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Wicked Hypocrisy: Israel Held Rally for Gun Control in US


In the most wicked of double standards in malicious hypocrisy, Israel tried to hold a massive demonstration calling for tighter gun control in the United States. The Tel Aviv protest was expected to have a huge turnout, likely filled with utterly clueless persons who made unfortunate evidence of the success of the CIA’s Operation Mockingbirdbrain. Flown in from the US, for the gala event, were three students from the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, in Parkland, Florida, home of the most recent US school massacre.

Even the most creative hasbara propagandists couldn’t squeeze in the Never again! trigger words, so the next best thing was similar language.

As rallies sometimes go, this one was a dud, which is why it has not been reported in western MSM. The very short video clip provided by Reuters suggested that a percentage of the ‘demonstrators’ were just young folks coming from the beach to see what the cameras and the small crowd were doing.

Nonetheless, the very attempt by Israel to further infringe and imprint on US politics requires a short exposure.

The students’ travel arrangements were provided by Pantsuit Nation, a group of H. Clinton supporters who have gone international, and a really fascinating group, Democrats Abroad (“DA”).  “DA” is composed of willful US American expatriates throughout the world, who have managed to get laws passed to maintain voting rights in the US — preferring to permanently live in other countries — while not being forced to open their wallets to pay US taxes.

Will anyone notice the evil hypocrisy of Israel not minding its own business?

The campaign to make celebrities of students not killed or wounded in the Parkland massacre has been huge in all forms of US media; it seems to require a reinforcement from “the only ‘Demoncracy‘ in the Middle East.”

Time’s new issue degrades the very real problem of school violence into a cover that looks like an ad for a new “Brat Pack” teen movie, choreographed to include the “brooding” look of icon teen actor, James Dean.

A thinking audience might compare the massive media attention to a small group of extremely photogenic students (“A Star Is Born,” becomes “Five Stars Are Born.”) to the humble bringing of a “group of students” to the Chabad 1oth Annual International Teen Shabbaton, held 22-25 February 2018. The former is an abomination against the slaughtered. The latter is a mitzvah, honest comforting to those students in mourning.

Various media sources attempted to politicize this mitzvah, but Chabad rabbis refused. Tenets of Judaism are their focus (also, many are legally locked & loaded, to ensure “Never Again!”.

Given the sparse turnout, it is doubtful these three students will be catapulted to the stardom given the media sensations on Time’s cover.  Nonetheless, one must wonder if they are really ignorant of the gun violence in Israel, if they have somehow missed the many reports of military killings and shootings. Do they not know the US subsidizes Israel with more than $3 billion annually, mostly in the form of credit to be used to purchase military weapons, and semi-automatics worn by ‘settlers’ illegally occupying huge chunks of the Palestinian West Bank?

Open carry in Israel.


Have these girls been duped, their emotional traumas manipulated? Their speeches were almost as sparse as the attendance, and this author wonders how they will spend the rest of their trip in Israel.

Will they be taken to an anti-terror fantasy camp for tourists, attractions are “popping up” all over illegal settlements in the West Bank? One such successful company reported 25,000 foreign tourists in 2016, most of them, American, all happy to pay for so much deadly fun.

Jerry Seinfeld & his kids recently enjoyed the marvelous adventure of pretending to kill terrorist at the Caliber 3 fantasy camp.


How much fun this must be, paying to act as fantasy tourists watching a knife-wielding Palestinian be killed at a market!

The morally repugnant, wicked hypocrisy of Israel goes unnoticed or is whitewashed. Regular bombing campaigns of the Gaza strip are reported as self-defense, not slow genocide against a population that has no military. Israeli media — and its supportive NATO media (painful irony) — engage in obfuscation and a bit of fallacy in comparing the US ”gun culture/fetish” to the really strict laws in Israel.

There is also something viciously obnoxious about a country without a constitution faking moral superiority over a country that has one, and that finances its weapons.

These reports claim only security, soldiers, police, mishtara (“border” police, despite Israel making its border mobile), and those living in dangerous areas — such as the illegal settlements in the West Bank — are permitted licenses. Two examples are native New Yorker and mass murderer Baruch Goldstein, who wore his IDF Reservist uniform, used his military weapon to slaughter 29 Muslims worshiping in the Ibrahimi Mosque, and Rabin’s assassin, Yigal Amir, who had been in the IDF’s Golani Brigade.

