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The Saudi Led Coalition is Killing Yemen Slowly, and Painfully.

image-Yemen Health Situation

‘Yemen is living the largest humanitarian crisis in the world’ as per the International Red Cross as 19 million Yemenis are living today on aid and famine is threatening 7 million more.

This crisis has been accumulating and its risks since Saudi Arabia announced the (military) operation ‘Restoring Hope’ in April 2015. We stand today at 2.5 years of the Saudi Coalition war against Yemen to find the enormous humanitarian tragedies caused by the war.

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According to the latest official figures, more than 1,600 Yemenis died of the cholera epidemic, while the number of infected exceeded 300,000! Moreover, the official figures recorded more than 37,000 suspected cases of cholera in just a week.

Oxfam warned that the spread of cholera in Yemen could be the worst in the world during this century. The spread of cholera as a result of the Saudi siege and the attacks on health centers impacted on the health situation in some 268 areas within 20 Yemeni governorates.

As the cost of rebuilding war-damaged health facilities exceeds hundreds of millions of dollars, World Health Organization and the Saudi King Salman Relief and Humanitarian Center have donated $8.3 million to provide health services.

In Yemen, more than 8 million people do NOT have access to safe drinking water, while the sewage network is severely damaged. In the health centers, half of which are destroyed, today each 4 Yemeni patients have only 1 bed for treatment.

Some Yemenis in public parks and others in cars.

The insistence of the Saudi Coalition on the siege of the port of Hodeidah prevents the arrival of food and medicine, one of the most important aspects of the siege imposed on Yemen.

The figures resulting from the closure of Sanaa airport are extremely dangerous. The Saudi blockade prevents 95,000 Yemenis from traveling abroad for treatment, 14,000 of these cases have died due to the blockade on traveling.

Official figures also confirm that some 50,000 Yemenis stranded abroad today are demanding a return to their homeland and can not afford to live abroad.

Economically, the direct losses of Yemen’s air transport sector exceeded $2.6 billion.

It’s the same Saudi involved Coalition, the ‘Humanitarian Bastards’, that is committing massacres against civilians in Raqqa city in Syria, and is killing Muslims from Philippines to India to Mali to Nigeria, the same Saudi coalition that works with the full support of the US, UK and French regimes, the same coalition that destroyed Libya and now in an internal conflict on which terrorist group emerging from their crimes to rule in the affected areas they infested with their mercenaries. Yet, the Saudi regime is the Chair of the Human Rights Council.

When will the world, the humans of the world, tell the Saudi ruling family to STOP and to actually hold them accountable for all their crimes by terror and Wahhabi hatred they preach?!

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