile against high targets inside the heart of Saudi, even they targeted the same airport in Riyadh itself on November 4, 2017. The hit was direct and successful even though the Saudis claimed they shot down the missile in the air, as usual, but later on, the Saudi cries at the UNSC proved otherwise, as usual.

Other targets are shown in below map offered by CNN:

CNN Google Map Showing Targets Hit by Yemeni Missile
CNN Google Map Showing Targets Hit by Yemeni Missile

For more than 4 years, the Saudi regime led a ‘Coalition’ of the willing to invade its southern poorest country in the Arab world Yemen with troops on the ground from all over the world and non-stop bombardment that included closing off Yemenis main air and sea ports which caused a catastrophe for 30 million Yemenis with a child dying every 10 minutes due to the unprecedented siege and sanctions over the country to not only deaf and blind ‘International Community’, but to an accomplice one.

The latest incidents call on the ‘International Air Transport Association’ IATA to declare Saudi airports unsafe for commercial flights, even if any missiles are intercepted until the Saudis cease to attack Yemen to avoid similar surprise retaliations. That is if anybody cares for human lives more than the image of a strong prince.

Also read: The Saudi Led Coalition is Killing Yemen Slowly, and Painfully.

The regime of Al Saudi plays a very dangerous role in financing and creating terror worldwide by establishing Saudi-funded anti-Islamic radical schools in rural areas worldwide teaching the hatred-based Wahhabi religion, and financing and arming terrorist groups in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Somalia, Nigeria, Philippines, and everywhere the US needed to destabilize a country.

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