Israel proudly announces its support of challenging the US Constitution, and we are supposed to avert our gaze from its war crimes — including acting as alQaeda’s first air force against Syria in its several bombing campaigns against the SAR. We are supposed to ignore its military occupation of the Syrian Golan, and its free state of the art trauma care to wounded alQaeda/ISIS terrorists who have slaughtered countless Syrians. When Israel breaches International Law and steals Syrian artifacts, and commits the crime of counterfeiting Syrian passports, we are supposed to stand and sing Hatikvah. With Israel, there is always a double standard.

Stunning documentation of the double standard, wicked hypocrisy of Israel attempting to chastise US on its gun laws is found in the best selling 1970 The Pledge, by Leonard Slater. Reading like the best Le Carre novel, this non-fiction work brags about the massive, illegal trafficking of weapons from the US to the Palestinian Jews leading the violent Zionist movement.  Guns were illegally collected in churches and synagogues throughout the USA.  Many, of geopolitical irony, had been ‘souvenirs’ taken from vanquished or dead Nazis, and brought home by WWII veterans. An old WWII ship was purchased, filled with every imaginable deadly weapon, including bazookas, and sent to Palestine (prior to reading this book, the author had heard such stories, from 3 veterans, none of whom knew each other.)

Subsequent editions replaced the Star of David created with bullets, to slightly less brutal visuals.

Let us take a look at at a few examples of the impeccable work of Israel’s pristine security forces, and their proper and essential use of deadly weapons.

This is Chava Keller. Her parents were disappeared by the Nazis. In her own escape, she spent one night in a very cold river, hiding. Upon making her way to Palestine, she joined the Haganah at a young age and subsequently lost her “Zionist dream” when she saw Israeli bulldozers demolishing Palestinian villages. When she was 77, the IDF shot her in the arm while she attended a demonstration against the apartheid wall.

Mrs. Keller at a demo outside the Defense Ministry, Tel Aviv, June 2006.

This is Rani Bornat. On 30 September 2000, he was shot in the neck at a demonstration in Ramallah and made quadriplegic by the IDF. His father’s work permit was subsequently revoked by Israel.

Rani Bornat, in Bil’in. June 2006

This is Baseem Abu Rahme, murdered by the IDF with a gas canister fired as a projectile, to his chest, on 17 April 2009.

Baseem Abu Rahme, wearing the Gush Shalom tee-shirt of two states


Baseem taking his last breaths.

This is Israeli Matan Cohen. At 17, he joined the weekly unarmed demonstrations in Bilin. He was partially, permanently blinded when shot in the eye with a ‘rubber’ bullet. His subsequent lawsuit was not only dismissed, but the court of the only democracy in the Middle East imposed a massive fine against him, declaring his suit “frivolous.”

Permanently partially blinded by the IDF, Cohen was later given a democratic, draconian fine for his “frivolous” lawsuit.

The camera-elusive Gil Na’amati made history in Israel: Fresh from fulfilling his military obligations, he joined a protest in Mas’ha Village and became the first Israeli Jew to be shot with a live bullet. Na’amati almost lost his leg, and despite intense rehab, continues to walk with a limp.

The following video was taken 11 August 2006, in Bil’in. As is obvious to the viewer, none of the demonstrators is armed. The only people with weapons are the pristine IDF soldiers. On this date, they moved deep into Bil’in, and fired into the crowd, threatening everyone. On this date, Israeli activist Limor Goldstein was shot in the head.


(Video also available on BitChute:

Though the wicked, hypocritical demonstration in Israel was a dud, others around the world — including in the US — were successful.

A second part of this report will follow.

Miri Wood 

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  1. Jerry

    I think we had ENOUGH of these wet behind the ears kids telling we Americans what we can and cannot have. Go back to your classes and study history and the reason for the 2nd Amendment. Then use reasoning and ask yourself, in what way does banning and new restrictions on guns stop criminals from having guns? It only affects the law biding and what they can have. Common sense seems to be lacking from your education.

  2. Kelli

    These ‘kids’ are political PAWNS exploiting the emotions of parents in FEAR. It is disgusting and there are some here in the US see what this is : mental health as a rights grab. David Hogg is a willing participant. He is NOT what people think . His father is an FBI agent who owns a business training for Black ops. There is connections to the IDF in Broward and the description of the shooter is NOT CRUZ. This was a planned DRILL. And democratic party loyalists and big money donors involver in all of it. A CIA operation if I ever saw one. It is successful bevbeca it exploits CHILDREN .When Hitler banned firearms he did so surrounded by children using them as the excuse to do so.
    What is coming to us is far beyond evil .The problem with people in the US is that they believe government is good. Has their best interessat heart when in fact it’s the ENEMY. HOGG IS PAID WELL FOR HIS ACTING.

    I’m hoping this goes away soon


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