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Terrorist Killings in Hasaka; 2 Children, 1 Adult Murdered, Dozens Injured

hasaka bombing

The New Year in Syria continues with terrorism and bloodshed. Another car bombing in the Ras al Ain City of Hasaka governate murdered two children and injured their mother today, the vehicle was detonated near the vegetable market.

In another terrorist attack, one person was murdered and more than two dozen injured when a terrorist threw a bomb into the crowded labor market on Palestine Street in Hasaka City.

The terrorist was later apprehended by the Criminal Security Branch of the Hasaka Police after a manhunt and was found to be wanted for a number of other crimes.

The deadly attack in Ras al Ayn reportedly killed and injured “a number of Turkish occupation’s mercenaries of terrorist organizations,” according to SANA, Syria state medium — which suggests the intention was more fratricide among the avaricious occupying savages, deployed by Madman Erdogan.

Again, we offer a map to show that Hasaka governate is part of Syria, not part of Turkey, Turkey which bombed and then occupied much of the region since October 2019.

NATO weapons do not fall like manna from the heavens, into the arms of foreign invaders occupying Syria.

On 30 December, terrorists massacred 25 people on a bus in Deir Ezzor, Syria. Western media did not report on the atrocity until after ISIS claimed responsibility. Syrian lives are only newsworthy when they provide a potential cover story for the western colonialists to engage in war criminal bombings of the SAR.

Likewise, today’s bombings in Ras al Ayn and in Hasakah have not merited a sentence from NATO media.

Also, today, the SDF wetworker mercenary gang created under the Obama regime — which absorbed the terrorist YPG — and functioning as cannon fodder and proxy terrorists under the Trump regime, kidnapped at least twenty civilians from Abu al Netel village in Deir Ezzor, Syria.

Miri Wood

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  1. Muhammad Turkmani

    It’s high time the Turks put an end to this war criminal Erdogan, the horrors he inflicted on innocent people, especially Muslims, will destroy the Turkey we know in the Karma law, or if they believe in God.


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